Dear Copy of Game of Thrones which belongs to my Friend

Dear Copy of Game of Thrones which belongs to my Friend,
  I love you. In fact I am one of your many stalkers. I’m obsessed. I finished reading you seven days ago, on 23rd May to be precise.
  You have given me an immense amount of joy and helped me discover a world I never would have if I wouldn’t have encountered you. You have my sincere thanks.
  Then I saw the TV series and yet again I was rendered star-struck by your brilliance. I loved you more after that experience. I also became of the opinion that TV series based on a book series is way better than a movie franchise.
  The tune that is referred to as your theme song has made me lose sleep. Literally. I stay up late at night, deep in thought about the story between your treacherous  lines listening to it.
  I fear the possibility of having never read you.
   Oh GoT, you have been the best if companions. I fear the day I will have to return to the place where you truly belong. I wish I could booknap you but I can’t do that to my friend. So I shall put on a brave face and bid you adieu.
  Meanwhile I’ll try to get in touch with your younger siblings and perhaps also your twin. The monsoon is coming (and with it comes my birthday. *hint*hint*)
  Good bye, dear friend.
  Tu me manques.
                   Yours obsessively,
                    Mia or

The Girl and The Star

One of my friends, Shubhada, wrote this beautiful piece. I was dazzled. So I just had to post it.

“She lived in Her bright little world of monotony. She gazed through Her lost vision. Wild vague dreams would chase Her slumber. Awakened, She would stare at the clear sky above. She had befriended that little star who stood alone in the vast expanse of darkness that stretched from horizon to horizon. The star illuminated resplendently her dark path as the girl smiled at her delightedly. Maybe they had struck a chord. They talked throughout the night. The star twinkled in reciprocation when She poured out Her heart. She would soak herself in Her tiny bed and feel blissful. Amidst the talk, She would fall asleep. The star still shone bright, twinkling in Her path of dreams. And then there were days when she did not show up. Yet She believed in her presence, warming up the sky. She wondered hard and consoled Herself to believe that she might have had a hard day herself. They celebrated each day as they grew old. They had built their own space. Neither windy storms nor heavy showers came in their way. And they loved these nights of dreams and stars…”

So I read Looking for Alaska…

..And I loved it! Obviously! It’s written by John Green who is someone who can definitely write.

I mean, he’s brilliant!

I don’t know how all of these amazing authors do it. Really.

Once, when I was young, tender and extremely stupid, I tried my hand at writing a book. I was just thirteen and you don’t see many thirteen year olds with books of their own. And I did try. I worked hard. I kind of had a band of friends who were both-my first readers and fellow creators of the book (it is called ‘Chocolate’). It wasn’t bad for a chick who just became a teen and is so damn full of shit.

Surprisingly, I did reach an ending point and it isn’t half bad.

I sort of hate it.

Half bad is simply not good enough. I need it to be perfect. It definitely isn’t. I was thirteen! What else do you expect?

I have never even been in love. How am I supposed to write a love story? Yeah, it is possible but it won’t be good enough.

My plot, to sum it down, was about a girl who ends up at a haunted mansion and falls for a ghost.

So, my point here is, if I couldn’t do justice to such a simple, clichéd plot, how do these guys create such magnificence out of the depths of their mind?

How could J.K. Rowling create an entire world full of wizards and sheer brilliance?

How could Rick Riordan create an alternate reality set in New York for the Greek Gods?

How could Suzanne Collins create a completely different system of society?

How could John Green create characters as multi dimensional as Alaska, Margo, Gus and Hazel?

I seriously have so much of respect for all these guys. They are true wizards and witches of our time and beyond.

So…I read Looking for Alaska. I don’t dare to write a review because the book was that awesome.

The thing is, now, I’ve read three books by John Green and so far never has the guy ended up with the girl. Something always gets in the way. I’m not complaining and nor are the tissue companies. But I would really love to read a happy ending written by him.

Do Will Grayson, Will Grayson or An Abundance of Katherines or Let it Snow have happy endings?

I hope to read them in the coming six months. I have a thing where I don’t allow myself to read two really great books soon after each other. I am afraid that I’ll start taking their awesomeness for granted. It’s kind of like ying yang for books.

Also, I read Game of Thrones and I’m absolutely dying to read A Clash of Kings. But I don’t want to read the ebook and the book is kinda expensive. I hope my library has it or I’ll have to borrow from this awesome pal but that might take some time.

