Adieu 2014!

Wow! Another year has gone by. I feel quite old. I’m 18 now. Ancient, I tell you.

Is it weird that I miss 2014?

As years go, 2014 was a really good one.

January and February ’14 were spent studying for my HSC boards. Well, more or less. Mostly less.

March was the month of the much-awaited exams. Actually, it was probably the quickest month of the year. Time flew. And I read too many books.

April saw the start of this blog. I had been really hesitant because blogging requires a lot of commitment. Commitment is something that I lack. But thanks to a lot of encouragement from Sam and Shriya, I finally had the guts to start Diary of an Introverted Schmuck.

Best. Decision. Ever.

April was also when I got operated for tonsils. It was a really minor procedure but I have never even gotten stitches. To put it lightly, I was scared. But it was another excellent decision! I can eat ice creams to my hearts content now. And drink Sprite, the drink of Gods.

So April was a month of good decisions.

May was mostly spent blogging and reading. I had also gone for a vacation to the gorgeous coasts of Konkan. Sun, clear seas, great company and mangoes!

Once I returned from vacation, I started my B1 level for French. It was a learning experience that way far beyond French. My Prof Supriya ma’am inspired me in a way great teachers do.

May was also when I started reading Game of Thrones.

Then came along June and it brought along results! HSC board results are a Big Deal. I scored way way way more than I had expected. But that didn’t help me to secure a place in the college I wanted.

After much stress and confusion, I started pursuing BA with the intention of majoring in psychology. Now I had become a KCite. Different college, new people. And terrible timings. I had to get up at 4.30 am. Every single day.

July! My birthday month! Things started to look better as I finally made friends who could actually be called friends at KC. The first half of the month was basically spent obsessing over my 18th birthday.

I turned 18 on the 17th of July. And it was a really terrific one. I felt so loved and cared for. And that was the day I got into BMM.

Still a KCite but now studying a more specialized course, I was once again dropped smack dab in the middle of new people. People who had known each other for three entire weeks. It was daunting but turns out, I adjusted really well. Being a BMM student changed me. I am much more confident now.

It was August that I had my first girls night out. Donuts at 12 am are quite surreal.

I don’t really remember much of September. I think I did the TV anchoring workshop then.

October was basically book releases and Diwali. So many books I was waiting for with bated breaths came out and I read them all. BoO!

The first ten days of November were spent in North East India. That trip made me realize how much I truly love travelling. I also met some interesting people there. Then college reopened and it was fest time. First came Paparazzi. And then our very own Blitzkrieg!

Fests are a big deal in BMM. Go Blitz!

December. Weddings, weddings n weddings. Also the Comic Con. Splendiferous fun.

I started learning Deutsch in December. December was a little difficult because my schedule was so hectic. I barely blogged.

A weekend was spent visiting the Raigad fort. It was a thought provoking trip.

And finally the New Years Eve Feast prepared by Mum. Talk about delicious.

So that was 2014 for me folks! And I bid the year adieu.


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