Chocolate 2: Last Kiss

I cried till I felt dehydrated. I felt so lonely. I missed my parents. I had never been this far, this isolated from them. It was scary, the responsibility. Especially when they didn’t have my back. I couldn’t even call them!
Originally, I had thought at least I have my friends. Now I am here alone, wondering, do I really? Sam made it sound that I had forced him to accompany me. Had i? Did the others feel the same way?
No. I didn’t force Sam or anyone else for that matter. I am not an ungrateful bitch. It felt good to have them around. I felt safe. But I don’t want to make them feel obligated to do something that they didn’t want to. I can hold my own against the ghosts.
Sure I can.
Okay! I confess. Along with the loneliness, there’s some fear too. Yes, I am scared. A little bit. Enough to have Goosebumps. But then again that might be ‘coz of the cold wind blowing in through the broken window. I just had a jacket. I had left without the blanket in a huff. Stupid silly me.
Oh my God! The wind was whooshing through the trees. I expected the wolves to start howling any moment. I shivered. It was scary and cold.
All the horrible thing happen in cold weather in the horror movies, don’t they?
I covered my eyes with the hood of the jacket. The tree just outside the window made a scrapping sound against the wall. My heart was beating twice as fast. No ways I was going to be able to sleep. No freaking ways.
I thought about hiding under the bed. But the girl under the bed always gets found, doesn’t she?
Something scurried in the room upstairs. Oh my god! Oh my god! Jeesh. Haunted houses were scary.
Suddenly there was a knock at the bedroom door. And my heart stopped beating. Shit. Knocks at the door are never good.
What the hell! I am Rebecca Andrews. I do spooky. I love spooky. The freaking ghost should be scared of me. He should be terrified. I need something to kick his ass with. Oh no. I had nothing. Just the pillow which I hadn’t forgotten to get along.
Oh wow Becky! Are you going to have a pillow fight with ghost? You will be braiding each other’s hair next. Awesome!
A pillow will have to do. I guess. Or a knee in his groin. Do ghosts have….? Will that work? I hope it will.
So I grabbed my hand grenade and my gun and walked towards the door. I opened it while hiding behind it. I felt someone enter. I raised my pillow to hit that someone.
Just as the pillow was about to smack that someone in the head, a very familiar voice exclaimed, “Becky, I guess this mansion is really haunted!”
The pillow in my hands had caught momentum and I couldn’t stop. Thwack!
“Ouch!” he yelled. “I knew you were pissed but I never thought you’d become violent!”
“Oops. Sorry Sam. I thought you were the ghost.”
“And you were planning you fight the ghost with a pillow?”
“Yeah.” I said with a sheepish smile. “There’s nothing else in the room.”
Sam looked at me for a second and then he burst out laughing.
“Oh Becky. Only you are capable of doing something like this.” He said pulling me close and dropping a kiss on my hair. “No wonder I’m in love with you.”
Wait. What?
Did Sam O’Donnell just say that he’s in love with me?
Please tell me he did!
He did, didn’t he?
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Sam loves me!!!!!!!!!
It’s too good to be true. It’s true, is it not?
“Sam, do you mean it? Do you really love me?”
Sam became all serious. I have never seen him this way. He was looking intently into my eyes and my heart fluttered. It actually skipped a beat as his blue eyes met my green ones.
“I fell for you the moment I ate those cookies that you had made on Rachel’s 13th birthday which was obviously my birthday too. And she was the one who had friends over. Then you came over to me and gave me a cookie and wished me a happy birthday.”
“But those cookies; they were horrible to the point of being inedible.”
“It didn’t matter.”
“Rachel spitted it out. You didn’t. That was when I started crushing horribly on you.” I confessed blushing. “I love you, too Sam.”
“Wow. That feels amazing. You love me too.”
“Yes, I do. Now can you get to the part where you kiss me?”
“Sure.” He said with his angelic smile. And he did.
Kissing Sam had always been pure bliss. Now, it had just gotten better. The chemistry had always been there and now the feelings were totally involved too.
Sam loved me. I wanted to do a funny dance. After kissing him for a century that is. Well, we did more than kiss. A lot more.
I lay cuddled in his arms after. I felt so safe and warm and nice. My eyes looked up to see a pair of ocean blue gorgeous eyes looking down at them. Those blue eyes possessed the familiar twinkle.
“Hey.” He said smiling beatifically.
“Hey.” I said mirroring his smile. “We should do that more often.”
“That we should.” He said with a chuckle that I felt against my heart.
We just stared at each other smiling.
“God! This is so cheesy!”
“Feels good though.”
“Yeah. I like cheese.”
“I thought you liked chocolates.”
“I like cheese but I love chocolates.”
“Good. So the next time we fight, I’ll just get you some.”
“Don’t give me an incentive to fight with you.”
“You’ll fight with me for chocolates?” he asked incredulously.
“Any day.”
“Girl, you are seriously one of a kind.”
“And that’s the reason why you love me!”
We dissolved into a comfortable silence.
“Sam, I love you.”
