It’s time to March

It’s March already. The wretched and eagerly awaited month has arrived and entered.  March basically translates into exams for me. I hate the concept of finals. Who doesn’t?


This is going to be me in March

This is going to be me in March


But! There is a silver lining! My BBCT book of the month is something that has been on my TBR for ages. It is also a book, the awesomeness of which I’m sure of.  Sam recommended it here.

Last few months, I’ve found myself venturing into the genre of middle-eastern literature and a movie.  I read The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi for my lit class.

Both the books got me googling and thinking.

There so much of suppression and violence in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and others. The people have almost no human rights. This is so especially in the case of women. They are forced to struggle; forced to fight.

So when women fight back, it’s very inspiring to read. I especially felt that with Persepolis and Not without my Daughter by Betty Mahmoody.

My first memory of Not without my daughter is of it lying on mum’s dressing table. I remember asking her about it. She told me, “It is a book every mother should read.”

Then I asked her when could I read it. She said not now. I was about 12.

Then I grew up, passed out of school and started travelling all by myself to college. Once, on my way to college, I saw a bookseller with a copy of Not without my daughter. That night, I asked my mum if I was old enough to read that book now.

I was. I read it and discussed it with mum. This book has a part in me becoming a feminist.

I respect Betty Mahmoody. She is a very good example for  the mental strength and the inborn endurance that women have. The courage she showed was quite frankly, rare. But it gives me hope.


So the Book Blogging Challenge Thingy book for the month of March is one that in a way, is a milestone. My mum acknowledged me as a matured young woman for the first time.


I hope you enjoy it Sam and Tanvi (if you’re reading this book). By enjoy it, I mean I hope it makes you think.

Happy Reading!

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