Hey there! Z here! :)

Hiya there! This is Z! And I’m doing my happy dance! I have finally escaped  the clutches of my super possessive elder brother. And trust me when I say that he’s the dullest person in Noviquae. Noviquae is where I’m from. It basically means ‘new things’. I mean what? Who names a place ‘new things’? Yeah, it could be a reference to the fact that the best inventors on Orbis Ipsum Potestatem or Orbis Ip (ie very powerful. Seriously?) are found on Nq. But the name sure could use some improvement.

Yeah. My brother is an inventor. You’d think, that would make him interesting. But, no. It really doesn’t. Nor does the purple hair. We, noviquaens, are born with colorful hair.

So returning to the topic at hand. I have finally escaped the clutches of my elder brother who is such a bore. It was quite easy actually. I just borrowed Krista. Krista is the Bore-ther’s spaceship. Krista is badass. She is taking me to the Earth. Yeah! The beautiful and fun planet that you people are lucky to call your home.

I am not from Earth, obviously. I am from Orbis Ip which is a planet some hundred light years away. I am from Noviquae as mentioned before. I guess that makes me an alien. But apart from pink hair and pinkish skin, I’m just like you. Really.

And I kind-of own a spaceship. Hey! That must add to my cool points.

I have always been fascinated with the Earth. And the earth people. I mean, could you guys get any cooler? There are so many awesome things about the earth.

Z’s List of Awesome Earth Things

  • Highschools
  • Blogs
  • Dates
  • Harry Potter
  • The Vlogbrothers
  • Books
  • Libraries

And that’s to name a few.

So I chose Earth. And decided to start a blog. I’ll be chronicling (Oooh! That reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia! I need to go to a library and check out the entire series as soon as I land) my adventures on Earth.

I’ll have to go back some day (i.e. the day the Bore-ther realizes I’m gone. He’s in the middle of some groundbreaking invention. Again.) Meanwhile, I’ll have me some fun here! Maybe I can evade the Bore-ther for a couple of years and enroll into a high school and go to the Gym class! And have lunch in the Cafeteria! How cool will that be?

I plan to land in New York. Because there’s nothing you can’t do in New York. And I want to do everything at once. Lenka is pretty cool, yeah.

Let me introduce myself further. I am awesome. I love adventures! I love reading. I am sixteen in Earth years. I am a female. I have just one brother (Thank Gyps!). He’s boring but I’m as interesting as it gets. Don’t believe me? Well, I’m the one in a spaceship called Krista travelling through the space. Ha!

The Bore-ther says I’m very immature but he’s an idiot so ignore him. He’s just eighteen but acts as if he’s lived a hundred more years. Yawn, yawn.

I fancy Harry  Styles’ pants off! He is way way way way hotter than Vox. He’s the Nq heartthrob. He’s pretty hot actually. Vox has this amazing Prussian blue hair! ❤ ❤

But still, he can never ever beat Harry.

That makes me wonder if I have a thing for people called Harry. I mean, I guess I could qualify as a Potterhead. There’s Harry Styles. And I would choose Prince Harry over Prince William any day. But that maybe because of Princess Kate! ❤ She is so awesome!

Anyway. Back to the me. I seriously deviate a lot. I should do something about it.  I mean, I started from well, me and ended with Princess Kate.

I love creating clothes! I am, as Ron would say, Bloody Brilliant.

The other stuff, you’ll get to know as you keep on reading my blog. You can press the follow button, if you want. Remember, I own a spaceship.

(Yeah, it’s the Bore-ther’s but whatever.)

Z’s List of Things to do on Planet Earth

  • Enroll in High school (or Hogwarts but that’s in England)
  • Go to a Prom
  • Drink this awesome sounding beverage called coffee.
  • Visit the Eiffel Tower.
  • Convince Harry Styles that I’m the girl for him.
  • Taste a Lasagne made by Monica Geller
  • Convince Taylor Swift to wear the fuchsia ruffled dress designed by yours truly.


That’s about it for now.

I’ll be landing in a couple of hours!

Wish me luck! 😀

Loads of Love!




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