Five Book Characters I hate with all of my heart

Aren’t there some book characters who you wish die a gruesome death? Or maybe just get kicked in their balls? Or get their eyebrows plucked (That is painful).

I wish such terrible fates on these 5 characters-

5) Keith from ‘Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes’ and ‘The Last Little Blue Envelope’ by Maureen Johnson- Read ‘The Last Little Blue Envelope’ and you’ll understand what an arse he is. I actually liked him in Book 1 but I really hated him in Book 2. He was absolutely despicable. And mean.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an image for Keith but ‘Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes’ and ‘The Last Little Blue Envelope’ have such pretty covers!

The one with the good Keith

The one with the good Keith

Keith is a jerk in this one! But Oliver is awesome! <3

Keith is a jerk in this one!
But Oliver is awesome! ❤

4) Octavian from 'Heroes of Olympus' series by Rick Riordan- He is a teddy bear slaughtering maniac. Do I need to say anything more? Oh yes. He kills stuffed Pandas.

Evil, I tell you, evil

3) George Wickham from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen- Talk about slimy.

George Wickham from 'Pride and Prejudice' starring Keira Knightley

George Wickham from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ starring Keira Knightley

George Wickham from the webseries 'Lizzie Bennet Diaries' He was much much hotter in this one. Equally scandalous though.

George Wickham from the webseries ‘Lizzie Bennet Diaries’
He was much much hotter in this one. Equally scandalous though.

2) Dolores Umbridge from ‘Harry Potter’ by J.K. Rowling- Talk about being a nauseating sadistic bitch.

She makes pink evil

She makes ‘pink’ evil

1) Cersei and Joffery Baratheon (Lannister) from “Game of Thrones’ by George R R Martin- Okay, I need a moment. I am so overwhelmed with hatred. Arrrrrgh! I hate them! I hate them! They deserve what happens to them. They had it coming.
How could she do that to Ned Stark?


And how dare he beat up Sansa! What a stupid spoilt pig!

Just look at him ...Argh!

Just look at him …Argh!

God, I hate them!

‘Friends’: A-to-Z Guide

Sometimes, I just don’t get myself.

I am in a bit of a dark mood today and I have no idea why. I’m not depressed, not even a little sad. Just in the mood for my playlist of depressing songs. Sometimes, depressing, angsty songs make me happy. I’m weird that way.

Songs I’m listening to currently-

1) Hope- The Submarines

2) How to be dead- Snow Patrol

3) Run- Snow Patrol

4) Wake me up when September ends- Green Day

5) Breathe me- Sia

6) 23- Jimmy Eats World

7) Until you’re mine- Demi Lovato

8) Rest in pieces- Saliva

9) Violet Hill- Coldplay

10) Give me Novacaine- Green Day

11) Restless Heart Syndrome- Green Day

Sometimes, I just don’t get myself.

My Harry Potter Story

Honestly? I don’t know if I am a Potterhead. But Harry Potter is one of my favourite books ever! I used to be so obsessed that I was bullied as a kid. Anyway, my point is that everyone has a Harry Potter Story. Here’s mine.

My mum was the awesome aunt who gifted Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to my cousins. Back then, I couldn’t even read ( I was 2). They read it; they loved it. All of us went for the movie together. I loved it so much! It was exhilarating! I remember Daniel Radcliffe’s smile at the end and the troll on Halloween.

My cousins continued reading the series. Whenever I would visit them, they would be having these lengthy discussions with their mum (my aunt). I knew the entire sixth book even before I read the first.

During one such visit, I was bored to tears. So my aunt offered me some of my cousins’ books to read. Eager to follow their footsteps and desperate to be a part of the discussions, I immediately started with the Harry Potter 1. The very copy that had been gifted by mum.

I read a chapter and stopped. The first time I read Harry Potter, I found it boring and very different from the movie. Mind you, the first chapter is about the Dursleys in all their muggle glory.

Six months later, I decided to try again. Mum got the first book from the library. I read it. I loved it.

