Chocolate 1: Dreams and Fantasies

When I was 13, I tried writing a book.
When I turned 16, I completed it.
When I turned 16.5, I thought it was shit.
When I turned 17, I realized it just needed editing.

I always dreamed of becoming a published writer. And ‘Chocolate’ was to be the book that would get me published. So only a chosen few got to read it. Most of them loved it but they weren’t impartial.

Anyway, now I realize that I don’t want to become one of those writers who write only for monetary gains. I don’t want to become rich by making my reader poor. I mean, if I do get published (and that’s big IF), I will probably have many giveaways and free downloads.

I’ve decided to put the first three chapters of Chocolate up on my blog. Why only the first three chapters you ask? Because I’ve rewritten only three so far. Heavy editing, remember? And because I’m the Queen of Procrastination.

I’m sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors. I had a fight with my editor (best friend). I hope she’ll start editing once again 😀 She’s an amazing editor!

Feel free to praise and feel free to criticize 😀

Dreams and Fantasies
I didn’t feel as good as I thought I would. I always wanted to stop being such a daddy’s princess but the thought of staying far away from my parents scared me. Unlike other families here, we had always stayed together. I felt empty from inside.
I mean I always wanted to do something related to supernatural stuff. I believed in ghosts, vampires and even Harry Potter. I was really into this stuff. My problem was that my parents weren’t. So, obviously they were against me going to Aphrodelia and living in a haunted mansion for about six months to research.
An entire town had been wiped off due to the death of their principle land lord or something. There had been successors but they didn’t really last long. They died under some really mysterious conditions.
Now, Aphrodelia was a ghost town with a haunted mansion where I was going to live for the next six months.
I was at the airport near the entrance when he entered. He caught my eye as he entered the airport. He winked and grinned. Wow. I sure as hell had gotten lucky. Sam O’Donnell was my totally hot, blond-haired, blue-eyed boyfriend.
Following him was his twin. Rachel O’Donnell. In a pair of twins, when you have a girl and a guy, they can’t be identical. Sam and Rachel contradicted this theory. Rachel was my bestie.
They were two of my favorite people in the world. I couldn’t help but smile. It seemed that everything was going to be alright.
Oh-oh. Following them were Kathy and Jeremy better known as Kathmy. They were the most sickening, sweet couple of my acquaintance. What were they doing here? Sure, we hung out together. But still. They were just too sweet.
Then entered our catalyst. Zac Robinson. I relaxed a bit. Zac was a laugh. And a flirt. And my friend. He was as good as gay for me. Unfortunately for him.
My parents were pissed off that I was going through with this “vacation”. They had tried various methods to prevent me from going but nothing worked. I had taken the plunge and I had taken it whole-heartedly. I was going to swim now. I couldn’t just back-out.
I couldn’t look into my parents’ eyes. I wasn’t a rebel by nature but this was something I just had to do. I was disobeying direct orders here. Not that they could do anything. I was eighteen now.
“Bye Rebecca. You can still say no to this stuff.” Said my mom. “There are better things to do.” she added more sternly.
“Other things are simply not an option at this point of time, mom. I have always wanted to do this and I am going to do it!”
“What? Live in a haunted mansion?”
Huh. This had been going on for months now. It was now becoming tiring.
“Stop being such a teenager, Rebecca.” Said my dad.
I smirked.
“I am a teenager, dad.”
“Okay, you are. But that doesn’t mean you can just go off to nowhere to spend 6 months researching ghosts. If it’s a break that you want, go bag packing across Europe like a normal teenager.”
“God dad! This is something I have always wanted to do. Besides, I’m not exactly normal, am I?”
“Of course you are”
“No, dad, I generally stretch a bit towards the weird side.”
“Is there anything I can do that will make you stay?”
“Not really.” I said cheerfully.
“Okay.” He said giving up finally. “Let’s make a deal. You can go now but when you return, which you will, ghosts don’t exist Rebecca. You will choose a proper career and take education accordingly.”
