Ramble Schamble #2

It’s a Monday and I’ve been at home all day. Doing absolutely nothing.

Well, not nothing. I studied quite a bit of Psychology and hung out with my sister some. We saw song parodies by a guy called Bart Baker on YouTube. He’s hilarious!

But there’s only so much you can study before your head feels as if it’s going to burst. Especially if you are not used to studying (I’m not).

So now I am eating chocolates while trying to make sense of the random words that keep on popping up in my head and getting irritated because of the dudes who are yelling some kind of religious propaganda on loudspeakers.

Yes, I’m officially a Hindu. But I’m not religious and people creating a nuisance for others in the name of religion bug me.

If I start playing Green Day songs on loud speaker, I’m sure someone will complain within ten minutes.  And my mum will think that I’ve finally lost it.

No one should force their views, opinions and preferences on anyone. That’s all I’m saying. It’ll reduce conflicts on so many levels. Maybe even national and international.

Meanwhile, I do have a good book to read. I’m finally reading the last book of The Mortal Instruments series. Also, I’m halfway through a graphic novel I’m reading for my lit presentation.




These books are totally brilliant. I love the simple black and white art. And I love the protagonist who, since the books are autobiographical, is the author Mrjane Satrapi herself. She’s sassy, rebellious and painfully blunt.

I am yet to finish reading Persepolis 2. But so far, so awesome.

Hanging out with my sister was cool too. She’s 12 and I’m 18 so she needs my advice. Well, sometimes.

Today, we talked about popularity and its perks.

In school, I was never the popular kid. The smart kid? Yeah. The kid who always spoke in English? Yeah. The fat kid even. Yeah.

But never popular and that was okay. I just read a lot, scored good marks and started writing stuff. So I wouldn’t say that my existence was not worth anything.

But I have only a handful of friends from school. The ones I do have, I’m super close to. Quality of quantity? Mind over matter? Right?

I felt really bad when I realized my sister was a teeny bit obsessed with popularity. Facebook likes don’t matter. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether people like your photo or not as long as you love yourself.  I struggled with self-acceptance during my teens (my teens 😥 they’re almost over).  It had become so difficult to love myself. I don’t want my sister to go through that.

I want her to love herself but not so much that she ends up thinking of someone as beneath her.

I don’t want her to feel guilty while eating chips or chocolates. I used to. It’s a wonder that I didn’t develop an eating disorder. But I always liked my food to stay where it belongs…in my tummy. Thank God, I’ve pretty much gotten over all of that.

I need to get back to psychology now.



The greatest pleasures of life are experienced in the smallest of things

I walked along the Churchgate seaface, pondering. The greatest pleasures of life are experienced in the smallest of things.

Do we really experience greater happiness over the smaller things?

Will I feel happier while sniffing the pages of a new book than while, say, giving birth to my firstborn?

Will eating a second helping of ice cream give me more joy than being awarded the Booker or the Pulitzer?

I don’t even know whether I am capable of winning an award half as prestigious as the Booker.  I am not very sure that I will ever write a complete 300-page book.  But why should I let that stop me being happy right now?

Why can’t I enjoy the cool breeze that smells of the sea and blows my hair all over the place? Or the way sunshine strokes my arm and takes away the cold bite of the wind?

Maybe some great achievement will make me feel better than looking at the waves as they chase the sea-foam to the shore. But the elation I will feel then is well, then. It is something that shall occur way into the future, if it does occur. I don’t want to be the person who waits to be happy. I don’t want to wait for miracles to happen. It is not every day that Buddha gets enlightenment or you get a letter from a school of magic and witchcraft.

Waiting for something to happen is wasting the time you have to make it happen.  Or if that is beyond you, then why not be content with what you have?

Life is a miracle in itself. It’s wonderful and filled with many great things that are tiny in size. A good hair day can make my day. Getting a seat in the crowded train makes me insanely happy. So does watching a child laugh with glee or a person with curly hair run his hand through it.

But that does not mean that I don’t wish to top my class or get published or win the lottery. Happiness is many things but it has its various kinds too. The happiness experienced by a mother when her child takes his first step is different from the way I feel every time I get a delivery from amazon.com.

It will be unfair to compare both.  The happiness every Indian felt today after India won the cricket match against Pakistan is more like exuberance. Curling up in a blanket and watching a romantic comedy on a cold, wintry day is a type of contentment. It is the feeling that life is good and not ‘Oh My God! Life is supermegafoxyawesomehot!’.

