Am I too obsessed?

Hello fellow Earthlings,

I wish I could say I was away travelling. Travelling across space and time with a madman in a blue box. I wish I could say that I had tea with Jane Austen and I visited the Indus Valley Civilization. I wish I could say that i encountered a Dalek or two. I wish I could say that I straightened the Doctor’s bow-tie and saved the earth by his side.

But that’s just in my head.

My sole consolation.

My sole consolation.

In reality, I ended up with a vitamin deficiency that rendered me unable to do any damn thing. I couldn’t even hold my toothbrush. i can’t begin to tell you how frustrating that is. One week in bed. I couldn’t read. I go two blood tests, had to wait in the doctor’s waiting room for hours.

What I ended up doing was-

a) Watch Doctor Who.

b) Discuss Doctor Who.

c) Think about Doctor Who.

d) Read Doctor Who fanfiction.

e) Listen to Doctor Who music.

f) Write Doctor Who fanfiction poetry.

g) Breathe Doctor Who.

h) Live Doctor Who.


My mum is exasperated with me. Apparently I am too obsessed.






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Am I?

I personally think, that no. Yeah, I basically can’t do anything but Doctor Who but I’m a fangirl. That is what we do.

Also, Doctor Who is the kind of show that basically will make me a better person. It makes me believe that I am important. That I am extraordinary. That guns suck. That the human race is worth it.

It makes me believe in the madman with the blue box when believing in anything is so damn hard.


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