Back then I was a good girl who read only during vacations. So in three vacations-summer, Diwali and Christmas, I finished six books of Harry Potter.

Somewhere along the line I started buying the books. The first Harry Potter I owned was ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. I remember going to a second book shop in Santa Cruz with my mum and buying it. It was old with yellowed pages. But it was mine. I think I was 10 then.

Let’s fast forward to the summer of 2007.

It was the very first time I had visited a big, magnificent mall alone with my friends (well, er, almost. Two of my friends’ mums had come along but they sat in crosswords while we roamed all alone! ).  It was a whole lot of fun! We had great food, stole some hearts (literally, cloth ones tho) from a Make your own Teddy shop. And we went to Crosswords.

It was the first time I had visited such a huge bookstore. I was absolutely enchanted. I soon lost myself in one of the many aisles. I had almost no money left with me. But the temptation to buy a book was hard to resist. I bought the kids version of Jane Eyre worth Rs 30 from the change at the bottom of my purse. So when I went to the counter to pay the bill, I saw an advertisement.

There was a super special sale at Crossowords. The latest and the last Harry Potter book that was coming out the following month was being sold for a special price of Rs. 950.

I never wanted anything as bad as I wanted the book.

That day, I went home and begged, literally begged my parents to buy me the seventh Harry Potter book. I cried, I pleaded, I made promises to be a god girl for the rest of my life and I promised to score 90% marks in all my exams henceforth but to no avail.

My mum thought that paying 1000 bucks for a book was way too much. My heart broke.

But then my uncle came to the rescue. See, I’m one of those lucky people to have their birthdays in the month of July. Guess what I got as a birthday gift that year?



I remember the day. I had accompanied my mum in visiting her aunts. I don’t remember what I had been doing when my mum got the call. It was kaka and he asked us to come downstairs. We went and there he was in the silver Indica holding out a plastic bag…

I won’t tell you what I did next. It was some demented, hardcore fangirling. Demented, I tell you, demented.

It was the end of July. I had my first unit test in August. Mum being my mum locked up the book in her cupboard. I was to read the book once I was done with my exams.

Did that happen?


My mum left for work every morning. I knew the hiding place of the book. Haha.

Everyday I took out the book and read all day. I put it back in just before 7 pm. It was a covert operation. No one was to know that I was reading the Harry Potter.

By the time mum found out, I was more than halfway through the book. So she let me finish it.  Anyway that was the first time in had broken rules. Harry Potter made me a badass 😛

I remember obsessing over all the newspaper articles about it. I remember dancing around for a day when JKR declared the Harry Potter encyclopedia.

A few months later, my dad took me book shopping. So far, I owned two Harry Potters. He bought me the remaining five books. Then I had to go to school. I couldn’t wait for school to be out so that I would be able to reread the entire Harry Potter series. The moment I reached home, I started. It was awesome.

Rereading the Harry Potters is always awesome. Now it’s like visiting old friends and recounting our escapades and adventures.

I love my copy of Book Seven so much! Last year, I reread till Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince. I have a strong urge to reread Deathly Hallows now. I miss my childhood buddies :’)

Am I a cinephile?

Cinephilia refers to a passion for cinema and cinephilic individuals  or cinema lovers are called cinephiles.

Supriya Ma’am who used to teach me French was the first person I consciously remember calling herself a cinephile (rather a cinéphile since she was talking in French). Ever since, I’ve become a bit obsessed about the term ‘cinephile’.

Rather, the question  “Am I a cinephile?” has plagued me.

I have always loved watching movies. I remember my summer holidays back in high school. I would either read a book or watch movies. I had a movie partner too. I used to check the movie listings on TV and invite over one of my friends Sailee. We would usually end up watching at least two movies.

I guess they were my first ‘movie marathons’.

I had done this thing with another friend of mine. We were watching the same film but she was at her place and I was chez moi. We were simultaneously discussing it on the phone. Boy, was my mum mad!

So yeah. I love watching movies.