It’s such a dilemma. Should I buy or not?

Wish me luck. I hope I get to read it soon.

Don’t judge if you don’t want to be judged

Last year, I was judged by someone who I used to be very close with. I am no stranger to pain, judgement or criticism. But, boy, that hurt. Yeah, she was correct about many of her complaints. The thing is I’m human, so I’m bound to have flaws. I don’t think an unflawed human being has ever been born. I’m not saying that I shouldn’t aim or try to improve but I expect that if you are my friend, you have to accept me, flaws and all.

It wasn’t easy. The journey towards this conclusion. I did grow resentful towards her and towards myself and there was a big part of me that criticized every action of mine, relentlessly.

But am I any different?

Over the years, I’ve judged people too. Is he/ she fluent in English? Does he/ she like reading?

Now I realize that I was so damn stupid. I mean, English? I live in India! Hindi is the national language here. Not English. And does it even matter as long as the person is kindred soul? (Anne of green gables reference).

Reading? So I’m limiting myself to people who have similar interests. Wow, it’ll surely help me grow.

So now I feel bad. I’m so disappointed in myself. Here I was puffing myself with righteousness whereas in reality, I’m no better.

How could I fail to see the awesome in people?

I say I’m pretty awesome. But why is that? Because I’m a human and every human being has some awesome in him or her. Some people like John and Hank Green have a lot of awesome in them while some people like Voldemort or Hitler don’t have a lot. Or they waste away their share of awesome.  

Last year, I had judged a girl I barely knew on the basis of what I had heard about her from the person I knew her through. Nothing bad, but nothing interesting either. Once, after falling out with our common link, I randomly sent that girl a message on Goodreads. Did she turn out to be absolutely, mind-numbingly boring? No. In fact, she’s got so much of awesome in her (Mexican Vampires, if you’re reading my blog Piyu 😛 )  Piyu now happens to be a really good friend, you could even say that she’s one of my besties.

The alternate reality of never having sent that Goodreads message terrifies me.

So what about all the others I have judged without actually getting to know them?

I’m really sorry for judging you. Remember, that you’re awesome and stay awesome.

Now, I’m beginning anew with a vow to avoid judging people. I don’t know what place they come from so I don’t have the tiniest bit of a right to judge them.

The chocolate kind of awesome

Chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream and more chocolate?

Yep, I’m a lucky girl.

And a complete chocoholic 😀



If you ask me, my fatal flaw would be that I can’t keep secrets about myself. If I were a celebrity, my fans would know every single detail of my life. I would hound myself more than the paparazzi.

I have been called self -obsessed due to this. Am I actually self-obsessed? 

Maybe. But for me it’s like either I talk about myself-a lot, or I don’t talk at all. I’m absolutely mum.

So I have a habit of pouring out my life history to random strangers. But not every random person I come across has this privilege of getting to know me,  if I may call it a privilege. 

I have to be extremely comfortable in my listener’s company. Otherwise I’m dull and boring. Really.

Have you experienced that moment when you initiate a conversation and make a friend for life? Like a friend indeed friend.

My first year of college had just begun. Barely a month had gone by and I already was drifting apart from my first group of friends.

I had gone to the German lecture. We were being taught how to ask a person their address and how to respond to the above question.

“Wo wohnst du? ” asked one of my classmates.

“Ich wohne in Dahisar.” Replied the girl next to her.

Oh my God! Dahisar! That is where I live! So I had to go and talk to this chick. Which I did.

Her name was Aditi and she did not like wearing raincoats. (It was the last lecture and it was raining)

We took the same train and sat next to each other. I swear to God, I have never talked as much as I talked that day. To anyone.

I told her about all my friends, my views on twilight (not a twiheart), my favorite book (Harry Potter then and now…Always), my favorite band (Green Day), my family, my pets and God knows what else.

Almost a year later, when I was hanging out at Adi’s place, she told me that she had never seen anyone talk that much before. Especially me. Because I don’t talk a lot usually.

We just connected, you know? It was like we were meant to be friends. I am so grateful that we are friends. Adi is one person I can’t do without.

Even though she doesn’t like Harry Potter.

Even though she thinks Twilight is a really good book.

Even though our opinions contradict a lot.

Adi is my lobster. She’s my best friend.

World Peace and Anti-cheese

Day before yesterday, I did something completely normal. I bought a book!

