Book Review: All That Glitters by Liza Treviño

All That Glitters Cover

Book Details:

Title: All That Glitters – A Tale of Sex, Drugs and Hollywood Dreams

Author: Liza Treviño

Genre: Women’s Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Koehler Books 

Published Date: March 1, 2017

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1633933083

ISBN-13: 978-1633933088

Book Links:

Goodreads * Amazon


Alexandria Moreno—clever, sexy, ambitious and, at times, self-destructive. She blazes a path from Texas to Los Angeles at the dawn of the 1980s to make her dreams of becoming an A-list Hollywood film director come true. She and her best friend arrive in Los Angeles with little more than hope and the determination to make it big. Alex, a beauty as dark and mysterious as her scarred heart, stands at the bottom of the Hollywood mountain looking up, fighting for her chance to climb to the top. Will her quest to live fast and take no prisoners on her way to success destroy her in the end?

All That Glitters is a women’s fiction Jackie Collins-type saga that introduces a strong, driven Latina heroine at the center of a rags-to-riches story spanning a decade of action. Along the way, Alexandria walks the fine line separating ambition and self-destruction, and discovers that some sacrifices will cost her everything.


I received this book from the author, Liza Treviño, as a part of  book r3vi3w tours and this is what I think.

I immensely enjoyed reading All That Glitters. No, seriously, I couldn’t put it down. The book just grips you and doesn’t let you go until the very end. It’s dramatic, intriguing, full of sex, affairs, drugs, tragedy and betrayal. 

I loved the characters. I’m a sucker for strong female protagonists and Alex Moreno was definitely one. She was sassy, sexy and managed to find her way through a sexist industry. I want to be Alex Moreno. I also really liked how Alex wasn’t shown to be invincible. She goes through a hell lot of problems and comes out stronger. Huge fan of her.

I liked the plot. It was always interesting- full of drama and I dig drama. The duration of the entire story was a bit too long. Too many things were happening and at times it was a little difficult to keep up. The time leaps happened without warning, that got a little confusing. One minute Elly was in Texas and the next she was getting married? A little more of Elly’s thoughts in between would have been nice but I do understand the length constraints. 

The book ended on such a strong and positive note. It could have been gritty and sad under the reason of being realistic but it was so much better this way. It left the reader feeling hopeful and encouraged. 

Liza Treviño has such an amazing writing style. It’s easy to read and yet so entertaining. The transgression from one point of the story arc to another is so smooth and I credit the author’s writing style for it.

Overall, it was a nice, fun read.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Har har! The wedding season is here!

It’s the middle of the night, I have to doll up for two pre-wedding functions tomorrow and here I am, trying to make those dark circles more prominent. Way to go, Mia! The recipe for a sweet disposition and a decently made-up face definitely consists of late nights and late night snacking.

A part of me really doesn’t give a shit about the zits, the dark circles, the grumpy face and the angry demeanour that are sure to make me the belle of the ball. I mostly just care about the food. Weddings are an extravagant affair anyway but in India, the judgemental stares are mostly directed towards the buffet.

Me? I don’t judge. I merely stuff my face with gulab jamuns and pakodas and I’m looking forward to just that (and chilling with the cousins).

However, at times, my worn pyjamas and chinese takeaways almost manage to lure me in. Did I mention I get to binge-watch TV shows and binge-read books? I am probably the only person on the gruesome planet who is yet to watch Stranger Things.

(Yells out to the wilderness: Anybody out there in the same place as me?)

And, as of 22nd December 2016 with nine days until 2016 ends (YES FINALLY), I have ten more books to read this year if I am to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge. I decided to read 150 books in 2016 and as I am a big fat braggadacio, I went around telling everyone about it. So far, I’ve managed to read 140 which is pretty decent. But but but, I still have a long way to go before I accomplish my goal. While I know that I’m horrible at accomplishing goals, the Goodreads Reading Challenge is something I manage to complete every year (and then brag about it of course).

As if 2016 wasn’t already a clusterfuck, Mia, the legendary bookworm who prefers to go by bookdragon because dragons are cooler than worms, won’t be completing her reading goal this year. Wow. I said that out loud. That wasn’t so bad now.

It sounded much worse.

*cue existential crisis because if I can’t read 150 books in a year, who am I even? What do I do? Stop reading altogether? WHAT IS THE POINT OF MY LIFE THEN?*

It’s not like I’m writing like I’m running out of time. To be honest, napping like I’m running out of time is more like it. I’m not even sorry because naps ftw. If only I were a wee babe again…

Also, although 2016 has certainly been a clusterfuck for the world, it’s treated me pretty okay. Sure, hell did break lose. I did fall sick and had a difficult time coping with it. But, I did plenty of awesome things too. I should write a separate appreciation post for those. 2016 has been nothing if not eventful.

As 2016 comes to an end, I am unfortunately reminded of my resolutions. Nope, not stuck to any. I’m still fat; I’ve still been inconsistent with the blog and I don’t even remember what else I had resolved to do.

The thing is, it is very easy to feel like a piece of shit due unfulfilled resolutions. But, remember, we don’t need reasons to feel like pieces of shit. We’re all trash living in a garbage bin and trying to make the best of it.

So what if I’m still fat? I’ve realised it makes me really huggable.

So what if I barely wrote anything? I know most of the Hamilton soundtrack by heart.

