Two years ago, on this day, my friend Sam convinced and motivated me enough to start a blog. Two years later, today, Diary of an Introverted Schmuck still continues to exist. It’s so fabulously shocking and exciting that I lasted this long!

Sure, I have come very close to quitting quite a few times but I didn’t and I feel so proud of myself for that. It’s so easy to quit but equally difficult to persist. I am so happy today that I persisted because this unknown little blog here? It means the world to me.

So firstly, thank you so much if you’ve read whatever I have been writing all this long. I couldn’t have done it without you. I love you so much! I hope you actually like what I talk about here.

Last year, to celebrate my Blog Anniversary, I had my friends write stories or poems on a series of prompts. You can read the first post here. It’s ‘Eclectic’ by Leanna. I got to post some really good pieces last year!

This year, I have been struggling with mental health issues. Depression and anxiety make you cherish happiness a lot more. I am so grateful to be happy today that I want to spread some sparkle around. I want to make every person reading this post feel so appreciated because you are. I’m glad you exist.

So here’s what we’re going to do-

  1. Fill up this form. (
  2. I (with my friend Mallika’s help) will pair you up with someone. It’ll be a chain or sorts. Person A will be paired with Person B while Person B with Person C and so on.
  3. What you have to do next is to write a nice, uplifting email to that person. The email has to be long-ish because I’m sure you will have a lot to say. Maybe you can list out the reasons why the person needs to exist or why is the earth not all that bad. Or maybe you could share something you are passionate about or talk about your favourite book. The choice is all yours.
  4. Also, you have to send the mail to
  5. That person, in turn mails another person and the chain continues


Ten of the best and most beautifully uplifting mails will be posted here on this blog. Beauty should be shared with the world.

You can make someone’s day. You can make someone feel so happy. You can spread a bit of sparkle.

You will, of course, get some sparkle in return!

The google form can be filled till 12th April, 2016.The emails must be sent till 30th April, 2016.

If you can’t send the email for some reason, please do not fill up the form. It won’t be fair to the person you’ve been assigned.

Here’s some virtual sparkle for you! ***




A Day of Birthdays

Today is the holy day of my people. Well, it would be if Harry Potter were a religion.


Happiest Birthday to Mr Harry Potter!


Happiest Birthday to Mr Neville Longbottom!


Happiest Birthday to their creator, the Queen J.K. Rowling!


Thank you for teaching me to pout :*

Happiest Birthday to my friend, Jyoti!


Happiest Blog Birthday to RavenclawSam!

Huzzah all the birthday people! I love you!

The One Time She Called Him The C-Word…..And He Never Let It Go.

Coco(a)nutz: *cute voice* Hola! No, my name isn’t really Coco(a)nutz. THAT would be NUTS. It’s a nickname given to me by his truly. *pinches OCD* *OCD smirks* I’m Arya Chaturgoonga. *scowls* Yeah,yeah. I can already hear you giggling.

OCD: *snorts loudly* Chaturgoonga! Gets me Every.Single.Time! I’m Oscar Christian Danford. And if you haven’t yet figured out why I call her Coco(a)nutz,then you’re dumber than you look! Hehe….kidding! Okay…it’s just that she is obsessed with coconuts. *Coco plays with the coconut charm on her bracelet* And she has this weird cocoa fetish. *Her eyes glaze over as she sighs dreamily* So there! Coco(a)nutz!

Coco(a)nutz: And I call him OCD, not only because his initials coincidentally happen to be so, but also because he is literally OCD. A total Obsessive Compulsive Disorder freak. Wait and watch. *ruffles his hair adoringly*  *He swats her hands away*  *He smoothens his hair neatly and quickly*

OCD: Oi! You’re ruining my perfectly set and parted hair. And she’s totally kidding btw. Just because I’m a creature of habit and hygiene, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m literally OCD.

Coco(a)nutz: *whispers* Germs! *OCD whips out sanitizer and wet wipes and scrubs his hands frantically* * Coco smirks* Haa! Told you so. *OCD scowls*


Fluffy Matrix Snuffles(a.k.a the cutest teddy bear in the world):  *bone-crushing hug*  And without further delay….Dudes and dudettes…presenting Coco(a)nutz and OCD in the prompt series – ‘Cocoa Beans and Crazy’.
The following story is based on Skcully’s (that’s me, Mia) prompt ‘callipygous’. To anybody who doesn’t know what it means….*hands them a dictionary* Yes. Callipygous means having shapely,beautiful buttocks. Read on after you’ve finished giggling.