That sentence never fails to fill me with this glee. Like Yay!!! I bought a book!! Whoopie!! *happy dance*

To be frank, I would rather spend my money on books than clothes or accessories. Not that I don’t love accessories. They just don’t transport me into another person’s life. Even so, I buy loads of accessories and tonnes of books. My book shelf looked like this when it was first bought –


Now it’s overflowing with books and too messy to put a picture in any public platform.

I got over 50 new books after this picture was taken.

Yeah. I could probably qualify as a book shopaholic. Except I’m very good at being frugal about everything but books.

I’ll promise there will be an entire post that gives a detailed tour of my bookcase.

Anyway. So I bought a new old book. I love second hand books.



It’s my first self-help book. Is it even classified as a self-help book?

The first time I ever heard about this book was in ninth grade. We had a chapter in English in which there was an anti-sarcasm quote from the above book. Then there was a reference in my eleventh grade psychology textbook. I really wanted to read it after that.

I read the first chapter. It basically says “Don’t criticize, complain or condemn.” Which makes complete sense. The kind of resentment any condemnation stems! It’s scary to put that kind of animosity out on the universe.

That made me think. Is criticism and condemnation why were are unable to attain world peace?

Human beings,generally, resent things that are different. This tendency extends towards people too. This makes them criticize and alienate the people who are different. Which creates even more resentment.

Instead if we just accept people the way they are and accept that not everybody can be the same, won’t that be better?

I think it will solve many problems. Not all, obviously, but many.

Maybe we can even finally achieve world peace!

Anti-cheese? What’s that?

It’s the sad fact that I might soon have to go on a diet. Nothing sweet, nothing with butter or cheese and nothing fried.

Oh God no! How am I going to survive?

But the kind of diet I’m consuming currently is definitely not good for my health.

Also there’s the whole weight loss thing. I’m exercising but I’ve barely lost a kg. Which is bad. Very bad. So now I need to control my diet ie eat healthy.

It’s daunting. I’m going to make it through, fitter and healthier.

The Spectacular Now (Book)


According to Goodreads, ‘The Spectacular Now’ is –

“This National Book Award Finalist is now a major motion picture — one of the most buzzed-about films at Sundance 2013, starring Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller. SUTTER KEELY. HE’S the guy you want at your party. He’ll get everyone dancing. He’ ll get everyone in your parents’ pool. Okay, so he’s not exactly a shining academic star. He has no plans for college and will probably end up folding men’s shirts for a living. But there are plenty of ladies in town, and with the help of Dean Martin and Seagram’s V.O., life’s pretty fabuloso, actually. Until the morning he wakes up on a random front lawn, and he meets Aimee. Aimee’s clueless. Aimee is a social disaster. Aimee needs help, and it’s up to the Sutterman to show Aimee a splendiferous time and then let her go forth and prosper. But Aimee’s not like other girls, and before long he’s in way over his head. For the first time in his life, he has the power to make a difference in someone else’s life—or ruin it forever.”

It’s been a few days since I read this book so I’ve had enough of time to take it in. the problem is I still have no freaking idea what to think about it. I don’t know whether I should hate the book and dissuade my bookworm friends from reading it or whether I should love it and make them read it. Maybe I should do a bit of both. I do think that ‘The Spectacular Now’ is amazing. But the end! It kind of spoilt the entire book for me. So is it that I loved the book but hated the end? Nope. The end while awful was absolutely necessary. I don’t know how to explain without spoilers. So, I guess-


Sutter Keely is an eighteen year old alcoholic who believes in living in the spectacular now and has a great sense of humor. Aimee Finecky is your typical shy nerd with a deep love for science fiction. At the beginning of the book, we’re shown that Sutter is obviously an alcoholic. He has a girlfriend, Cassidy. He does care about her. But the Sutterman does not believe in planning for the future.  He only believes in living in the now in the most spectacular way possible. Sutter is adorable but he just doesn’t get that his actions have consequences.  And as Cassidy tells him, ” For once, put someone else’s feelings before your own.”  Cassidy dumps Sutter.

Then we can see Sutter-the party king’s downfall bit by bit. No, it’s not that he starts becoming less fun.  It’s just that as graduation looms ahead, everyone around him starts growing up.

One night, after a disastrous dinner party at his sister’s place, Sutter gets absolutely trashed and wakes up the next morning in someone’s backyard with Aimee Finecky looking down at him. At first, he pities her. He thinks she’s a social disaster and takes her up as his project. He intends to grow her a backbone. But Aimee isn’t like Cassidy or Shawnie or any of the other girls.

