Blogging or Procrastinating?

I have my First Semester Finals going on and honestly? I am bored. Today was just the second paper, four more to go, but I’m just so sick and tired and sleep deprived. I have been sleeping for 5 hours for the past two nights. Tonight doesn’t seem to be any different. It’s just that I can function better with the moon than the sun. But the lack of sleep is taking its toll and I don’t just mean dark circles.

And to think that I was partying this time last week. Well, not last Friday but last Thursday. We had our college fest launch. It was awesome! I danced like demented dementors and chugged Sprite like there was no tomorrow. Well, it’s Sprite and it was free. Then I had a pizza at Domino’s. With only cheese as a topping. Bliss, I tell you, bliss.

Last week, I was dancing. This week I’m mugging up Economics. Yep. I’ve Economics tomorrow. Economics is my nemesis. I don’t get it and it doesn’t want me to get it. I manage during exams. But after passing out of 12th grade, I thought it was Adios Alfred Marshall. Nope, that didn’t happen.

I’ve to study Economics just for one semester but if you ask me, it’s one sem too much.

At least I remember something from last year’s Economics textbook. That’s a silver lining I suppose.

Moving on, Diary of an Introverted Schmuck will be completing 6 months on October 1st!!! I really didn’t think that I would last six months. This is just wow! I’ll be writing an entire post for the thank yous.

I’ve observed that I tend to read more when I have my exams. I have read seven books in the last three days. Really. Not just that, I’ve been reading many more blogs than I normally do. There are some really great writers out there. Artists, authors, bloggers (because I’ve come to believe that blogging is an art in itself.) who are just phenomenal. It makes me believe a little more in the human race.

My point is, no matter how much I enjoyed and learned from these blogs, I needed to study. I did study but blogging became a means of procrastination. And I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing.

If I’m procrastinating by blogging and interacting with other bloggers, it means that I’ve really come to love blogging and that I am not going to give up midway.

But, on the other hand, studying for exams is important.

Dilemma schlemma.

I really should stop procrastinating now. My Eco textbook beckons me into its treacherous embrace.


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