An Encounter with the Quackers

The day was turning out to be boring as hell. Getting something productive done seemed to be impossible at this point. The laptop wasn’t working. There was nothing even remotely interesting on the telly. Finally when they started showing the Sherlock Holmes movie and Robert Downey Jr’s Robert Downey Jrness started consoling her poor bored self, she had to go drop her sister off at the gymnastics class.
This obviously worsened her already sour mood. She tried to cheer herself up a bit with the help of Green Day but it didn’t seem to be working. Nothing seemed to be working that day. She reached the playground and her sister ran off towards the gymnastics group leaving our girl with her extremely heavy diva bag.
She rested her ass on a bench in the lawn,her boredom levels shooting up by the minute. Now she tried The Submarines-another great band with really cheerful music. Nope. Also she could feel the sun right above her head sucking out whatever resemblance to sanity that was left with her.
She changed her place of seating as she found a piece of grassed land which provided some amount of protection from the unwanted attention of the vile vile sun. She decided to do something she was good at.
She switched on her cellphone and started reading a book.
Now, originally, she had been hesitant to read because she had already read an entire full sized young adult book that day. Her hunger for books was satiated for the day. Also, she had forgotten to carry the next book she had had queued up for reading. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. On the basis of this principle, she commenced reading the sequel of the book she had read that morning.
Ahhh. Bliss. She thought. She was worried that something would undeniably go wrong yet again. But soon, this thought was banished to the unconscious as she became entangled in the troubles of the protagonist momentarily forgetting her own.
The book was turning out to be a good read. She was completely absorbed. Even the sun seemed to give up on his efforts to torment her. To validate this claim, she looked up from her book and looked into a pair of solemn eyes.
‘You are sitting on my property. I might have to take you to court, though it pains me to do so.’ They seemed to say.
Her vision and other senses focused as the fog caused by the good book dissipated. She was still staring into those solemn eyes but, now she realized that there was a beak attached. A yellow one to be precise.
“Quack!” Said the duck with all the indignation a duck could possibly muster. All traces of solemnity had reached Timbuktu by now.
That was a mad mad duck, she thought .
“Quack!” Called out the duck to it’s companions who immediately waddled to their mate’s aid.
Now she was looking at four pairs of exasperated eyes.
“Quack!” Said all four of them in practised harmony as she jumped to her feet and moved back a few steps. All the people in the lawn burst out laughing. Not wanting to be a sore loser, she laughed at herself. She watched the four ducks waddle around in unison as they tried to intimidate the little kids who were playing around.
“Aah.” She thought. “The ducks are just playground bullies.”


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