Some six months ago, another friend Ravenclawsam had suggested that we make a list of all the English movies we’ve ever seen. Originally I had said no because c’mon what a tedious task! But later, I did.

How many movies did I have in my list?

One hundred and sixty.

I know it doesn’t sound like a lot. But this was a list I had made from memory. I must have skipped at least a couple of movies that I’ve watched.

Also, I didn’t include Bollywood or Marathi movies. Bollywood is a very large industry. We have at least three new hindi films coming out every week. So I guess, I must have seen at the same number of Bollywood movies.

Finally, that number 160 has definitely increased by 20 or so  movies.

So am I a cinephile?

I guess.

I just saw four movies and I am extremely tempted to start no.5. I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Watching at least two movies back to back. Last week, it was ‘Just Friends’ followed by ‘Night at the Museum 1’.

Today I saw –

1) Law abiding citizen ( I honestly don’t know whether to hate Gerard Butler or to love him in this one.)

2) Tanu weds Manu ( This one was a typical Bollywood masalawali love story.)

3) My big fat Greek wedding (I cried during Tula’s wedding. What is it about weddings? They make us so freaking sentimental!)

4) Despicable me 1 (All I have to saw is -Awwwwwwww! It was like cotton candy! So cute! )

So far that’s it. I might watch ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ once I post this. I’ve been meaning to watch this one for ages! I literally have Jim Carey sleeping on my TV screen!

Or maybe not…I have college tomorrow. And I need 7 hours of my beauty sleep! ( Or my dark circles might actually make me look punk or something. That wouldn’t be so bad. It would be awesome!)

Anyway. So this is me -Mia or theintrovertedschmuck who is a bookworm and a cinephile (apparently).

Maybe I will watch ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ after all.


Week 2: I go to sleep

Week 2: 13th July to 19th July

Prompt: Lullaby with creepy undertones

I go to sleep

The flat still smelt faintly musky despite of all the dusting I had put it through. I thought it would take some time before it got the lived in feel.
  It was a decent place to live in. It was situated in a good locality; my neighbors didn’t seem to be creepy and the flat wasn’t rat-infested like my previous hellhole. And it had barely cost me anything. Overall, a great bargain!
  I couldn’t help but feel a little alien living here. I had lived in the same hellhole for seven years. Then my insomnia got worse. I would spend my nights pacing relentlessly. My flat mates tolerated for a while but they had jobs too which were being affected due to their lack of sleep which was a result of my pacing.
  So I moved out.
  I figured maybe I would be able to sleep better in a new environment. I would be all alone with no one to disturb. Living with people felt like an intrusion of my thoughts. Both my flat mates read my mind.
  I snuggled up in my old bed in my new room and tried to lose myself in the world of dreams.
  The new flat theory? It worked! I could feel myself drifting off. 
  The world of dreams brought my mum singing ‘Raindrops and Roses’ from Sound of Music. She used to sing every night before I slept. The song was a talisman against the monsters under my bed.
  Mum was patting my back so that I would sleep better. She was affectionately running her hands in my hair and crooning in that sweet voice of hers.  For once, I felt at peace.
  The moment I thought that her fingernails grew into talons which stroked threateningly against my back.
Why do good dreams like these get distorted so?
  I could feel sleep slipping away from my clutches. Soon, I was completely aware of my surroundings. But my eyes were closed.
  The lullaby hadn’t stopped. The talons dug deep into my skin and brought out blood. I yelled and sat up. There was nothing around. The pain in my back was reduced to a ghost ache. The singing had stopped. There was silence all around.
  I breathed a sigh of relief. Just a bad dream. Nothing else.
  My accelerated breathing slowly  returned to normal.
  Suddenly something grabbed my face and slammed it into the pillow. The palm pressed against my nose and lips, smothering me.
A voice like fingernails on a blackboard whispered.
“This is what happens to bad children who don’t sleep. Everything is okay now. Go to sleep.”
So I did.

