A Day of Birthdays

Today is the holy day of my people. Well, it would be if Harry Potter were a religion.


Happiest Birthday to Mr Harry Potter!


Happiest Birthday to Mr Neville Longbottom!


Happiest Birthday to their creator, the Queen J.K. Rowling!


Thank you for teaching me to pout :*

Happiest Birthday to my friend, Jyoti!


Happiest Blog Birthday to RavenclawSam!

Huzzah all the birthday people! I love you!

Turning 18!

So I finally turned 18 last week! I highly recommend it to everyone 😛
It was one of the luckiest days of my life, for more reasons than one. I’ll go chronologically. The day before ie on the 16th, two of my friends had come over for a sleepover. Mom made sweet and sour prawns for dinner. I love prawns , especially sweetened and soured! I hadn’t met Adi (yes! From the post Adi!) and Neena in ages so we just chatted for a bit and then believe it or not…I fell asleep! I was awake exactly at midnight by six voices yelling ‘Happy Birthday!’ and then I was given all the gifts! And seriously? They were so damn awesome! Mom and Anu (my sister) gave me 18 gifts for my 18th birthday! Imagine! you’re half asleep and suddenly there is a pile of presents in your lap. It’s a wonderful feeling! These gifts were a surprise and I love surprises!




The 18 gifts were-

1. A black Jegging

2. A tunic which makes me look thinner than I am (it’s miraculous!)

3. These cute red shorts!

4. A skulled shaped watch (Skulls! Yippie!)

5. A deodrant

6. An owl and key shaped necklace. I’ve been telling people that it’s a key to a treasure box.




7. A pair of earrings

8. Another necklace with an ‘M’ shaped pendant

9. A belt

10. A pen.

11. An ‘M’ shaped keychain.

12. A chic sling bag




13. A hairbrush (I meant to buy one for ages but as always, I forgot. So Mom gifted it to me.)

14. A lip balm

15. Urm…a packet of underwear. Mom and Anu would go shopping alone for the lamest reasons like buying underpants and buying tights, etc. So I cribbed once how Mom never got me anything while she got Anu underpants (I shall blame that on hormones.). As a result, I received a packet of three underpants as a gift. Yeah, we’re weird.

16. Eighteen hand-embroidered (by Mom) handkerchiefs.





17. Eighteen types Indian mithai (sweets). Unfortunately I ate them all before taking a photo. I have the sweetest sweet tooth.

18. Eighteen types of chocolates.

And that was just from Mom and Anu.

My Kaki (My aunt) gave me an elegant clutch to go with a formal black skirt I bought! Everyone in my family has unique (and great) fashion sense. Really!




Adi and Neena had made me a scrapbook with photos and messages from all (almost all) of my closest friends! Not just that, the scrapbook is also decorated with pictures of four of my favourite fandoms! There are Harry Potter quotes, and Game of Thrones quotes, and a TFIOS picture and a Friends picture! I squealed and fangirled everytime I saw one! And the messages made me feel so loved! I really truly love all my friends! :’)




Then everyone fell asleep. Everyone but me, I stayed up for another hour reading the Game of Thrones summary on Wikipedia. My resistance to it has become nil. I needed to know what happens next and now I do!


Next morning brought an abundance of phonecalls and messages from friends and family! I felt so special! Adi returned for lunch. I also invited my oldest friend (she is not old; I’ve just known her all my life) Sailee for lunch. Adi and Sailee are basically two of my closest friends. I wanted them to get along so bad! They did! we totally freaked out and had a blast! Sailee is the silliest, craziest and the most amazing friend I’ve ever had. And! She gifted me a hand-painted T-shirt! She’s really good with clothes!




Sailee also gifted me a book because she thought the t-shirt was not very good (really silly? It was awesome! ❤ ❤ ❤ ) which book? ‘THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER’!!!!! It has been on my to-read list forever! I’m going to read it next! I’m currently reading ‘City of Bones’ by Cassandra Clare. So far, so good.

It was raining so we didn’t bother to go out. We ordered and ate Chinese from my favourite Chinese restaurant. As always, it was simply delish! I love that place! They’re not expensive but the quality and taste is just amazing!

Then I had to go to collect my French B1 result from Alliance Francaise. I had seriously expected that I would fail. But I passed! Eeeeeep! And Madame said that I can actually speak french! That was such a relief because all through the while I thought that I sucked! I don’t! 😀 Then I came back home to a joyous mayhem. Adi, Sailee and Anu were wreaking havoc! Actually they were just watching a movie but at the same time they were making parodies! It was hilarious! My mom called from work while we were laughing like deranged hyenas. She had the best news. So basically, I had been pursuing a Bachelor in Arts. I wanted to study Bachelor in Mass Media but I didn’t get in. On my birthday, mom received a call from KC college that I was being offered a place in their BMM program! That was the best thing that has ever happened to me on my birthday! I accepted and as of now I study this super-awesome and fun course!

Evening was family dinner time! Mom made Chola-bathuras and paneer kababs. Kaki made pav bhajji! They totally spoiled me with yummy food! After dinner, I cut the cake! Mom had gotten it from a reputed bakery and it was a Tiramisu cake! I start salivating thinking of it! It was that good!




I had party with my friends the next Sunday. I was a little low before the party because quite a few of my friends couldn’t make it. I wanted them to be there but well, they had their reasons. The ones who did make it cheered me up immensely! We had soup, pastas, salads, pizzas, garlic bread, coke, cake and brownie with vanilla ice cream! Food is a huge part of my birthdays!

Mash gifted me a French magazine and two copies of ‘Le Figaro’! Seriously! French newspapers and a magazine! I love them so much!





Hemali and Jyoti gifted me a trendy shirt-




My friends from BA- Sujay and Preetika gifted me a journal! So that I would write more! I haven’t known them for long but the gift was so personalized! They are two of the three people from BA I’ll miss. (The third is my Eng Lit professor Kavita Ma’am). Soap and Pree also got me a greeting card.




Dee and Tash got me a Percy Jackson novella. Overall, I received three books as gifts.




And Sagarika gifted me my first peplum top and a gorgeous purse!






And! Sam or the blogger Ravenclawsam gifted me a TFIOS t-shirt! She had painted it herself! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!




It’s crumpled because I wore on my first day in BMM. Here’s her post on how to paint your T-shirt.

So you can say that I had a very happy 18th birthday. In fact, you can yell it out loud. ‘Coz I definitely am! 😀

BTW! I had four cakes! One was the Tiramisu cake, one was a plain butter cake (how I love those! Mom baked it!), the third one was a Blueberry flavored cake (Blue coloured as a tribute to Percy Jackson!) and the last one was a chocolate flavoured tasty thing! The Blueberry , the butter cake and the chocolate cake were baked by Mom!

I should add ‘eating cake’ to my hobbies.


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