Things that you lose when you lose your cellphone

10. Rare e-reader apps

I read A LOT of ebooks. Carrying my phone to college or work is easier than carrying around a 400-page book.

My old phone had an app- this brilliant, brilliant e-reader called 20000 free ebooks. I had about 135 of those books downloaded.

Now my phone’s gone. The app’s gone. And the books are gone.

9. Playlist

Three things you should know about me-
i. I’m lazy.
ii. I love music.
iii. My favourite band varies according to my mood.

I had playlists based on fifty shades of my moods. When to listen to The Submarines, to Green Day, to Snow Patrol- it was all in there.

Poof! All vanished.

8. Foodporn

So I have developed a weird habit. I end up clicking pictures of every meal that I consume in a restaurant. I like looking at those and torturing myself.



Losing contacts especially sucks. I realise now that I’ve lost quite a few contacts that could have been extremely helpful in the future.

6. Contacts again

But this time, I mean those stupid, unnecessary ones that you don’t really need. Numbers of people who you don’t know. What’s the point of keeping those?

Spring cleaning, I tell you.

5. Your reliability…

…because your temporary phone was crap and you can’t WhatsApp. You undergo a social isolation-a forced social isolation.

4. Half-decent selfies

Yes yes. I admit. I do take selfies. I’m definitely not an addict though. And I hardly get any decent ones.

I lost them. The decent selfies. Argh.

3. Memories

Food memories, time spent with friends, my ex-college Ruparel during monsoon (so beautiful), random pictures of my best friend usually when she’s eating- all gone.

Memories fade. We need pictures to remind us of those days. I don’t have them. And it sucks.

Except for Adi. She really did hate that picture of her eating kulfi.

2. Video of a tribal band you loved

Last year, I had gone for the best trip of my life so far. Guwahati, Kaziranga, Shillong and Cherrapunji that is the northeastern states. These states have a tribal culture. At Cherrapunji, I had managed to get a recording of a local band who played at the hotel where we halted. This song was a khasi song and the most melodious sound you’ll listen to.

Gone. Gone. Gone.

1. Sanity

Yes. When you lose so much and a pretty expensive albeit old phone, you tend to go conkers. Just a little bit. Or maybe more.


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