“I love you. Now sleep. It’s late.”
“Good night, Sam.” I said turning on my other side.
“Good night, Becky. And I am sorry.”
“For what?”
“For earlier.”
“Sam, you made up for it ten times over.”
“God, I really love you Rebecca Andrews.”I heard him mumble in my hair as I drifted off.
A couple of hours later I am woken up by someone who is probably trying to kill me. The way whoever it is, is shaking me is definitely violent. I hear someone shriek in my ear.
Must be Sam.
“Sam…”I mumble sleepily.
“Rebecca!” comes the voice again more urgently than before. I turn around trying to block it with a pillow. Wait a sec. I am now at the other end of the bed. Where is Sam?
I get up startled. The voice which I now recognize as being Rachel’s is becoming hysterical.
“What?” I ask groggily. Wake up calls in the middle of the night are not appreciated.
“It’s…’s….” she is unable to get words out.
“Rachel, I need you to calm down and tell me what’s up.”
She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Then with a voice that is barely audible and shaking to the point of being almost incomprehensible she answers.
“Rebecca, it’s Sam.”
“Sam? What’s up with Sam?”
“I met him down the passage. He was feeling breathless so he decided to take a walk. I accompanied him. And all of a sudden he collapsed.”
“What? Is he …is he okay?”
“I don’t know. Jeremy came and he was in control and I just couldn’t be there.”
“We should go. It must have been the change of place or something. He’ll be alright.”
“Rebecca, I am terrified. I cannot go there.”
“Rachel, it’s alright. He’ll probably have regained consciousness by now.”
“No. I cannot. I have a very bad feeling. I just cannot.”
“Rachel, honey.” I said putting my arm around her. She gets freaked out by the tiniest things. “Sam’s as healthy as a horse. He’s going to be just alright.”
“Okay. But you go in first.”
“Yeah. Sure.”
We were for some reason tip toeing down the passage. It was the longest walk ever though it just took over two minutes. My feet became numb ‘coz of the cold. The floor was freezing and I had forgotten my slippers back in the room. It was dark. Pitch black. I could hear Rachel sniffling beside me as we stumbled our way towards the room where Sam was.
Honestly? I expected this to be some kind of joke. Sam was a healthy 18 year old guy. He was young and strong and full of good health and spirits. I expected him to be standing behind the door, waiting for me so that he could envelope me in one of his awesome bear hugs.
18 year old guys just don’t collapse. They don’t. So I expected him to be there; to be standing; to be alive.
What I did not expect was Jeremy creeping out of the door; shutting it behind him looking like someone had just died.
“He’s just fine, isn’t he? This is some kind of weird joke. Right? I mean wow. Rachel, you’re such a good actress. You should seriously consider Broadway. Or even Hollywood.” Turning towards Jeremy I continued. “Now let me go in. I have some ass to kick.”
Inwardly. I saw Jeremy’s expression, I knew what it meant. But that was just not a possibility. What about the ring that Sam was supposed to give me? What about the white dress I was supposed to wear? What about our kids?
Jeremy firmly put his hands on my shoulders. No! No! NO!
“Rebecca, he’s gone.”
“No! He’s not!” I said as a smile formed on my lips and tears welled up in my eyes.
Jeremy just looked at me.
“He’s in there, isn’t he Jeremy? He’s probably laughing his ass off right now! Right?”
Jeremy’s somber expression didn’t change. By now, tears were streaming down my face. Yet, I was smiling. This was just some ploy to fool me. It just cannot be true.
“He’s not gone, is he? Jeremy, out with the truth now! Enough of suspense!”
He still wasn’t saying anything! Why wasn’t he saying anything?
“Jeremy! Say something. Tell me that he’s in there. And that he’s fine. And that he’s alive. Just tell me, goddamnit!”
“Rebecca, He’s not in there. He’s gone.” His voice was choking up. Wow. Jeremy was a good actor too. He closed his eyes and whispered. “Sam’s dead, Becky. He’s dead.”
“He’s not dead. He cannot be dead. Is it Sam you are talking about? Because my Sam cannot die. He cannot just drop down dead.”
“Rebecca, he shouldn’t have. But he has. We cannot do anything about it.”
“You are lying. Let me in. I need to see.”
“No. Don’t go in Rebecca. Don’t.”
“Jeremy, I need to see. I need to see for myself. Please.” I looked into his eyes. He was crying too now. I could hear Rachel wailing behind me but I ignored. I held his eyes for a long time until he finally relented. He moved aside and let me go in.
Sam was lying down peacefully as if he was sleeping. I went and I sat down beside him. I put my hand on his cheek. It was cold. I brushed his lips with mine.
I truly realized the phrase ‘as cold as death’. And I didn’t want to.
I hoped that he would kiss me back and make some comment. I hoped he would open his eyes and look at me. I hoped he would talk to me. I hoped that by some miracle life would rush back into him.
It didn’t.
He really was dead. His life had ended and with that ever so many things. His dreams, our dreams. It was all gone now. All the firsts had become lasts.
It had been the last time he had kissed me.


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