The One Time She Called Him The C-Word…..And He Never Let It Go.

TRRRRINGG! Arya Chaturgoonga came blazing down the street on her beloved bike Catmobile, ringing her bell vigorously. Her brunette locks, held loosely together by a red bandana, tumbled wildly all over her shoulders. With a merry tune whistling on her lips, her nose in the air, she pedaled down the road and stopped in front of his house with a loud screech of her brakes. Oscar Christian Danford scowled.
“Sweet Baby Jesus,Arya! Do you always have to enter like a freaking Banshee?” he bellowed. “I live to piss you off.”She yelled back cheerfully. He stuck his head out of the window and gave her the finger. She grinned.
“Color me surprised. Punctuality is not usually your redeeming quality, yet here you are on time. That’s a first.” “Yeah,well don’t get used to it,OCD.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it. And oh….Wipe your shoes on the rug before coming up,will you?” Arya grimaced. “Yeah,whatever. Geez…You are worse than my mother.”She muttered.
“Quite the narcissist,aren’t you?” he said,pointing at her T-shirt. It showed a smirking coconut sipping on hot cocoa with ‘COCO(A)NUTZ RULEZ’ written on it. She smiled prettily. “Using big words,huh? You see,this nerd designed it for me. The said nerd also seems to have come up with another smart-assed T-shirt.” She nodded at him. He puffed out his chest proudly, showing off his ‘SAVE WATER, DRINK BLOOD’ T-shirt.
“Already gotten into the spirit of the debate,I see. Ready,OCD?” “I was born ready,Coco. Let me just get the board. It’s on the top of that cupboard.Aaargh-” He groaned in frustration,not quite able to reach it. “Pass me that stool,Coco.”
He hopped on the stool,his head smacking against the ceiling. “Ow! Shoot…. this thing is heavy! Unhh….here. Take it.” She seemed oblivious to his trouble,her eyes glued…elsewhere. “Uh,Coco? Take this Hulk of a board,will you? And quit staring at my ass.” Her cheeks colored embarrassingly. “Don’t flatter yourself. I wasn’t.”She grunted. He smirked.“You were too.”
She snatched the board away from him and began scribbling furiously.
‘Coco(a)nutz vs OCD’

She patted her pockets frantically. “Where is it? Where is it?” “Take a chill pill,Coco. What are you looking for?” “Ugh! I can’t seem to find my phone. Gimme a call quickly.”
JLO’s ‘Booty’ echoed throughout the room.
Awkward silence.
“Umm…Arya? Why have you kept ‘Booty’ as my caller ringtone?”
Big,big booty…What you got a big booty
Big,big booty… What you got a big booty
She dove into her backpack,looking absolutely mortified. And shut off the infernal noise. She laughed weakly. “Why don’t we just start the debate?” He nodded,still looking confused.
He cleared his throat. “So,vampires have super-human strength and inhuman beauty and-” “Fat lot of good that super-human strength is if you’re Petrified. I bet Gandalf can set your vampire ass on fire.And boom…you are dead! Unless your stupid cape is fire-resistant. And inhuman beauty? Pssh. One word-Magic.”
“Immortality? Hah! Beat that.” He grinned smugly. She let out a bored yawn. “Philosopher’s Stone. Deathly Hallows. Old Bearded Wisdom. Next.”
He grinned wickedly. “Speed. You wizards may have your broomsticks and shit,but I could walk faster than you fly.” She reluctantly conceded to that. But she retaliated quickly. “Burnt in the sunlight. And sleeping in the coffins. Cough. Cough. Is it dusty in there? Say hello to the cobwebs.” “That’s a myth. We don’t get burnt in the sunlight-” “Yeah,you just sparkle like a disco ball.” He glared at her. “I meant, we wear Daylight Amulets made out of lapis lazuli to protect ourselves from sunlight.” She snorted. “Daylight Amulets that are enchanted by witches to protect your frozen butt.”
“Vampires come with the package deal of big,cold,scary and badass mansions.” “Dude,please. Just take one look at Hogwarts.”
                *Hundred light years and several heated arguments later.*

