“After all this time?”


It is said that Rowling told a better love story in these 5 words than Meyer told in 4 books. Snape manages to undo nearly all wrongs he did with this one word (though I won’t ever forgive him for the way he treated Neville). Rowling sort of romanticized ‘always’ for all Potterheads. So this divides the world into two types of people: People who reply with ‘always’ and people who reply with ‘forever’, when they are asked ‘Will you love me the same way in future?’.
Basically, what one is trying to say, irrespective of whether you say ‘always’ or ‘forever’, is the fact that my love for you transcends everything else and I’ll love you at all times, on all occasions, for all future times. Thus comes in the concept of “Infinity”.

People who say love is stupid have something to rejoice. On one hand, we have Einstein who said that, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” and on the other hand, we have people saying “My love for you is infinite.” Putting two and two together, it ain’t hard to say that love is stupid. I don’t believe that love is stupid. It may be expressed in stupid ways by stupid people but the very idea, the very concept of love isn’t stupid. The same goes for infinity. We may laugh at people who promise to be with one another for infinity but somewhere in the deep, dark corners of our heart, we are yearning to hear those words ourselves.

For me, the concept of infinity is a bit scary. What scares me is the fact that what if this promise is just another lie. I once read a quote somewhere – “I’m not afraid of heights, deep water or love. I’m afraid of falling, drowning or broken heart.” I’m not averse to making promises, but make promises you can keep. When you promise something to someone, they start having expectations from you. You just can’t go about making promises and then not fulfilling those expectations.
I feel it to be very ironic that things which are thought to be infinite need to be expressed in finite ways. As in, love which is thought to be infinite, needs to expressed with finite things such as gifts or flowers. Some like Shah Jahan build monuments like Taj Mahal for the ones they love while some like Shakespeare declare that “Not marble, nor the gilded monuments Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme; But you shall shine more bright in these contents Than unswept stone, besmear’d with sluttish time.”  It is not that I’m against expressing love, it is just that I find it amusing. It just highlights that fact that opposites not only attract each other but are also necessary for each other’s survival. What is a hero without a villain, Yang without Yin?

Every person on this earth has a finite number of days to live. But yet, in those finite days, we experience moments of infinity, moments where we feel we have everything.  Why can’t we promise each other these moments of infinity rather than complete infinity? I know what I want. I would rather have someone promising me infinity in these finite days rather than love for infinity. Because those moments of inifinity aren’t easy to forget, what is easy to forget is the promise of infinity. If someone ends up breaking my heart, I would rather like to write “I am thankful for the little infinity we had.” rather than shedding tears because I was promised infinity and what I got was finity.

Back again with a post for my Blog Birthday. This one is by my college mate and fellow Fangirl Mallika. She is a brilliant writer and a terrific friend.

The word chosen by her was of course ‘Infinity’. There is so much of possibility in that one tiny word ‘infinity’.

Go visit her blog – The Confused Soul. I’m sure she’ll appreciate all your comments and appreciation.

A visit to the Gynaecologist

My uterus can be a little bitch. Whenever I get my periods, it tries to kill me. It squeezes and contracts itself to the point that I can’t function.

Stupid uterus.

This time it got so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night. I couldn’t eat properly. Nor could I read much. It hurt so terribly that me mum decided to take a leave and then dragged me to the gynac’s.

We landed at the hospital around 11. Then we waited some. And some more. And more. It felt like a lifetime but in reality it was just two hours.

Finally, I was called inside. Stripped. Argh. I have a low body image. What with the extra tummy and the jiggly bits, it’s not something that I especially love doing. But oh well, medical reasons and it’s not like the doctor who deals with lady parts has never seen them. So I stripped…

…and waited. During this second period of waiting, my brain became its normal obsessive over-thinking self. I kept on imagining other naked butts on the bed type thing where my naked butt lay.

Ewww and gross.

Finally, the real exam happened. I was asked to cough. What does coughing have to do with my vagina, I have no clue. But the doctor knows better so I went along.

(Did anyone get the Doctor Who reference there?)

Then I was asked to dress, go outside and wait some more.

Visits to the doctors are more of waiting than actual medical examinations and testing.

Then the gynac asked me to return in an hour for sonography. During that hour, I was to drink 2.5 litres of water. And not eat. Anything.

Did I mention I had had a light, early breakfast?

One hour later, my bladder was full. I really really really needed to pee. And I was starving. Starving to the point that I could eat paper and people.

Then came the sonography. Pressing something on my already full bladder in not my idea of fun. God knows how pregnant women do it.

It took every miniscule bit of my self-control to not pee on the examination table thingy.

Then the sonography was over and I could finally pee which is just what I did. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and vitamin pills. Then I was on my way home.

I had a KitKat and then lunch. At 4. Argh. That left me with a headache which proved to be an excellent reason for taking a nap.

I realize the need to look after my lady parts. But gynac exams are definitely not my idea of fun.

I’m alive

Yes, I’m alive. I haven’t been blogging much. But I’m well and breathing.

I could make excuses and explain why I haven’t been blogging but quite frankly, there’s no reason.

I just couldn’t. So much has happened to me in the past two months, I cannot even begin to explain.

Well, to begin with, I got a job. It’s an internship but it’s the first time I’m working. I love it. I can’t say much about it (blame it on the confidentiality agreement). But it’s pertaining to the English language. Could it get any better?

Believe it or not it does. My bosses are the best in the world. My colleagues are super fun. The work environment itself is brilliant… Like it makes you enjoy whatever you’re doing.

I also got my first paycheck. I feel so grownup now. It’s good in a way. I can save up for something I really want. But at the same time, I do miss the days when all I did was laze around and watch Friends.

I saw all three seasons of Avatar the last air bender, fell for Zuko and shipped Zutara so hard. They’re my new OTP. Well, not numero uno. But still. I should make a list of all my OTPs.

I have an idea for a fanfic which two of my ATLA obsessed friends will ensure I write.

I also watched another season of Doctor Who. God, David Tennant is absolutely brilliant. I love him. I don’t know how any other incarnation of the Doctor could be any better.

Although I already love Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

I wrote nine Drabbles in a span of two hours. I think that’s pretty awesome. I’ll posting them on my Facebook page soon. You can hit like on the widget hovering somewhere on this page.

I had a gynaec exam. Grrrr. Talk about awkward. That experience deserves a different post of its own.

I flunked Political Science. Appeared for the reexam. This time, I’m definitely passing. Flunking was such a big deal. I have never not passed before.

I lost my phone. Rather, it got stolen.

So I ended up getting a new one with an amazing cover.


That’s Wizard Howl. I love Howl’s Moving Castle. Both the movie and the book. Miyazaki is a genius.

I started practising my guitar again. Nothing  soothes like music.

I read of course.

The thing that I still haven’t done is watch Game of Thrones season 5. Why? Because a certain Doctor has been taking up all my time.

I also found my doppelganger and my namesake. I haven’t met my alleged doppelganger yet. She’s a cousin of my colleague’s. I so want to meet her. It’ll be cool to have a doppelganger.

And work mostly.

That’s what the summer was like for me. Hope it’s just as awesome for you  🙂


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