Contentment has an element of constancy about it, does it not? Events that you want to yell about from the rooftop happen finite times in a lifetime.  They happen, make you feel immensely happy, create some fond memories and then fade from the mind bit by bit.  The probability of them reoccurring is low. On the other hand, I can cuddle with my dog every day, whenever I want. Even if I do forget the feeling of her silky fur on my hands, I can always refresh my memory but snuggling up with her.

Moreover, all these great joys are made up of tiny fragments of all the wonderful little things. My mum says that the day I (and the day my sister…but let’s talk about me) was born was the best day of her life. But the happiness she felt because of my entrance into this world was spread over all these moments like when I opened my eyes for the first time or my first smile or my first word.  She has recorded all these moments in a diary. The happiness my sister and I have given her is made up of all these moments.

Life is not made up of scattered events that are a big deal. I think it is little things that actually make up life. Playing in the rain, the bittersweet taste of coffee, the spiciness of a paani-puri followed by the sweetness of sugarcane juice. The feels we in a bookstore or the happiness we get after a really good bargain.

They make up life.



This was my entry for a writing competition called ThoughtCast. I didn’t win but that’s okay. I can always put up my entry on my blog.

What do you think? Can smaller things really give greater joy? Or is it the milestones that make us happy?

Top Ten Bookish Problems

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic was Top Ten Bookish Problems and I realized I can talk about them.

10) Too many books, not enough time

In 2013, about 304,912 books were published in USA. Those were the statistics for just one country for just one year. Imagine the sheer number of books published in the world ever.

How am I going to ever read ALL of those books in one lifetime?

That’s the only thing I envy Edward Cullen about. But I don’t get it. He could be reading so many books. Instead he chose to romance a stupid chick called Bella. What a waste of immortality and time!

9) TBRs

Talk of the devil and here it is. Currently, my TBR shelf on Goodreads has over 1500 books. And I keep on adding more and more of them. Now, all of these books are to be read. But how in the world am I going to read all these books? I want to; I really want to but I’m human after all. A human collapsing under the weight of her TBR. But that’s okay.

8) Hazardous Bookshelves

I have two bookshelves and both of them are filled to the point of overflowing. I actually fear that one that they are going to topple over and pin me to the floor. I have absolutely no place to keep more books. I might actually have to keep some of my books in a bag in the attic.

7) The Book Buying Ban

In the past one year, I must have bought about 50 books. Actually, more than 50. Definitely more.

Crammed shelves, lack of general place, too many book buying sprees, too many unread books, etc led to the Book Buying Ban. My mum has absolutely forbade me from buying any more books.

I buy anyway. This month I had to buy three books for my lit class. So yay!

I’m such a Book-shopaholic.

6) No Books for Birthdays

When my mum announced the Book Buying Ban, I immediately began searching for valid reasons to buy books. And who dares to deny the birthday girl?

Many people, actually.

The problem is I buy books at an alarming speed. I read them pretty quickly too. So whoever wants to buy me a book for my birthday has to face the question of which book to buy? There have been instances where a friend of mine gifted me a book I had already read.

5) Book Recommendations

I love receiving and giving book recommendations. That is how I end up reading a greater variety of books.

But I have so many of my friends recommending books to me. It’s just not possible for me to read all of them immediately. And I live in constant fear of hurting their sentiments.

Book recommendations aren’t a problem exactly but it can get really difficult to read all the books ever recommended.

4) I’m not crazy. I’m just a Fangirl.

I shriek every time any Harry Potter movie is played. I go Drakaris when I’m mad. I have developed a weird habit of singing ‘The Hanging Tree’ at midnight. I pray to the Greek Gods.

I am a Fangirl through and through.

But fangirling is perilous and often misunderstood. My mum doesn’t get why I am so possessive about my Harry Potter books. She doesn’t get the brilliance of Sherlock. Nor does she understand my need to watch the next episode of Dr Who.

I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m crazy. Mum isn’t vocal about it but my sister is.

But I’m not crazy. I’m just a fangirl and that’s the way we are.

3) The long, seemingly endless wait for the sequel

I’ve been waiting a long time for the sequel to come out. Honestly, the authors end their books with cliffhangers (Rick Riordan, yep, I’m talking about you) and then make us wait for the sequels.

The nice ones make us wait for a year or less.

The evil ones takes ages to write the sequel. Yep, George R R Martin. But we love them anyway.

2) Authors again!

As if the cliffhangers weren’t bad enough, we have authors killing characters.

I get it that it’s necessary but why???? Why do they have to do that???

How many of us have gotten over Dobby? Sirius? Fred????

Definitely not me.

I read The Book Thief recently and as expected, I was sobbing uncontrollably by the end of it.

