World Peace and Anti-cheese

Day before yesterday, I did something completely normal. I bought a book!

That sentence never fails to fill me with this glee. Like Yay!!! I bought a book!! Whoopie!! *happy dance*

To be frank, I would rather spend my money on books than clothes or accessories. Not that I don’t love accessories. They just don’t transport me into another person’s life. Even so, I buy loads of accessories and tonnes of books. My book shelf looked like this when it was first bought –


Now it’s overflowing with books and too messy to put a picture in any public platform.

I got over 50 new books after this picture was taken.

Yeah. I could probably qualify as a book shopaholic. Except I’m very good at being frugal about everything but books.

I’ll promise there will be an entire post that gives a detailed tour of my bookcase.

Anyway. So I bought a new old book. I love second hand books.



It’s my first self-help book. Is it even classified as a self-help book?

The first time I ever heard about this book was in ninth grade. We had a chapter in English in which there was an anti-sarcasm quote from the above book. Then there was a reference in my eleventh grade psychology textbook. I really wanted to read it after that.

I read the first chapter. It basically says “Don’t criticize, complain or condemn.” Which makes complete sense. The kind of resentment any condemnation stems! It’s scary to put that kind of animosity out on the universe.

That made me think. Is criticism and condemnation why were are unable to attain world peace?

Human beings,generally, resent things that are different. This tendency extends towards people too. This makes them criticize and alienate the people who are different. Which creates even more resentment.

Instead if we just accept people the way they are and accept that not everybody can be the same, won’t that be better?

I think it will solve many problems. Not all, obviously, but many.

Maybe we can even finally achieve world peace!

Anti-cheese? What’s that?

It’s the sad fact that I might soon have to go on a diet. Nothing sweet, nothing with butter or cheese and nothing fried.

Oh God no! How am I going to survive?

But the kind of diet I’m consuming currently is definitely not good for my health.

Also there’s the whole weight loss thing. I’m exercising but I’ve barely lost a kg. Which is bad. Very bad. So now I need to control my diet ie eat healthy.

It’s daunting. I’m going to make it through, fitter and healthier.


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