The Perks of being a BMM student: Part I

I am a BMM student now! Yet again, I have new classmates, new building, new professors, new everything basically. So far, I love all the different kinds of newness.

My classmates especially are such talented people with such vibrant personalities! Seriously, it’s just so awesome!

Here’s a video of one of them, Rachayita singing an indian version of Selena Gomez’s ‘Love will tear us apart’. She has got such a sweet voice! Also do check out her version of ‘Wrecking Ball’ on YouTube. Nope, she doesn’t twerk. Thank God for that!

Perk One of being a BMM student is that I get to hang out with super-talented people all day.

I love my life! ❤

Turning 18!

So I finally turned 18 last week! I highly recommend it to everyone 😛
It was one of the luckiest days of my life, for more reasons than one. I’ll go chronologically. The day before ie on the 16th, two of my friends had come over for a sleepover. Mom made sweet and sour prawns for dinner. I love prawns , especially sweetened and soured! I hadn’t met Adi (yes! From the post Adi!) and Neena in ages so we just chatted for a bit and then believe it or not…I fell asleep! I was awake exactly at midnight by six voices yelling ‘Happy Birthday!’ and then I was given all the gifts! And seriously? They were so damn awesome! Mom and Anu (my sister) gave me 18 gifts for my 18th birthday! Imagine! you’re half asleep and suddenly there is a pile of presents in your lap. It’s a wonderful feeling! These gifts were a surprise and I love surprises!




The 18 gifts were-

1. A black Jegging

2. A tunic which makes me look thinner than I am (it’s miraculous!)

3. These cute red shorts!

4. A skulled shaped watch (Skulls! Yippie!)

5. A deodrant

6. An owl and key shaped necklace. I’ve been telling people that it’s a key to a treasure box.




7. A pair of earrings

8. Another necklace with an ‘M’ shaped pendant

9. A belt

10. A pen.

11. An ‘M’ shaped keychain.

12. A chic sling bag




13. A hairbrush (I meant to buy one for ages but as always, I forgot. So Mom gifted it to me.)

14. A lip balm

15. Urm…a packet of underwear. Mom and Anu would go shopping alone for the lamest reasons like buying underpants and buying tights, etc. So I cribbed once how Mom never got me anything while she got Anu underpants (I shall blame that on hormones.). As a result, I received a packet of three underpants as a gift. Yeah, we’re weird.

16. Eighteen hand-embroidered (by Mom) handkerchiefs.





17. Eighteen types Indian mithai (sweets). Unfortunately I ate them all before taking a photo. I have the sweetest sweet tooth.

18. Eighteen types of chocolates.

And that was just from Mom and Anu.

My Kaki (My aunt) gave me an elegant clutch to go with a formal black skirt I bought! Everyone in my family has unique (and great) fashion sense. Really!




Adi and Neena had made me a scrapbook with photos and messages from all (almost all) of my closest friends! Not just that, the scrapbook is also decorated with pictures of four of my favourite fandoms! There are Harry Potter quotes, and Game of Thrones quotes, and a TFIOS picture and a Friends picture! I squealed and fangirled everytime I saw one! And the messages made me feel so loved! I really truly love all my friends! :’)




Then everyone fell asleep. Everyone but me, I stayed up for another hour reading the Game of Thrones summary on Wikipedia. My resistance to it has become nil. I needed to know what happens next and now I do!


Next morning brought an abundance of phonecalls and messages from friends and family! I felt so special! Adi returned for lunch. I also invited my oldest friend (she is not old; I’ve just known her all my life) Sailee for lunch. Adi and Sailee are basically two of my closest friends. I wanted them to get along so bad! They did! we totally freaked out and had a blast! Sailee is the silliest, craziest and the most amazing friend I’ve ever had. And! She gifted me a hand-painted T-shirt! She’s really good with clothes!




Sailee also gifted me a book because she thought the t-shirt was not very good (really silly? It was awesome! ❤ ❤ ❤ ) which book? ‘THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER’!!!!! It has been on my to-read list forever! I’m going to read it next! I’m currently reading ‘City of Bones’ by Cassandra Clare. So far, so good.