The authors do this. They give us hope and happiness, then wrench our hearts while killing a part of us.

1) Movie Adaptations

The Book is ALWAYS better. Always.

This is what I keep trying to tell my sister. She thinks the Harry Potter movies are actually better than the books. ROFL.

At least the Harry Potter movies are decent.

Let us talk about the Percy Jackson movies. They’re crap.

Even Rick Riordan agrees. He was asked which was the best Percy Jackson movie made. He replied, “The one which wasn’t made.”

We love the book. We wait desperately for the movie. Some of us rebel against exams and routines just to watch those 2 hours of motion picture. Then why do the makers have to screw them up?

Why can’t they read the books for once?

All my fellow Bookworms, what other problems do you face?

Comment with your Top Ten Tuesday links and I’ll definitely check them out 🙂

The One with the Metamorphosis

It was a busy week. Great but busy.

I deserve a lazy Sunday and I’m getting just that.

It’s Sunday midday and I’m lying on my couch watching the India v/s Pakistan match.

Normally, I’m quite a snob about cricket. I wholeheartedly believe that all the matches are fixed in advance. I admit that I find the gentleman’s game extremely dull. And when any of my friends ask me if I’m going to watch the match, I respond with a ‘why in the world would I want to do that?’

But here I am, an Indian like most others, watching the IndPak match.

I’m cheering at the right places. A bit of my heart broke when Shikhar Dhawan got out. I am rooting for Virat Kohli’s century.

It’s strange that a sport is making me feel so Indian. So patriotic.

During the last world cup, my dad had gotten me an India jersey. I feel like wearing it.

I haven’t even had a bath yet because I don’t want to miss a good four or six shot.

What happened?

Maybe it’s that cricket as a sport brings the entire country together in way almost nothing else can. We’re all cheering in unison for the men in blue.

Maybe it’s just relaxing to become a couch potato and shut off half of my brain.

Maybe it’s just that I feel I belong.

Maybe cricket is something that is just a part of my Indian genes.

But, Kohli just completed his century and I’m whooping.


My Life post Deutsch

During the months of December and January, I had a really busy schedule. I was learning German then. So I used to attend college, then attend class and then return home.

I’m basically a very sedentary (ie lazy) person. I loved learning German but I hated my routine. It was too tiring.

I was actually a little bit relieved once I appeared for the A1 exam (and passed.. I scored 93/100). I expected life to go back to normal. Hey, maybe I could even nap in the afternoon!

But then I realized, I had really gotten used to the busy life. It felt good to have something to do; constantly. I felt worthy… of what? I don’t know.

So now that I actually have plenty of time at hand to read, blog, watch movies and sleep, I find myself wanting to go out. Make some plans. Have an adventure. This is when I super miss Sneha. She’s one of the most adventurous person I know. Adventurous but not reckless.

I must have done so many new things during those six weeks.

Now I feel empty. I need some kind of project. But the thing is, it’s not like I have nothing to do.

I have to appear for my semester 2 finals in six weeks and semester 1 retests by the end of Feb. There’s a lot of studying to be done. And reading Foucault and Jean-Paul Sartre is an adventure in itself.

I also tried Sushi recently. Mumbai doesn’t have many restaurants serving the Japanese cuisine. And whichever restaurants do serve sushi etc, well, they’re bloody expensive.

Every year there’s a Japanese cultural festival in Mumbai call Cool Japan Festival. Thanks to Adi, I ended up going this year (it happened last week). And we ended up trying sushi.

It had crab meat in it. I loved it. I wouldn’t call it tasty because my Indian tongues is used to about five varying tastes per meal. But sushi did have a certain flavour which appealed to me.

I also bought quite a few books in 2015 (so far).  Three of them for my lit class.
– The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
– Disgrace by Coetzee
– Foe by Coetzee






While ordering the Coetzees on Amazon, I ended up buying The Catcher in the Rye. It was just for 152 bucks. About 50% off. I couldn’t resist such a great deal.



Isn’t the cover very elegant?



Then, one random, I walked to the Churchgate station from college and I found a hardcover of Holes by Louis Sachar. After a mental struggle that lasted for about 20 minutes, I ended up buying it.


It's second-hand but second-hand books have their special appeal, don't they?

It’s second-hand but second-hand books have their special appeal, don’t they?


Earlier this month, I ended up going for yet another book exhibition. This time, I successfully restricted myself to two books.


Both the books have been on my TBR for a pretty long time now.

Both the books have been on my TBR for a pretty long time now.


Blogging-wise, Feb has been slow. I am absolutely uninspired. Or maybe there’s nothing to write about…but no, there’s always something to write about.  Maybe it’s just one of those months filled with the writer’s block.