“What the! You bitch! I mean,witch! You really-”
“Oh yeah? You callipygous bastard! Avada Kedavara!”
“Wait,what? What did you call me?”
“Hmmph. You can call me a bitch but I can’t call you a bastard? Of all the hypocri-”
“No,no. What was that calli-what’s it?”
She had turned an alarming shade of pink. He flopped down to the ground, pulled out a Bounty chocolate bar (the most delicious blend of coconut and chocolate ever made,she exclaimed internally,her mouth watering.) and bit off a huge chunk,scowling. “I hate it when you do that. You promised you would stop using stupid,big-assed words like that.” She made an innocent face. “You mean pretentious words? It’s not my fault you don’t know your way around the dictionary.”
He sighed tiredly. “What the heck does it even mean?” She was suddenly fascinated by the rug,looking anywhere but at him. He huffed indignantly. “Fine. Have it your way.” She swiped his chocolate,and stuffing herself,muttered in a low voice. “Ith wath a comflimenth.” “Come again?” She blushed and whispered, “It was a compliment.”
He smiled half-heartedly. “I guess I’ll take your word for it. Now don’t get crumbs all over the floor.” She stuck her tongue out at him. He handed her dental floss. She stared at him incredulously.
“What? Dental hygiene is of utmost importan-” She cut him off with a kiss,her lips smashing fiercely against his. She sighed,her breath brushing his lips. “You taste like coconut chocolate.” He chuckled. “As do you.”
Later that night,he looked up ‘callipygous’ in the dictionary. And then his ears promptly turned beet-red. “Hmmmm….shapely and beautiful buttocks,huh?” He smirked. Time to have some fun.

    Owls….err,messages….exchanged between Coco(a)nutz and OCD.
OCD: Good night,my bootyful dudette. Oops….I meant beautiful. 😉 :*
Coco: I will pretend you did not just say that. Finally used the dictionary,huh? Also,not sleepy. Watchoo doing?
OCD: Ohh…nothing much. Just working my ass off on the Literature project. 😛
Coco: *facepalm*
OCD: You see,everyone else’s projects have turned out to be supermegafoxyawesomehot. I don’t wanna be the butt of their jokes now,do I? XP 😀
Coco: Haha…I get what you’re doing.
OCD: *devilish smirk* Do you? *sings off-key* Big,bad booty…
Coco: You’re never going to let this go,are you?
OCD: *cheerful,shameless grin* Never ever. I believe a certain somebody has to confess something.
Coco: Alright. I have a butt fetish. And that’s a mighty fine ass that you got there.
OCD: I am so flattered,Honey BUNny.
Coco:  Your booty is just asking to be spanked,if you don’t shut up! Go to sleep,you smug jackass.
OCD: LMAO. Good night to you too. Sleep tight and don’t let the vampires bite.
Coco: GuteNuit. :*
OCD: P.S- So if this were a movie….what do you think it would be named as? The Callipygian Curse…Booty Returns!
Coco: Asdhfnvdjghudjkfoskd!@#$!!!??!!
This guest post  is written by my fluffy adorable friend Sancho Nachos Panza or Suncheetah. She is the definition of demented fangirl. She will love all kinds of appreciation 🙂 Please do shower her with some.

Chaos and Symmetry

He enjoyed the Sunlight
while she preferred
The star-sprinkled night .

Darkness scared him
and the lights itched
her innocent eyes.

The differences didn’t bargain their lust for one another.

They danced to the symphony of their heartbeats during the dawn and the dusk, and thus
found symmetry in their chaos.


Diary of an Introverted Schmuck completed a year on the first of April. To make a big deal out of my Blog Birthday, I asked some friends of mine to guest post here.

This was written by my friend Netra on ‘chaos’. Mind you, she isn’t a writer. She draws and is awesome at it. Netra is the one who made my gravatar profile picture. 

She has a Facebook page called PASSIONOBBY where she sells the cutest bookmarks and wands!

Thanks Netra! 😀


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