Har har! The wedding season is here!

It’s the middle of the night, I have to doll up for two pre-wedding functions tomorrow and here I am, trying to make those dark circles more prominent. Way to go, Mia! The recipe for a sweet disposition and a decently made-up face definitely consists of late nights and late night snacking.

A part of me really doesn’t give a shit about the zits, the dark circles, the grumpy face and the angry demeanour that are sure to make me the belle of the ball. I mostly just care about the food. Weddings are an extravagant affair anyway but in India, the judgemental stares are mostly directed towards the buffet.

Me? I don’t judge. I merely stuff my face with gulab jamuns and pakodas and I’m looking forward to just that (and chilling with the cousins).

However, at times, my worn pyjamas and chinese takeaways almost manage to lure me in. Did I mention I get to binge-watch TV shows and binge-read books? I am probably the only person on the gruesome planet who is yet to watch Stranger Things.

(Yells out to the wilderness: Anybody out there in the same place as me?)

And, as of 22nd December 2016 with nine days until 2016 ends (YES FINALLY), I have ten more books to read this year if I am to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge. I decided to read 150 books in 2016 and as I am a big fat braggadacio, I went around telling everyone about it. So far, I’ve managed to read 140 which is pretty decent. But but but, I still have a long way to go before I accomplish my goal. While I know that I’m horrible at accomplishing goals, the Goodreads Reading Challenge is something I manage to complete every year (and then brag about it of course).

As if 2016 wasn’t already a clusterfuck, Mia, the legendary bookworm who prefers to go by bookdragon because dragons are cooler than worms, won’t be completing her reading goal this year. Wow. I said that out loud. That wasn’t so bad now.

It sounded much worse.

*cue existential crisis because if I can’t read 150 books in a year, who am I even? What do I do? Stop reading altogether? WHAT IS THE POINT OF MY LIFE THEN?*

It’s not like I’m writing like I’m running out of time. To be honest, napping like I’m running out of time is more like it. I’m not even sorry because naps ftw. If only I were a wee babe again…

Also, although 2016 has certainly been a clusterfuck for the world, it’s treated me pretty okay. Sure, hell did break lose. I did fall sick and had a difficult time coping with it. But, I did plenty of awesome things too. I should write a separate appreciation post for those. 2016 has been nothing if not eventful.

As 2016 comes to an end, I am unfortunately reminded of my resolutions. Nope, not stuck to any. I’m still fat; I’ve still been inconsistent with the blog and I don’t even remember what else I had resolved to do.

The thing is, it is very easy to feel like a piece of shit due unfulfilled resolutions. But, remember, we don’t need reasons to feel like pieces of shit. We’re all trash living in a garbage bin and trying to make the best of it.

So what if I’m still fat? I’ve realised it makes me really huggable.

So what if I barely wrote anything? I know most of the Hamilton soundtrack by heart.

So what if I didn’t do something that changed the world? I am pretty sure I managed to make it at least a little better by trying to be just a little nicer.

Fuck resolutions. Let’s just raise our weary glasses to the fact that we survived Brexit, Trump and Modi’s demonetisation.

Hello, it’s me

I couldn’t resist! All the hello jokes floating around, well, they have got to me. Brilliant, brilliant song though.

It’s 2016 now. Another year has gone by. Blah blah blah.

I have been trying to evaluate 2015 but I can’t seem to decide what I feel about that particular year. Terrible things did happen but so did good things. Such is life, I suppose.

So, finally, I’ve decided to concentrate on the present and not obsess over the past (all the best for that, Mia. All the fucking best). Which brings us to 2016.

2016. New year. New books. New movies. New things. Resolutions.

Sometimes I don’t get the concept of resolutions. Nor do I get my inclination to resolve at the start of every year. I think, it’s basically an excuse for self-improvement.

Yes, resolutions are almost never completed. But maybe one year, far into the future, I’ll make a resolution and go through with it till the very end.

(Hope it is the recurrent one about losing weight)

In 2016, I resolve to-

It’s all in caps lock so that it hits me hard whenever I end up rereading the posts. Which I do quite often. Narcissism rules.

2) Work on a book.
Now my aim is not to get published. While that would be an additional benefit, I want to just immerse myself in something I’m passionate about. Obsess about something productive. And if I get the satisfaction of having written about 50k words by the end of it, why the hell not?

3) Join the gym.
I want to not be the fat girl anymore. I have accepted myself but I want to be able to wear whatever hell I want to without feeling shy or conscious.

4) Work my way through the IMDb top 250 list.
So far, I’ve seen 30 movies. Hope to see at least a 100 more by 2017.

5) Make a decent lasagna and eat it.
I have lied, comrades. For it is not that I suck at cooking. How can you suck at something you’ve never even tried? So I’m going to go big or go home.

Lasagna, it is.

6) Get inked. No matter what my mum says, tattoos are artsy and beautiful. And I  want loads of them. I have my first two designs ready, too. Now I’m just trying to convince the ‘rents.

7) Read War and Peace. When I bought the book a few months ago, a friend laughed at me and said that it is a book most people never actually read. Well, I’m going to.

I also have collab plans with my mate Dee from The Vocal Wallflower. I hope that works out.

Bienvenue 2016. Don’t be a bitch to the human race.

Also, I’m alive. Just in case, you were wondering.


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