An introvert who likes to meet people

Tomorrow is my first day at Kishinchand Chellaram college.

It’s definitely going to be difficult. The first lecture starts at 7 am apparently. It’ll take me an hour and a half to get there and another hour to get ready.

From tomorrow, I’ll be getting up at 4.30 am.

This is where I start weeping.

Sleep is extremely important to me. Especially in the wee hours of the day. I can stay up till four but I cannot wake up at four.  Bizarre, right?

Waking up tomorrow is going to be very tough. Trust me, I’m amazing at procrastinating that too.

But, boy, am I excited or what! Many of my friends are groaning and moaning about their first days of college. They wish for summer to be eternal and for holidays to continue. Not me.

Yes. I am an introvert. An introverted schmuck to be precise but I love meeting new people. I hope to meet some really interesting people at KC. I am sure I’ll make some great friends.

It’s a new beginning. I had anticipated one right from the start of summer. But it sure did not turn out the way I thought it would. Even so, there is this newness in the air. And the possibilities! My life seems to be saturated with them.

Tomorrow, I can be any aspect of me. The slate is clean and I have colorful chalks in my hand. It’s up to me, the person I’ll be at KC. I have the choice to be the best version of me.

I’ll also be taking an English Lit class. I’m looking forward to reading more of classics. I can also use the library. That is equal to a trip to Disneyland for me. I kid you not.

Change is addictive. Tomorrow, I get my fix.

Admissions, stress and books (and a bit of birthdays and cakes)

It’s been seven days since I last posted. The week has been kind of bipolar. Usually, it’s pretty easy for me to cheer myself up. I just watch an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The effects of it are foolproof and long lasting.

Or I read a book.

Or arrange my bookshelves.

Nothing seemed to be working this time.

Why was I depressed?

The lists for college admissions were out and I didn’t get in where I really wanted to. St Xavier’s.

St Xavier’s is pretty awesome for many reasons. I will list a few (yay! List time! )
1. The building is this old Victorian mansion type building. I can literally feel stories in its walls. Stories of students who had come and gone. I can hear echoes of friendships older than I am and love affairs which resulted in grandchildren. I can sense the vast sea of knowledge and learning the college has to offer.
2. It has a carved wooden staircase.
3. One of the profs there is called Hermione!
4. Getting into Xavier’s will be excellent for my career.

A dream that I had dreamt for long crashed right in front of my aching eyes.

So yes, I was pretty sad.

Until one of my uncles gave me an excellent piece of advice. He said, “Say, you want to learn swimming. Whether you go to a simple community pool or a posh five star hotel pool, it’s swimming you’ll learn.”

That makes sense. So, I’ve decided not to be sad anymore.

I got into K.C. college and I’m going to be happy about that! It’s a good college too and the profs are really nice.

Happiness is a choice. So is sorrow. I’ve decided to be happy. And I’ve plenty of reasons to be.

I am finally done reading ‘A clash of Kings’. It’s nothing short of brilliant. Although I generally think of wars as absolutely futile. And every damn character is warring. And dying. I don’t like characters dying.

I’m definitely going to read book three though. I might lose my sanity if I don’t. Oh the intricacies of the plot and the cliffhangers! How they torture me!

Now, I’m reading ‘The Great Gatsby’. I’m little over halfway through. I love Fitzgerald’s language and formation of sentences. He is politely sarcastic which is my favorite form of sarcasm. I also love the way Jay Gatsby’s character is developed.

The goodreads blurb hinted at a sad ending. So the next book I’ve lined up is ‘I’ve got your number’ by Sophie Kinsella. I had already  read the ebook but then my aunt gifted me the book-book. So I’m going to reread it. I love rereading books. It’s like visiting old friends and spend an afternoon discussing the joyous days spent together over tea and cookies.

Meet my old friend!


Also, the same awesome aunt gifted me these –


Which makes my John Green collection almost complete.

I now own –
1. Looking for Alaska
2. An Abundance of Katherines.
3. Paper Towns
4. Will Grayson, Will Grayson
5. The Fault in our Stars

The only John Green book I now lack is Let it Snow. Well, it’s my birthday next month and one of besties has been dropping hints. Fingers crossed.

My birthday next month. My eighteenth birthday! God! Am I really turning 18? I don’t feel enlightened; nothing out of the ordinary. Although I do have my learner’s driving license test in September. That might help it sink in.

I must say, I AM SUPER EXCITED! My imagination is already knee deep in party plans though my dream party is somewhat extravagantly impossible.

Green Day Concert.

Man, that would rock. Although I’m pretty sure Billie Joe, Mike and Trés have better things to do.