“Okay, dad. Now, let me go.” I said. I had to cut him some slack. I wasn’t going to be able to talk to him for around 6 months. And he was just looking out for me. That’s what parents do.
“Fine. Go.”
“Okay. Bye. Take care, huh?”
“Bye, Rebecca. You take care too.” Said mom.
I boarded the plane without as much as a second glance at my parents. But as soon as the plane took off, I busted into tears. I missed my parents already.
“Are you alright, Becky?” said Sam.
“Yah.” I said wiping my tears.
“It’s going to be okay.”
“Yah. You have me what could possibly go wrong?”
“Well, the fact that you are with me to begin with.” I said with a devilish look.
“Ouch. That hurts.”
“Deal with it.”
“Kiss it for me?”
“Admit it Sam. You’re just horny.”
“Then what? You’re in love with me?”
“No! Okay. I am just horny.”
Well, he didn’t love me. I was kind of hoping he did. We had been going out for a year now. And I kind of just might love him. Anyways.
“Can I get a kiss anyways?”
“Okay. I’ll ask someone else.”
“Don’t you mind me kissing some other chick?”
“No. I don’t.”
“Actually Sam, the thing is that there is no other chick around who will actually want to kiss you.”
“Oh no. you are mistaken. I am very much in demand you see.”
“Okay. Let me ask the other girls.”
“No ways.” Came a reply even before I officially asked the question. Rachel.
“Me neither. I have Jeremy.” Said Kathy.
“Want to ask the guys, Sam?”
“No need. I have got you.”
“And what makes you think that I want to kiss you?”
“You can’t resist me babe.”
“We’ll see.”
“We’ll see.”
“10 bucks that Rebecca will not be able to resist Sam.” Said Zac.
“20 bucks that she will for at least an hour.” Said Rachel.
“You don’t want to lose like the last time, Ray.”
“No I don’t. And I won’t. Dontcha worry Zac.”
“Oh but you will.”
“You got a stick up your ass Zac.”
“Thanks. That’s the reason for my sexy swagger.”
“You look drunk, not sexy.”
“You dig it babe.”
Wow. Men. Seriously.
Eventually all of us got too tired and bored to even talk. They dozed for a while. I was reading this memoire of some chick who used to work at Wilson Mansion as a maid or something. Poor thing. She was totally crushing on the mansion’s owner- Alexander Wilson. He sounded like a catch. And was one of the good guys to add to the looks. Pity he had been engaged to this chick called Victoria Cooper. She was an Absolute bitch and ate maids like this one for breakfast. Victoria had left Alexander at the altar. He died soon after of a broken heart according to this maid girl. Load of crap.
I was soon bored. The girl was full of Romeo and Juliet-ish ideas about romance and Alexander. I put the memoire down. She had started to get a bit stalkerish and creepy. As I had nothing better to do, I looked out of the window.
I love first glimpses. So I was hoping to catch the first glimpse of Wilson Mansion. It was going to be our base in Aphrodelia.
I had to wait for a while. We weren’t anywhere there yet. But it was worth the wait. Wilson Mansion was huge. It was ancient. And surprisingly in good condition. The old guys knew their stuff, I suppose. Even though its days of glory had come to an end, the Mansion stood tall. There was a miniature forest growing around. The trees and leaves were covering the mansion as if protecting it from the time that had passed; preserving it for the time yet to come. As for the mansion, it seemed to be waiting for the return of its days of glory. Waiting for the days when it used to be full of people going about their daily routines.
And, I’d bet all the money in this world that it was haunted. It looked just like it and also had the perfect tragic story behind it.
After land lord guy- Alexander Wilson and been ditched at the altar by his fiancée Victoria cooper and had died mysteriously soon after. With him, the mansion had started to die too. And finally Aphrodelia succumbed too.
It was all that I had imagined and more. I fell in love with it instantly. This was where I wanted to stay for the rest of my life! With a ghost or two. and maybe some vampire paraphernalia? That. Would. Be. Awesome.
The only catch? I couldn’t imagine Sam living in a place like this. And he was my boyfriend and I was biologically defined to plan our wedding at this stage.
Soon, it went out of sight. We were supposed to land some distance away on this flat field. Most of the area around the mansion was covered with trees. It wasn’t possible to land anywhere around there. After that we would be on our own.
