Ramble Schamble #2

It’s a Monday and I’ve been at home all day. Doing absolutely nothing.

Well, not nothing. I studied quite a bit of Psychology and hung out with my sister some. We saw song parodies by a guy called Bart Baker on YouTube. He’s hilarious!

But there’s only so much you can study before your head feels as if it’s going to burst. Especially if you are not used to studying (I’m not).

So now I am eating chocolates while trying to make sense of the random words that keep on popping up in my head and getting irritated because of the dudes who are yelling some kind of religious propaganda on loudspeakers.

Yes, I’m officially a Hindu. But I’m not religious and people creating a nuisance for others in the name of religion bug me.

If I start playing Green Day songs on loud speaker, I’m sure someone will complain within ten minutes.  And my mum will think that I’ve finally lost it.

No one should force their views, opinions and preferences on anyone. That’s all I’m saying. It’ll reduce conflicts on so many levels. Maybe even national and international.

Meanwhile, I do have a good book to read. I’m finally reading the last book of The Mortal Instruments series. Also, I’m halfway through a graphic novel I’m reading for my lit presentation.




These books are totally brilliant. I love the simple black and white art. And I love the protagonist who, since the books are autobiographical, is the author Mrjane Satrapi herself. She’s sassy, rebellious and painfully blunt.

I am yet to finish reading Persepolis 2. But so far, so awesome.

Hanging out with my sister was cool too. She’s 12 and I’m 18 so she needs my advice. Well, sometimes.

Today, we talked about popularity and its perks.

In school, I was never the popular kid. The smart kid? Yeah. The kid who always spoke in English? Yeah. The fat kid even. Yeah.

But never popular and that was okay. I just read a lot, scored good marks and started writing stuff. So I wouldn’t say that my existence was not worth anything.

But I have only a handful of friends from school. The ones I do have, I’m super close to. Quality of quantity? Mind over matter? Right?

I felt really bad when I realized my sister was a teeny bit obsessed with popularity. Facebook likes don’t matter. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether people like your photo or not as long as you love yourself.  I struggled with self-acceptance during my teens (my teens 😥 they’re almost over).  It had become so difficult to love myself. I don’t want my sister to go through that.

I want her to love herself but not so much that she ends up thinking of someone as beneath her.

I don’t want her to feel guilty while eating chips or chocolates. I used to. It’s a wonder that I didn’t develop an eating disorder. But I always liked my food to stay where it belongs…in my tummy. Thank God, I’ve pretty much gotten over all of that.

I need to get back to psychology now.




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