I looked around the world for beauty with my two colourless eyes.
I was in desperate need of something that would make me rejoice.
I broke mirrors to see magic in the shimmering shards.
I cut myself and bled instead.
The red hue that surrounded me, fascinated me.
I squeezed another piece of the broken mirror to catch a glimpse of that repeated red.
My eyes fell upon the broke mirror for the very first time.
The mirror showed me something-
that was bright like the smiling sun;
that was shaped like a rich almond;
that was melting like pure chocolate.
It took me a while to realise,
But they were my very own bland eyes
staring back at me.
I realised…
There was beauty in me.
I realised I first needed to close my eyes and ponder over
the beauty,
the art
that was in me.
The art that was me.
When I did so, I could see all that was around me with my eyes closed.
Colours became brighter.
Asphalt was beautiful.
Rocks took shape of my imagination and became so much more.
My twinkling, yearning eyes might now be closed to the world,
But my mind was now open.
      – Mia


The poem is based on another painting by my talented mate Netra.

Be a happy potato ^_^

Forgive but don’t ever forget

Forgive but don’t ever forget.
The pain you feel?
The burn of the betrayal?
It’s not in your head;
It is real.

How many times will you forget?
How many times will you get burnt?
You can bear only so many regrets,
Until you realise that
The lesson is learnt.

A person who has hurt you twice,
Won’t shy away a third time.
Habits break; characters don’t.
Remember that it happened,
And it wasn’t just a mime.

The person obviously didn’t care about you.
Now why don’t you return the favour?
End it soon. End it now.
Your peace of mind,
It’s something that you will savour.
– Mia

Have you ever seen a star die?

Have you ever seen a star die?
No, I haven’t either.
But I’ve always imagined it…
I’ve imagined it-
As a final spark
         before the lights die out;
As a final blast
         before the unending quiet;
As a final show
         just before the last bow;
As a final hurrah
         before the end of a year,
and the start of yet another.
A dying star doesn’t slither away
to hide in a dark, desolate corner.
A dying star doesn’t give in
to the impending unavoidable doom.
No. Instead it takes the centre stage.
One last final vibrant boom
before it all begins to fade.
The dying star doesn’t let its light go waste.

World of Books

So the amazing Netra and well, I collaborated once again.



They told me I was ordinary.
They pointed out my limitations.
They laughed when I said-
I will conquer the world.
They jeered when I declared-
I am more than a mere girl.
Then they began stamping out
My originality,
My fire,
My every impulse.
I conformed.
I conformed until
I saw the view
over their shoulders.
Then I exploded.


NaPoWriMo 1: Atlas

Prompt: Baggage


Atlas walked down the lonely lane.

The weight of the sky caused him to wane.

Stars cut his flesh and left behind

Trails of blood, and scars, and pain

Stardust burnt his eyes.

It wasn’t tears, just the dust.

He could feel his immortality

slithering away, sinking into a hole .

And the essence of him fading into obscurity.

Atlas missed his beloved Calypso.

Her gentleness, her warmth, his daughter.

All they had done was stand by their beliefs.

And for this, they were punished.

Punished hard and punished brutally.

Punished with a longing that would last eternally.

He was trapped in this space; this place of nothing.

Empty, vacant, null, deserted, isolated, lonesome.

Could you blame him for wanting to escape?

Could you blame him for wanting to trick someone

into bearing this infinite burden instead?



One of my friends Saiber convinced me to participate in the NaPoWriMo challenge which basically stands for National Poetry Writing Month: a poem a day for 30 days. I don’t know whether I’ll end up writing 30 poems or not but I can try, right?



Art and Editing Credits – Netra Mestry ❤







The sun has fled down the mountain
Leaving the sky ablaze
Oranges, reds and yellows
Fight off the blues
On the other side,
In creeps the darkness
Accentuating the warm-colored hues
It is a battle, fought again and again
Ying versus Yang, darkness versus light
Shadows, disguised by light
No one shall be the victor
No one can be vanquished
The day is beautiful
But so is the night




I look into your eye
And feel no solidarity
What happened to us?
You said we’re a team.
Now I reckon, that’s just a dream
Because I have become a lone ranger
A well- known stranger
Do you even care?
Do you even notice?
I leave, again and again
One day, I won’t come back
I’ll escape, I’ll emancipate
I’ll go to a place where you can’t manipulate me
I’ll go to a place where you can’t hurt me
I’ll go to a place where I’ll be free

Photo Credits- Akshay Khond

Photo Credits- Akshay Khond

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