It was raining so we didn’t bother to go out. We ordered and ate Chinese from my favourite Chinese restaurant. As always, it was simply delish! I love that place! They’re not expensive but the quality and taste is just amazing!

Then I had to go to collect my French B1 result from Alliance Francaise. I had seriously expected that I would fail. But I passed! Eeeeeep! And Madame said that I can actually speak french! That was such a relief because all through the while I thought that I sucked! I don’t! 😀 Then I came back home to a joyous mayhem. Adi, Sailee and Anu were wreaking havoc! Actually they were just watching a movie but at the same time they were making parodies! It was hilarious! My mom called from work while we were laughing like deranged hyenas. She had the best news. So basically, I had been pursuing a Bachelor in Arts. I wanted to study Bachelor in Mass Media but I didn’t get in. On my birthday, mom received a call from KC college that I was being offered a place in their BMM program! That was the best thing that has ever happened to me on my birthday! I accepted and as of now I study this super-awesome and fun course!

Evening was family dinner time! Mom made Chola-bathuras and paneer kababs. Kaki made pav bhajji! They totally spoiled me with yummy food! After dinner, I cut the cake! Mom had gotten it from a reputed bakery and it was a Tiramisu cake! I start salivating thinking of it! It was that good!




I had party with my friends the next Sunday. I was a little low before the party because quite a few of my friends couldn’t make it. I wanted them to be there but well, they had their reasons. The ones who did make it cheered me up immensely! We had soup, pastas, salads, pizzas, garlic bread, coke, cake and brownie with vanilla ice cream! Food is a huge part of my birthdays!

Mash gifted me a French magazine and two copies of ‘Le Figaro’! Seriously! French newspapers and a magazine! I love them so much!





Hemali and Jyoti gifted me a trendy shirt-




My friends from BA- Sujay and Preetika gifted me a journal! So that I would write more! I haven’t known them for long but the gift was so personalized! They are two of the three people from BA I’ll miss. (The third is my Eng Lit professor Kavita Ma’am). Soap and Pree also got me a greeting card.




Dee and Tash got me a Percy Jackson novella. Overall, I received three books as gifts.




And Sagarika gifted me my first peplum top and a gorgeous purse!






And! Sam or the blogger Ravenclawsam gifted me a TFIOS t-shirt! She had painted it herself! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!




It’s crumpled because I wore on my first day in BMM. Here’s her post on how to paint your T-shirt.

So you can say that I had a very happy 18th birthday. In fact, you can yell it out loud. ‘Coz I definitely am! 😀

BTW! I had four cakes! One was the Tiramisu cake, one was a plain butter cake (how I love those! Mom baked it!), the third one was a Blueberry flavored cake (Blue coloured as a tribute to Percy Jackson!) and the last one was a chocolate flavoured tasty thing! The Blueberry , the butter cake and the chocolate cake were baked by Mom!

I should add ‘eating cake’ to my hobbies.