So I have the next best thing which is even better in many ways. Rika is one my closest friends. She lives in Canada. This year, she is going to be here, in India for my birthday!!!!!!!!!

I am so looking forward to the moment when she smears cake on my face and I try to lick it off. C’mon! Why waste good cake?

I think I should make some kind of 18th birthday resolution. Any ideas?

The Perfectly Rainy Day

There are basically three seasons in India- winter, summer and monsoon.

Things I like to do in these three seasons –

Winter- Curl up in a blanket with a steaming cup of tea or coffee or a bowl of hot soup and a good book.

Summer- Lie down on my bed with the air conditioner on and a glass of juice or an ice cream and a good book.

Monsoon- Monsoon is a little more complicated because this season has two possibilities.

a) Go out and walk around in the rain with a closed umbrella in my hand.
b) Sit next to the window with a hot plate of onion bhajiyas and steaming tea and look out as the world is cleansed of the summer heat and/or read a good book.

It has begun to rain here, in Mumbai from the past few days. These are the premonsoon showers so it’s not raining that heavily. But, the respite it provides from the scorching summer is absolutely divine!

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I got drenched in the rain. If you saw a girl grinning like a lunatic while walking in the rain, an unopened umbrella in her hand, well that was me.

So today, I have caught a cold. I have literally been sneezing all over town. Literally because I had gone to Jai Hind and K.C. colleges to apply for admissions. These colleges are at Churchgate which is one of my favorite areas in Mumbai.

I came back home and had a cup of tea and some biscuits. (Check)

I have a really splendid book at hand. (A clash of kings) (Double check)

A plate of bhajiyas will be perfection. Unfortunately I’m a shitty cook when I’m hearty and healthy. Cold just makes me clumsier. So I have to do my bit to avert the disaster that is currently known as my mum’s kitchen.

Mayhaps I’ll treat myself to a Hugh Grant film or two. Talk about perfection 

It’ll almost be worth all the sneezing.




 I don’t sit forlorn

Though now you’re gone

We’ve had our eternity

A chance at a limited infinity


We’ve soared through the stars

And clung to the moon

Remember? We rode the comet

And tasted stardust with a spoon


We slid down the rainbow

And we collected the snowflakes

We swum through the sky

And we flew through the lake


Together, we stood hand in hand

Together, we built our house of sand

Together, we erased ‘impossible’

Together, we did the unimaginable



It’s almost 4 a.m. in the morning and I’m still awake. Everyone in the house is asleep. I’m sure that the roaches have finished their pillaging for the night. The lights are off and I’m writing a blog post.

I really can’t sleep. There’s the fatigue, there’s a bit of swelling around my eyes and there’s the headache but no sleep.

It’s like the Green Day song ‘Brainstew’. Hence the title. Here’s the link for the song.

Except that when Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song, he was trying to get his son, Joey to sleep. But little Joey didn’t want to.

Confession: I used to have a ridiculous crush on Joey Armstrong.


Because I loved his dad and adored his mum. I figured that since the parents were so damn awesome, the son would be no less fantastic.

Fortunately, I’ve gotten over this silly crush. Joey Armstrong is a real person and deserves better than crazy chicks like me having a crush on him.

While we are on the topic of crushes, I’ve developed another new one.

Credit: POLYGRAM / Album

Yes, him! 

That clipped British accent is irresistible. Actually British accents overall are insanely hot.

british accent

I’ve been watching loads of movies last couple of weeks. I should have mentioned it here but really, I’m the laziest person I know.

List of movies I saw recently-

1. Did you hear about the Morgans?

2. Notting Hill.

3. Sleepless in Seattle

4. Four weddings and a funeral

5. When Harry met Sally

6. La vie en rose

…which reminds me …

download (1)

Edith Piaf is bloody amazing! Her voice resonates within you. It’s strong and bold but not once does it cease to be a pleasure to the ears.

Also –



I love it already and I’m not even halfway through.

Finally, Tyrion Lannister’s wit actually makes him more desirable than The Kingslayer.


Okay, so I’m going to try sleep again. Otherwise it’s a nuit blanche for me.


(It’s actually stupid to have a postal script in a blog post because it’s a blog post and not a letter. Anyway.)

I think my lack of sleep is due to me skipping brushing my teeth. I’m really obsessed with dental hygiene. Tonight I came to bed at 3.30 a.m. So I skipped. Maybe I’ll go and brush now.


(It it even correct?)

I fell asleep soon after so I’m uploading the post in the morning.

Weddings: White and Indian ones

I am a girl. I have thought numerous times about the time when I get married, if I do. And I’ve decided that I don’t want a big wedding. Just a court marriage and then a big delicious dinner which I can enjoy.