Talking about the future, my friend Saiber got published and tomorrow is her book launch. I am so proud and happy for her. She is one writer who totally deserves it.  The launch is at a bookstore in Bandra called Title Waves at Bandra at 5 in the evening. Do drop by if you can 🙂



That’s Saiber with Stardust and Sheets



So yeah, my life is not boring. But then why am I so bored all the time? And just so sleepy! Maybe it’s because I miss my German class so freaking much. I love everything about learning a language (yes, even the grammar). Now, there’s a Deutsch-shaped hollow in my life.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  I better go to bed (See? Sleepy.)

Good Night, sleep tight and avoid making Horcruxes tonight 😉

Deadly and debunked Game of Thrones Theories

I’m the girl who read the Game of Thrones plot as her birthday gift to self (the books take forever and I didn’t even own them back then). Any theories related to GoT set my blood flowing. Aasma at Infinity Reads has some really interesting ones. Check them out 🙂

Infinity Reads

My fellow Brethren,  I have not raved about my beloved Westerosi’s and Khaleesi’s since last year.

I’ll stop speaking like an 80 year old and get to the point.

So this week George.R.R.Martin’s Proposal letter to HarperCollins about A Song of Ice and Fire hit the internet and I have spent hours staring at this webpage tweaking out details about what will happen in Winds of Winter.  I must say some of these theories have been at the back of my mind for a while and some actually, most are just gibberish which will probably never happen

But hey, you never know with GRRM

This Post contains Spoilers about basically all of Game of Thrones so Get away

Theory #1 Dothraki Master plan

At the end of Dance with Dragons Dany encounters Khal Jhaqo who betrayed her after Drogo’s death. Now in the proposal GRRM mentions that “the Dothraki Invasion…

View original post 732 more words

For the sake of Poetry

For the sake of Poetry

A look, a glimpse, a smile.
The make my long dormant creativity come alive.

A greeting, a word, a handshake.
I go through this sensuous torture
For poetry’s sake

A kiss, a caress, an involuntary sigh.
This pandemonium of senses bleeds
my emotions dry

I let myself be broken again and again
All so that my poetry becomes
the Phoenix of my Pain

25 days from today…

…I, Mia, will be going to an Ed Sheeran Concert! I am so excited! Like omg-she’s-gone-loony-bitten-by-a-mad-pigeon excited!

I have never been to a concert before. Not many singers or bands come to India and when they do, well, normally they’re ones I don’t like.  And even by any chance, if there’s someone I want to watch onstage, the tickets are too expensive.

If it is not the tickets, then it is the timings. I live in the suburban Mumbai. No concerts here.

But, this time, everything has just fallen into place.

There’s an Ed Sheeran concert in Mumbai.

The tickets are affordable so I bought one.

I have my bestie Sagarika’s company.

And! The concert is at 4 pm. Not very late.

Mum was still a bit reluctant to let me go. She’s my mum. It’s her job to worry about me. But she finally agreed. So 25 days from now ie on the first of March, I will be watching a cute redheaded dude perform songs with exquisite lyrics.


All I’ve been doing today is happy dancing like crazy.

YAY! MY FIRST CONCERT! *Happy dance* Happy dance* Happy dance*

Hello February!

Wow! Time flies. It’s February already!!??!!

I’m a bit worried actually. I’ve got finals in a couple of months and I really need to start studying for them.

But I’m excited too. Next week, one of my dad’s cousins is getting married. And I’m going to wear a saree and feel pretty!

I don’t know what’s it about sarees. They just make a girl (well, me) feel special.

I’m also verrrry excited about the Book Blogging Challenge Thingie book of Feb.

Book Blogging Challenge Thingie is a reading challenge I’ve taken up with my friend Sam at
A Blast of Random. We are going to recommend twelve books to each other over a period of twelve months and then blog about it. One of our friend’s Tanvi has joined us. The more the merrier 🙂

My book for January was Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell.  And Sam’s book was Ice by Sarah Beth Durst. Tanvi read Lipstick Jungle too.

This month, the book I’m recommend to Sam is Seriously…I’m kidding by Ellen DeGeneres.


Although I have never really seen Ellen on TV (apart from a few YouTube videos), she’s someone I find really cool. I mean, she carries off that pixie cut like no one can. Plus, I find her really smart in a sarcastic-ish way (especially after reading her book).

Also, since the main aim behind the challenge was to diversify the kind of books we read, reading a nonfiction should be a new experience.

I hope you enjoy the book Sammy and Tanvi 🙂


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