The Definition of Me

A few months I had a very interesting conversation with a friend. She said that Harry Potter created her and Nerdfighteria developed her.

(Or something along those lines…)

That made me think and wonder.

What is the thing that created me?

What is the thing that defines me?

What is, you know, my thing?

Is it Harry Potter like my friend? I think we basically bonded over Harry Potter when we first became friends. So is it my love for Harry Potter that defines me?

Nope. I am kind of over Harry Potter. I mean I still love those seven books and forever will. But I’m not as obsessed as I was before.

Then Game of Thrones? I’m pretty obsessed about it currently. I can talk endlessly about it. I make it a point to go and talk to people who have read the books or watched the show. Even random strangers. I can’t forget the fact that I just spent a little over a thousand bucks on the books (Mom won’t let me forget). So it should be GoT? Right?

Nope. I think my creation happened a long time before I experienced the awesome that is Game of Thrones.

I think the credit for my creation basically goes to my parents. I don’t mean it in a gross way either. Yeah, the biological aspect and all that is certainly there. But, here, I’m talking about the upbringing part.

What if my mom never read me bedtime stories? She used to read to me every night. I had a pretty decent collection of children’s books even way back then (I was 5). Plus, she borrowed books from the library and read them out. For my afternoon naps, it was my grandmother who played the role of the storyteller.

What if my dad had never covered for me whenever I wanted to read late into the night? What if he had refused to buy me books?

I never would have developed a love for reading as I do now. And yeah, books define me.

If I happen to have time for leisure, I end up reading 9/10 times.

Even when I don’t have the time to read, I still make up time and read. I cannot function otherwise.

When anyone wants to get me a gift, their first choice is books. But then they get confused and change their minds because past experiences have shown that if they gift me a book, chances are that
a) I already own it.

b) I’ve already read it.

So now they don’t bother buying books for me. (Hint: Amazon vouchers. )

Bookstores are my definition of heaven. I’m at complete ease there. Random people come and ask me for recommendations and I love it. I just wish I could take their email addresses and discuss the book over email.

I trust people who read.

If I see someone reading a book, even a random stranger, I have a strong desire to strike up a conversation.

So yeah, reading is my thing. I don’t know what would I do if it weren’t for books.

That makes me a nerd?

Well, then I’m a proud nerd.

Although if you do ask me about the moment when I first experienced individuality, it will be the day I listened to Green Day.

Prior to that day, all I listened to was rap songs that my friends recommended. Now, I do like rap but it’s limited to Eminem and a bit of Nicki Minaj.

Then one day I was watching Vh1 and this guy wearing eye-liner started playing a song. I didn’t even pay attention to it. He wore eye-liner for God’s sake! The next day, I found myself humming a song I had no recollection of listening. Ever. Then I saw 21 Guns on VH1 again and I realized how much I loved that song.

That is when I started listening to Green Day. That is when I stopped conforming so much. Being a part of  a group is great. No one likes being the person in the corner. But personally, I feel that being a part of a group doesn’t mean that you can’t be your own person.

Now I like listening to bands my friends haven’t even heard about.

So what defines me finally?

I am defined by a collage of books, music, TV, writing, food and many other things that I haven’t discovered yet.

What defines you?


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