All the sleepyheads around me soon woke up rubbing their eyes and stretching their bodies. We would land in a minute or two. That minute was the slowest minute of my life. I wanted my time in Wilson mansion to begin ASAP! And the minute simply felt too long!
Finally, in what seemed like a millennium, we landed. And I finally set my feet on the Aphrodelian soil. Man, it felt so good. I thought I was going to get knocked off due to an adrenaline overdose.
And I fell in love with Aphrodelia at first sight. I loved every aspect of it. It had a haunted (probably!) mansion.
It was like my personal heaven on the earth.
I wasn’t the only one who was happy. Rachel was too. She had recently joined some Go Green charity thingy. So all the greenery around made here happy. Not that it was going to last. She would get over it soon. That was Rachel for you. She had her fads but they never lasted long. Moreover once she realized that there was no electricity connection in the mansion, no possibility of being able to use her blow dryer; she was going to freak out.
Kathy and Jeremy. Kathmy. How could they not be happy? They had everything they wanted! That is they had each other. They needed no one else, no other thing. Alas for the power of true young love. It never happens to you.
Sam was an awesome boyfriend but sometimes I wondered if he wasn’t the one. I wasn’t sure if I would be willing to spend the rest of my life with him if he asked. Sure, he was hot. Sure I liked him a lot. But I couldn’t see him living in a haunted house with me.
I usually stashed these thoughts away in the back of my mind. Today was nothing unusual.
We had now started our hike to the mansion. I was walking beside Sam. Usually it was like the best thing ever. Sam was good at verbose. Today for some reason though, he was in a real bad mood. Maybe it had something to do with Zac losing his bet.
“Hey Sam! Didcha see it?” I said in a chirpy and flirty tone.
“Rebecca, I seriously am not in the mood.”
“And why is that so?’
“Is there supposed to be a reason for everything?”
“Yeah. Usually there is.”
“Just let me be, Rebecca. All I wanted was to spend the summer at the beach before leaving for college.”
“I never asked you to come.”
“Like I could let you come alone.”
“You should have. That would have been better than you snapping at me.”
“Rebecca, don’t be like that. For god’s sake, I did come. I am here, and you are the only reason why.”
“My parents have already been giving me hard time ever since I decided to come. Please Sam, don’t you dare start now.”
“I’m just feeling a bit uneasy. Give me some time. I’ll be alright, okay honey?” he said; dropping a light kiss on my forehead.
“Yeah. Meanwhile, let me just bug Rachel.” I said with a small smile.
“Yeah, you do that.”
Sam really did need to be alone. He looked a bit freaky. Not sick or anything, just a bit under weather. He was going to be all right. We had the basic medicines like for fever, or pain and so on. Nothing to worry about.
I moved on to chitchat with Rachel. By now, we had gathered our luggage and were waiting for the motivation to help us carry it. Rachel and I, we hadn’t been getting along too well recently. It might have something relating to the fact that her brother was always there whenever I was around. I got her side of it but Sam was just irresistible. I was hoping though, that we would be able to get some female bonding time now.
“Did you see it, Ray?”
“Yeah. Impossible to miss, right?” she said. Yay! She had replied and without sarcasm! “You seem overjoyed…but then that’s expected.”
“Yes! I know! Isn’t it gorgeous? My research is going to be a success!”
“No offence, Rebecca.” She said obviously saying something that was going to be offensive. “But do really think ‘research’ is an appropriate term for it?”
“Of course it is! We are researching whether ghosts really exist or not.” Does Alexander Wilson?
“That isn’t a topic for research. Rebecca, the earth is already way too overpopulated; we don’t really need to add some spooky spirits to the mixture. Where will they live?”
“In deserted places like these? Rachel, to you it might be an all expenses paid vacation, but to me, it’s my career. Got that?”
“You should choose some other career…something more concrete perhaps?”
