I feel bloody violated!

Today was my bestie Adi’s party. It was at this hip place called Candies and there was 2 kilograms of chocolate cake to be eaten. I reconnected with some old friends, was introduced to some awesome new people and had some really amazing chicken and some totally fabulous cabbage salad (who does that? Eat salad when there’s chicken).

Oh did I tell you about my outfit?

I wore a knee length formal black skirt with a sea-green peplum top. My skin was pimple free for once and my eye liner actually stayed on.

So overall it was a pretty fabulous day. I looked good, I felt good and I had a good time.

Except, it wasn’t. The ending at least.

I was with Adi and Sailee at Bandra station waiting for a train to go back home. We were standing near the ladies compartment so it was mostly females around. Except for this guy who could only be described as cheap. Disgusting.

He was totally checking me out and not in a good way. More like a super sleazy way.

So what if I wore a skirt? If other men aren’t staring, why can’t you keep your goddamn eyes to yourself?

Such men piss me of. Like really piss me off.

Why can’t I wear a skirt without feeling insecure? Why can’t I wear any damn thing I want to?

Yep, I’m a woman (girl). Why do I have to deal with such disturbing sort of humans?

It just makes me mad.

I glared at him but that asshole just smirked.

So he ogles at me like I’m some kind of sweet platter, fearlessly.

Sometimes I really don’t want to live in a society where I’ll be blamed for his wandering eyes. And I will be.

Why did you wear a skirt will be the question asked.

I’m sick of such sleazes.


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