Week 1: Numb

Week 1- 6th July 2014 to 12th July 2014


The champagne must have tasted good but I don’t remember tasting it. That tended to happen when I became like this. Numb.
Our last few dates had been disastrous. He had begun to follow the pattern too. They met the happy, normal me. Then I grew comfortable in their presence and begun to let my guard down. I started taking off the mask I hid under, little by little. And they began to see the part of me that wasn’t quite so optimistic, not quite “normal”. What was normally really? Then began all that bloody criticism. They were soon rendered unable to look past my flaws and I was rendered unfeeling to their awful rants.
So here I was, in a posh restaurant I didn’t really notice, eating food I didn’t really taste and drinking champagne that I didn’t really feel.
And there was he, talking about my pessimism, my walls, and my issues. This one could really hit the mark. He had the perfect ability to grab onto my insecurity of the moment and then pull, squeeze and hurt. I had really hoped him to be different. When I first met him, I had been crying. So, he knew. HE KNEW.
But he refused to believe.
I stared at him with the straightest poker face. He was speaking; I could see his lips move but the sound had been blocked. I was quite bored actually except that I was too numb to actually feel the boredom.
It was stupid to try to inform me about my so called “issues”. I was anal about analyzing myself. So, really, I knew how screwed up I was. I knew every single one of my faults. Reminding me was a waste of time. I was excellent at tuning out bullshit.
Not that he-they ever noticed. Self-important bastards. Every last one of them. They misunderstood my silence for acceptance and attention. A tiny pinprick of amusement crept in through my wall. It didn’t have the power to break out my trance. Though, it was successful in pushing an idea.
I had better things to do. I’m sure he did too.
I took a sip of the tasteless champagne. It was wasted on me. I grabbed my purse. I had actually dressed up for the occasion. I got up from my seat walked towards the entrance and walked out of the restaurant. And his life.
It had begun to rain. I didn’t have an umbrella. I wore a red dress. The wet thing clung to my body. My Louboutins were probably dying due to the puddles. My makeup was probably flowing down my face with the rivulets of rain.
I didn’t care.
Slowly, I got some emotion back. Not enough to start grieving another dead relationship. But enough to become aware about the half-destroyed, soaking Louboutins on my feet.
I took them off and carried them in my hands. I could feel pebbles and slush below my feet. But I didn’t care.
I was roaming listlessly. Was this how breaking down was like? How did it matter? I would find my way back home eventually. I would be fine once I broke out of this daze.
Now, I was starting to become aware of my surroundings. I recognized the area I was walking in. I knew my way back home.
I was in the elevator when it hit me. It was over. I had left my blanket of unfeelingness behind somewhere. I had hoped. I couldn’t stop the tears from escaping my eyes. It didn’t matter. I’m sure I resembled a zombie enough as it was. Tea would make me feel better, I hoped.
The ding of the lift made me aware that I had reached my floor. I exited and took out my keys.
He was sitting on the staircase. As soon as he saw me, he got up, strode towards me and grabbed my hands. They looked so tiny and feminine next to his. Worry and panic was etched clearly all over his. A few more tears slid down my cheeks. I actually found myself wondering about the state of my Mascara.
I noticed that he was wet all through too. The rain messed up his longish hair in a way that had become familiar. It brought back memories. It had been raining the first time we met. I cried harder.
“What the hell were you thinking? You had me worried sick! Never do that again! Never, got it?”
I nodded with the start of a smile on my face and a tear welling up in my eye,
“And I’m sorry. You are a mess. You go zombielike. But you are my mess. And you have my heart and my brain and my soul. You are my zombie and I love you. Okay?”
“Okay.” I said as he bent down and kissed my forehead.

The 52 Project

So it is two days before my birthday and yeah, I’m bloody excited!

Whispers of not one but two surprises have reached me! I have such awesome friends! Seriously! I am so freaking curious! I am like a drunk grasshopper.

Except not drunk. Two days till I’m eighteen and three years till I’m of the legal age to drink.

Meanwhile, I’ll indulge in sprite. No other soft drink is as amazing as sprite (for me). I normally don’t drink coke or Pepsi. No no, it’s sprite for me.

Anyway. What I actually want to write about (and is long due) is a challenge that I’ve taken up.

So I raise the curtain to –

“The 52 Project”

A big round of applause please!

(Don’t I sound self-obsessed XD )

So the thing is that I’ve been working on this blog which is basically nonfiction. To be frank, as much as I love blogging, I miss writing fiction.

Recently I made a whatsapp group of all my bookoholic friends and friend’s of friends. An idea for which I can pat myself on the back.

One of my new friends has taken up this challenge and he invited us to join him. So I did.

I have to write 52 short stories in 52 weeks.

They can be on anything and of any length. I’ll be posting them here every Saturday.

The first week was last week. I am yet to edit the story I wrote. Hopefully, I will be able to post it tomorrow.

I am super excited! Wish me luck!

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