“Just get off my back, will you? I am sick of receiving all this shit first from my parents, then from Sam and finally from you. Just let me be!”
I stormed off to the front of the group. We had to hike to the mansion. I was the right at front anger fueling my speed, behind me was Rachel. Following her were the lovebirds and Sam was right at the back, sulking.
Zac? Where the hell was he? Bloody idiot, if he had gotten lost, he better not be found. He was in big trouble.
“”Lo!” said someone cheerfully into my ear. Huh. At least someone was in good spirits. “How are you, my pussycat?”
“I am not a pussycat, Zac. And I sincerely hope you aren’t drunk.”
“Nope. Not yet. What’s up with the sour mood? Someone kicked your ass?”
“ Not really. Had a bit of a fight with Sam. An argument really. And Rachel is giving me a hard time about some stuff.”
“Is she now?” he said pretend deep in thought. “Okay, I won’t sleep with her tonight.”
“Oh my God. Oh my god. Are you dating Rachel? Coz you’ll be the worst couple ever!”
“No…not anymore, now that you’re single.”
“I am not single! My boyfriend is probably staring daggers at your back.”
“Oh…Rebecca, what kind of fun do you get in breaking my heart time and again?”
“You, my friend, are full of shit. And drunk.”
“Am not.”
“Yeah! I’ll be much more fun when I am.”
“Shut up Zac!” I couldn’t help but laugh. Zac was pretty crazy when drunk. Though, hangovers weren’t such good ideas right now.
We continued to joke around till we reached our destination. As soon as the mansion returned into my line of vision, I was distracted. Big time! And boy, don’t even get me started on the emotions that raced through me when we actually entered. As soon as my feet touched the marble tiles of the grand floor, I actually squealed. Zac says that it was more like a moan. But officially, I squealed! I was in haunted territory now! woohoo!
The first thing I wanted to do was to explore it from the roof to the cellar. Unfortunately for me, accommodations had to be searched first. Sam wanted to crash for a while. We let him nap in a sleeping bag for a while. Poor guy was missing all the excitement. But he really looked tired. So I let him sleep.
We divided ourselves into pairs and set off. Obviously, Kathmy were together. Didn’t those guys ever get sick of each other? Seriously! Zac and Rachel set off. Probably to shag some more. So, I was on my own which suited me perfectly.
I was strictly verboten from opening any doors. The idiocracy of it. But I did anyway. Just one door. It was huge and intricately carved from some costly teak or mahogany or something. There was this heavy brass knocker in the shape of entwined lions.
One thing I could tell-some important person had slept in the room. And I was proved right when I opened the door. There was this colossal bed with an intricate headrest. It was of some old age town. On a closer look, I realized that it was Aphrodelia with the Wilson mansion and all. Aphrodelia during its happier days. It was just wow.
That moment, that very moment, I decided that this was the bed I was going to sleep on tonight.
I stayed there going through the armoires and other drawers. I found nothing. Except for some cobwebs. Sad but I enjoyed prying into someone’s private property. Even if that someone had been dead for a long long time.
Finally it was starting to get dark. I started towards sleeping Sam.
Halfway through, I found the gang with dinner ready. Sam was now wide awake and looked just fine.
We had a fun dinner chatting and joking. Everyone seemed in good spirits. I felt relieved. Maybe everything was going to be alright.
After dinner, we set up our sleeping bags. Well, they did. Not me. And when I announced my decision to sleep in that beautiful beautiful bedroom, they thought I was suicidal.
“No, I just love the room too much.”
“I told you not to open any doors, didn’t i?” said Rachel.
“You did. But I couldn’t resist. Now can I go? I want to sleep.”
“No. you are going nowhere.”
“Let her go, Ray. Like she’s going to listen to you. She’ll probably sneak out after we are asleep.” said Sam wearily.
“You know me so well.” I said kissing him. He didn’t kiss me back.
“You are being selfish. But then again that’s what you do, don’t you?”
That really hurt. Were we hurling towards a breakup?
“Then you are better off without me, I guess.” I dragged my selfish ass back to the bedroom and closed the door behind me.
And bursted into tears.


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