Brace yourself! Season Five is here!

After months and months of desperate waiting (and I mean Fangirl desperate which another level of desperate altogether), it is here. Season five of Game of Thrones is here!

Wait, why isn’t that in caps?


The thought and intrigue of season five is literally what kept me going for the entire week. The week just seemed to go on and on. I mean, why couldn’t it be 12th April already? And I could watch  ‘The Wars to come‘ in peace. Then fangirl some maybe and drown in a jar of Nutella. Repeat the whole ceremony in a few days when the second episode comes out.

I even wore my Game of Thrones t-shirt yesterday to commemorate the occasion (yesterday because I was sure that I was going to set my foot out today).

And finally, it’s the D-Day. D stands for doom here because season five going to be feels loaded. I mean, it’s Game of Thrones, feels are a given. It’s strange that so many people watch the show and survive. Seriously! Season four was crazy. Intense. Loaded with feels.

Joffery got poisoned. Petyr Baelish made Lysa Arryn fly. Sansa dyed her hair. Arya watched without remorse as the Hound writhed in pain and died. The epic fight between the Mountain and the Viper. The smearing of Oberyn Martell’s brains all over the floor. Daenarys being Danaerys ie awesome. Jon Snow and Ygritte happening and then the scene where Ygritte dies.

Boy, did season four have action.

Well, after waiting for an entire day while my friends were discussing the new episodes (FOUR!), I saw the first episode. Sue me for not waiting for it to come on TV. I live in India. Season five premiered 24 hours later here. And trust me, when i say it’s censored.

So I saw it. Holy Hera and Zeus! It was amazing.

Something like this happened-

I waited till everyone was in bed. Before hitting play, repeatedly informed everyone that I was not to be disturbed for an hour, not even if George R.R. Martin called offering advanced copies of ‘The Wind of Winter’. (Not literally, Who would say no to something like that?) Put on those earphones, took a deep breath and braced myself, and hit the play button.

Woah. That was what my brain (and my mouth) yelled as soon the title track had started playing. I have a weird obsession with the Game of Thrones title track. It just gives me so much feels. Yes, I am a feels junkie.

Then the actually episode started…


It started with a young Cersei going to a witch who tells futures. The young Cersei is horrified by what the witch predicts. We didn’t see much of Cersei in this episode. But that’s okay. 52 minutes were spent well getting reacquainted with Danaerys, Jon Snow and Tyrion.

So the young Cersei goes to a witch who predicts that all her children are going to die. Then we see the present day Cersei visiting Tywin’s body which is being protected by Jaime. She blames Tyrion for killing Tywin (which he did. Go Imp! We love you!) and she blames Jaime for setting Tyrion free.

I don’t know  by what right does Cersei call Tyrion the ‘Little Monster’. She’s the monster here. Not Tyrion. And who does she think she is? Some clever bitch?


I can’t wait to see her go DOWN this season!

Tyrion meanwhile plans on drinking himself to death but Varys to the rescue. He convinces Tyrion to visit Daenarys. I can’t wait for their meeting and eventual alliance (please tell me that happens!).


I really do think they’re going to make an epic team. And if Jon joins them eventually, they will be pretty much the unbreakable trio. The smartass, the Queen and the warrior. Talk about meant to be.

There was a bit of Sansa but the only thing I noticed was her hair. I liked her hair better when it was red. Red hair is fascinating.

Jon Snow. Jon fucking Snow. I was so happy so see him. I dare not say that he’s my favorite character. Next thing I know, he’ll lose his head. He’s awesome though. Look at his face when Melissandre asks him whether he is a virgin or not. Well, he does admit that he isn’t albeit grudgingly. He acknowledges Ygritte. Ygritte was fire to his ice ❤  I miss Ygritte!

There was no Arya, no Theon. I want Arya and I want to see her sticking people with the pointy end. She survived for such a long time. I think it’s commendable. I so want an Arya-Cersei showdown.

Next episode maybe. Not the epic showdown but Arya Stark definitely. Thank Goodness it’s leaked! I confess that I’m definitely going to watch it tomorrow.

What did you think of this episode? Let’s have a long, spoiler-filled discussion in the comments below.

I personally loved the episode. Especially the bit where Jon shoots a burning Mance to allow him to die in dignity and thus defies Stannis. Boy, he’s in trouble. But when is he not in trouble?

Chaos and Symmetry

He enjoyed the Sunlight
while she preferred
The star-sprinkled night .

Darkness scared him
and the lights itched
her innocent eyes.

The differences didn’t bargain their lust for one another.