In a big fat Indian wedding, the bride and (I think) the groom are supposed to fast till they get married, then get married, snap loads of pictures and finally have the lunch/dinner after everyone has left.

I don’t want that!

My favourite part about an Indian wedding is when the bride’s brother twists the grooms ear. It’s his way of saying-Treat my sister well, or I’ll kick your ass.

Then is the food part. Food is an extremely important part of an Indian wedding. It defines the status of the wedding. Non delicious food can make you gossip fodder for years to come. Indians need food like the Dothraki need killing at their weddings.

So basically, the bride and the bridegroom decide a really yummy menu with all of their favourite dishes and then they end up eating the leftovers.

Maybe most of them are just too happy that they are married and that the guests enjoyed themselves. Whatever. Not me.

When I get married, I actually want to enjoy my wedding and food is a big part of the enjoyment process. Hence the court marriage and the dinner.

Why is an almost eighteen year old talking weddings?

I was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. just now. Ross was getting married to Emily (his second wedding). She wore a beautiful white dress. She looked so damn beautiful. All brides do. They get this magic glow which works better than any kind of makeup. The bride is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in the world at that moment.


The thing is, I want that too.

I want to be a beautiful bride with a happy blush. Someday. But I want it bad.

And I want my sister (because I’m a feminist and my sister is bad ass) to twist his ear.


So back to Friends. I got it when Emily got mad when Ross said “I take thee, Rachel.”  Any girl would. Usually I love Ross (although Chandler is my Friends’ guy). But at that moment, he was an arse. Big time.

All this wedding talk, and I’m not even of the age. There’s plenty of time. But, oh dear God, white weddings make me swoon.




And this-
images (2)



images (3)

❤ ❤

images (5)

❤ ❤ ❤

images (6)

Kate Hudson’s dress in Bride Wars ❤


How can I forget Duchess Kate?


Cakes are very important too-




Indian brides aren’t far behind-



I think Jodha ie Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from the movie Jodha Akbar makes a stunning bride-


Also this! ❤


Do weddings make you swoon?

What would you think …

…if I told you it’s night and  I am sitting in the living room Indian style.  I’m sitting on the floor all alone and  facing the sofa. My back is resting against the wall unit. On my lap, there is a pair of jeans and a dress bought just tonight. To my left is my savings box and to my right is a water bottle about a quarter filled. I have my earphones on and I’m listening to Pavarotti in Italian. I’m also writing a blog post and yawning occasionally.

I couldn’t have been any happier.

Good days

Oh mon Dieu! I’ve had five busy wonderful days. Good things have happened.

I shopped on Saturday. I got some really cute tops for a great bargain.

I had gone for a play on Sunday. It was called ‘Get Well Soon’ and was starring Swapnil Joshi who is a really great actor. There were moments when I found myself believing that he was actually the character. I personally think there’s no greater accomplishment for an actor than playing a part so well that he/she becomes the character and not just acts as the character.
Then I had gone for a birthday party where they had a cute birthday girl (she was 3) and yummy cake.

Monday, oh Monday. Monday was unforgettable. HSC board exam results for the Maharashtra board were declared. I scored 86.3% which is really great for the arts stream. I was so happy on Monday although I found it a bit hard to believe that I had actually scored that well. (I actually had! )

On Tuesday, it was film day at Alliance Française. We were shown ‘La vie en rose’ which is a biopic on Edith Piaf. I love Edith Piaf. Her voice is so powerful and so beautiful. The movie was amazing! So much so that I immediately downloaded it.

Wednesday, I hand gone to apply to some colleges. I also hung out with Adi and Neena. God! I love those girls.
Later that night , I saw ‘Music and Lyrics’. Hugh Grant and his Brit accent! Do I have to anything more?

Thursday, that is today, I finished watching season one of ‘Game of Thrones’.
I want more! I want book two and then season two!
I am willing to sound like a petulant child for it.
I’m still praying that I do get to read it. And soon.

Post two of my crazy Game of Thrones obsession

I’m making a list of my favourite characters from Game of Thrones (just the book one as of now).
Because I like lists and I love GoT.
So voilà!

10. Prince Joffery – because every book requires a character whom the readers can hate.

9. Sansa Stark – because in the end she was a good girl.

8. Robb Stark – because he is brave, braver than I could ever be.

7. Ser Brynden Tully- because he’s another smart guy.

6. Lady Catelyn Stark (née Tully)- because she is brave and wise but above all she is a mum.

5. Tyrion Lannister- because he is smart imp oozing sarcasm.

4. Arya Stark -because she has the Needle.

3. Jon Snow-because black suits him.

2.Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark-because he is the most honorable man among all.

1. Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen- because she has the blood of dragon .


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