Good days

Oh mon Dieu! I’ve had five busy wonderful days. Good things have happened.

I shopped on Saturday. I got some really cute tops for a great bargain.

I had gone for a play on Sunday. It was called ‘Get Well Soon’ and was starring Swapnil Joshi who is a really great actor. There were moments when I found myself believing that he was actually the character. I personally think there’s no greater accomplishment for an actor than playing a part so well that he/she becomes the character and not just acts as the character.
Then I had gone for a birthday party where they had a cute birthday girl (she was 3) and yummy cake.

Monday, oh Monday. Monday was unforgettable. HSC board exam results for the Maharashtra board were declared. I scored 86.3% which is really great for the arts stream. I was so happy on Monday although I found it a bit hard to believe that I had actually scored that well. (I actually had! )

On Tuesday, it was film day at Alliance Française. We were shown ‘La vie en rose’ which is a biopic on Edith Piaf. I love Edith Piaf. Her voice is so powerful and so beautiful. The movie was amazing! So much so that I immediately downloaded it.

Wednesday, I hand gone to apply to some colleges. I also hung out with Adi and Neena. God! I love those girls.
Later that night , I saw ‘Music and Lyrics’. Hugh Grant and his Brit accent! Do I have to anything more?

Thursday, that is today, I finished watching season one of ‘Game of Thrones’.
I want more! I want book two and then season two!
I am willing to sound like a petulant child for it.
I’m still praying that I do get to read it. And soon.

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