They danced to the symphony of their heartbeats during the dawn and the dusk, and thus
found symmetry in their chaos.


Diary of an Introverted Schmuck completed a year on the first of April. To make a big deal out of my Blog Birthday, I asked some friends of mine to guest post here.

This was written by my friend Netra on ‘chaos’. Mind you, she isn’t a writer. She draws and is awesome at it. Netra is the one who made my gravatar profile picture. 

She has a Facebook page called PASSIONOBBY where she sells the cutest bookmarks and wands!

Thanks Netra! 😀


My mother calls me an “eclectic”

At first, I thought she said “electric”

As if I were a robot

Or some household appliance

With some manufacturer’s label

Describing exactly how to

Heat the food

Wash the dishes

Print that five page report that was due yesterday

What I was made of

Every function, component, and detail precise.

But she had said “eclectic”

Meaning I would love both rock and pop music

I would read everything from the newspaper

To the sci-fi novels about interstellar travel

To the picture books about magic chickens.

Meaning I would pair frilly tops with cargo pants

And I wanted that clean, slick look of modern décor

But adored the rustic, rough edge of vintage.

Meaning I would look for meaning

In cells

In the stars

In the pages of books

In my mind

And in my heart.

Meaning I wouldn’t be satisfied with just one.

“Eclectic” meant that I was born here

On the other side of the world

Far away from anything that resembled

The Filipino of my face.

Far away from a mother tongue.

Closer to the stereotyped

Maple syrup blood and politeness

Than the miles of rice and heat and dust.

Meaning that when I reached out west for the orient

I came back with eyes full

Of animated demons, and magical girls

Who would twirl their wands and save the universe.

I reached west for the orient

And came back with hands full of objects

Stamped with “made in China.”

I reached west for the orient

And found myself wrapped in clothes neither foreign or native

Eating food that was neither native nor foreign

Celebrating something I didn’t understand.

I reached west for the orient

Reached west for the orient

Reached west

Reaching so far west

That I had missed the orient entirely

And instead found mystical figures

With animal heads on human bodies

With control over the skies, and the sea, and the dead.

But like electronics, I was stamped

Skin tone

Eye colour

Facial features

My own name.

Oh, you’re Filipino?

Last name? Ah, good family. Knew your Lolo.

You speak?


Born here?

Well, you should learn.

You cook?

Good. Good. Learn the native foods.

Native foods.

Made with fish that was imported frozen

Made with vegetables that wouldn’t survive the cold

Made with flavored powder that looked indiscernible from the sandy beaches

That the food was “native” of.

Native. What a tricky word.

When handed a “Check one box”

I stumbled

Between what I looked like

And where I was born.

Between what I ate

And a language I couldn’t understand.

Born in country that embraces origins

How can you bring something

That is already there?

“Bring a history,” they said,

I don’t have one yet.

“We are multicultural,” they claimed,

Well, so am I.

My mother calls me an eclectic.

Sometimes I wish she had meant “electric”

With the functions, components, and details

Written clearly on a label.


This wonderful, wonderful poem is by Leanna who blogs at Short Story Long Blog. She writes the most comprehensive book reviews. Do check her blog out! I’m sure she’ll love comments and appreciation here or on her blog 🙂

The prompt chosen by Leanna was the word ‘eclectic’.

Diary of an Introverted Schmuck completed a year on the first of April. To make a big deal out of my Blog Birthday, I asked some friends of mine to guest post here. Leanna’s poem is the first post and I’m so grateful to her for agreeing to write something. You rock, Leanna!

NaPoWriMo 1: Atlas

Prompt: Baggage


Atlas walked down the lonely lane.

The weight of the sky caused him to wane.

Stars cut his flesh and left behind

Trails of blood, and scars, and pain

Stardust burnt his eyes.

It wasn’t tears, just the dust.

He could feel his immortality

slithering away, sinking into a hole .

And the essence of him fading into obscurity.

Atlas missed his beloved Calypso.

Her gentleness, her warmth, his daughter.

All they had done was stand by their beliefs.

And for this, they were punished.

Punished hard and punished brutally.

Punished with a longing that would last eternally.

He was trapped in this space; this place of nothing.

Empty, vacant, null, deserted, isolated, lonesome.

Could you blame him for wanting to escape?

Could you blame him for wanting to trick someone

into bearing this infinite burden instead?



One of my friends Saiber convinced me to participate in the NaPoWriMo challenge which basically stands for National Poetry Writing Month: a poem a day for 30 days. I don’t know whether I’ll end up writing 30 poems or not but I can try, right?


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