“She’s different from the girls I’m used to dating. She doesn’t get tired of my stories and jokes or expect me to start reading her mind. She doesn’t want me to dress better or put highlights in my hair or serious up. I’m not a lifestyle accessory to her. I’m a necessity. I’m the guy that’s going to crack open her cocoon. She doesn’t need to change me – she needs me to change her. At least until her little butterfly wings get strong enough to fly away.” 

So they start dating and as expected Aimee falls for Sutter. She starts drinking and stands up to her so called best friend. She stands up to her mum about not going to community College. It’s a pretty good change for her so far. She loosens up.

But soon, it starts becoming too much. Aimee starts drinking almost as much as Sutter. Her grades start falling. And after an after-prom party, she earns a nick-name that has a lot to do with puking. Not good.

Cassidy and Ricky (Sutter’s best friend) stage an Aimee Intervention. Sutter doesn’t agree at first but after an accident while returning from his father’s place in which Aimee breaks her hand, he realizes Aimee deserves way better than he can give her.

“She’s drenched and bedraggled, but I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love her right now. That’s how I know I’ll have to give her up.” 

“See, I do have a future to give her after all, just not one that includes me.” 

Sutter puts Aimee’s feelings before his own. He does do that, for once in his life.

Now, he has no job, his illusion of his father is dashed to pieces, and all his friends are going places and growing up. And there’s no Aimee.

At the very end, we see Sutter getting drunk in a bar with a bunch of other drunks. It’s like a portal into his future. You hope that Aimee would be successful in saving him. But she isn’t. And you knew that! Somewhere, in some sick way, the ending wasn’t unexpected. We are still stuck in those Disney fairytales. Happily ever afters, huh.

So the book ends on the most perfect, real and heart-breaking note-

“I open my arms wide and let the wind flow over me. I love the universe and the universe loves me. That’s the one-two punch right there, wanting to love and wanting to be loved. Everything else is pure idiocy—shiny fancy outfits, Geech-green Cadillacs, sixty-dollar haircuts, schlock radio, celebrity-rehab idiots, and most of all, the atomic vampires with their de-soul-inators, and flag-draped coffins. 

Goodbye to all that, I say. And goodbye to Mr. Asterhole and the Red Death of algebra and to the likes of Geech and Keeeevin. Goodbye to Mom’s rented tan and my sister’s chargecard boobs. Goodbye to Dad for the second and last time. Goodbye to black spells and jagged hangovers, divorces, and Fort Worth nightmares. To high school and Bob Lewis and once-upon-a-time Ricky. Goodbye to the future and the past and, most of all, to Aimee and Cassidy and all the other girls who came and went and came and went. 

Goodbye. Goodbye. I can’t feel you anymore. The night is almost too beautifully pure for my soul to contain. I walk with my arms spread open under the big fat moon. Heroic “weeds rise up from the cracks in the sidewalk, and the colored lights of the Hawaiian Breeze ignite the broken glass in the gutter. Goodbye, I say, goodbye, as I disappear little by little into the middle of the middle of my own spectacular now” 

And we are left with indecision. I know, I was.

Now for the movie. Here’s the trailer-

22 Reasons Why My Mum is Awesome

Today is the first Sunday of May and that is Mother’s Day!!! 😀

This post is where I talk about how awesome my mum is and the reasons for her awesomeness.

My Mum is pretty awesome because-

  1. She is one of the best cooks ever!
  2. She read me bed-time stories when I was a kid.
  3. She bought me my first book.
  4. She still buys me books.
  5. She tolerant my moods.
  6. She deals with my moods when I have my chumps (way worse).
  7. She never calls me when I’m out with friends.
  8. She trusts me.
  9. She allows me to have sleepovers with my friends at our place.
  10. She believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself.
  11. She does not pressurize me career or education-wise.
  12. She is a feminist.
  13. She does not expect me to cook, or be lady-like.
  14. She allowed me to sip some homemade wine because it’s better if I experience alcohol for the first time under parental supervision.
  15. She understands why I need to go on shopping sprees for earrings and the works although I myself don’t.
  16. She makes sure that we go on at least one holiday per year.
  17. She makes strong coffee.
  18. She finally allowed me to wear shorts every day.
  19. I can talk to her about anything.
  20. I can even share my crushes with her.
  21. She is independent.
  22. And because she’s my mum, she’s pretty awesome for me!ImageImageImageImageImage




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