So what if I didn’t do something that changed the world? I am pretty sure I managed to make it at least a little better by trying to be just a little nicer.

Fuck resolutions. Let’s just raise our weary glasses to the fact that we survived Brexit, Trump and Modi’s demonetisation.

World of Books

So the amazing Netra and well, I collaborated once again.


I’m alive

Yes, I’m alive. I haven’t been blogging much. But I’m well and breathing.

I could make excuses and explain why I haven’t been blogging but quite frankly, there’s no reason.

I just couldn’t. So much has happened to me in the past two months, I cannot even begin to explain.

Well, to begin with, I got a job. It’s an internship but it’s the first time I’m working. I love it. I can’t say much about it (blame it on the confidentiality agreement). But it’s pertaining to the English language. Could it get any better?

Believe it or not it does. My bosses are the best in the world. My colleagues are super fun. The work environment itself is brilliant… Like it makes you enjoy whatever you’re doing.

I also got my first paycheck. I feel so grownup now. It’s good in a way. I can save up for something I really want. But at the same time, I do miss the days when all I did was laze around and watch Friends.

I saw all three seasons of Avatar the last air bender, fell for Zuko and shipped Zutara so hard. They’re my new OTP. Well, not numero uno. But still. I should make a list of all my OTPs.

I have an idea for a fanfic which two of my ATLA obsessed friends will ensure I write.

I also watched another season of Doctor Who. God, David Tennant is absolutely brilliant. I love him. I don’t know how any other incarnation of the Doctor could be any better.

Although I already love Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

I wrote nine Drabbles in a span of two hours. I think that’s pretty awesome. I’ll posting them on my Facebook page soon. You can hit like on the widget hovering somewhere on this page.

I had a gynaec exam. Grrrr. Talk about awkward. That experience deserves a different post of its own.

I flunked Political Science. Appeared for the reexam. This time, I’m definitely passing. Flunking was such a big deal. I have never not passed before.

I lost my phone. Rather, it got stolen.

So I ended up getting a new one with an amazing cover.


That’s Wizard Howl. I love Howl’s Moving Castle. Both the movie and the book. Miyazaki is a genius.

I started practising my guitar again. Nothing  soothes like music.

I read of course.

The thing that I still haven’t done is watch Game of Thrones season 5. Why? Because a certain Doctor has been taking up all my time.

I also found my doppelganger and my namesake. I haven’t met my alleged doppelganger yet. She’s a cousin of my colleague’s. I so want to meet her. It’ll be cool to have a doppelganger.

And work mostly.

That’s what the summer was like for me. Hope it’s just as awesome for you  🙂

Finals, Heat and March wrap-up

I’m sweating like a pig right now (Do pigs even sweat? That’s something I need to google.) It’s just too frickin’ hot here. The fan’s whirling around at top speed and nope. No relief. That basically sums up summer in Mumbai.

And on top of that, it’s finals week. Normally, I don’t mind studying. i like it even, depending on the subject. I loved poring over Kahlil Gibran’s poems for Literature and I loved discussing Freud’s theories for psychology. Marketing pretty much sucked until I tried to apply it to some advertising campaigns going on currently. Then it was cool.

But, after a point, the point being the moment when the air conditioner is switched off, it becomes too much. It’s too hot. The portion is too vast. Summer vacations seem too far away. And it sucks that it’s already summer but without vacations.

Summer might actually be my least favorite season. Mumbai summers are hot, humid and sticky. Did I mention stinky? Because stinky is what happens when you sweat like a pig. Sometimes I actually feel I’m going to end up as a puddle of sweat. And God forbid if I have to travel someplace. Even travelling within the city sucks. When I leave from college in the afternoons, the trains are heated up to the extent that my bum actually burns after sitting down on the seat.  Makes me wish that the metro network passed by my flat.

But it doesn’t and a little part of my brain melts away everyday.

It’s Saturday today and my exams end on Wednesday. Only four more days. I can survive that much, can’t I? And I know that the vacations are going to be awesome!

Diary of an Introverted Schmuck turns one on April Fools’ Day. *Happy Dances into a crazy frenzy*

It is a biiiiiiiig deal. I know I keep on repeating this but I never thought I would get this far. Yeah, there have been moments when I thought I sucked; there have been moments when I, in reality, pretty much sucked but I persisted and perseverance is rare for me.

Announcement time! Get the trumpets and the loud speakers! (well, not really)

On the occasion of my Blog Birthday, I asked some of my friends to guest post on my blog and they actually agreed! Like they actually wanted to! I didn’t even have to use my crappy puppy-dog expression.

I’m going to be posting a guest post every week starting from the first of April for as long as I have posts to post. Yay! I’m so excited! I am not bragging, all the guest posters are brilliant writers and whoever’s reading these posts is in for a treat.

That already makes April awesome.

As months go, March was pretty good too. So far, I’ve read five books and ten volumes of La Corda D’Oro. Manga is a really good read during exam time. The chapters are shorter somehow. They’re these quickie reads.

The five books I read are-

1) Powder and Patch by Georgette Heyer- I read about Georgette Heyer’s books in a book I read last her and ever since she has been on my TBR. Powder and Patch was just what I needed after Behind the Beautiful Forevers. It was a light, humorous read. I actually lol’d a couple of times. It didn’t hurt that the book was set in an era when they still wore dresses and had balls.

2) The Shadow Cabinet (Shades of London#3) by Maureen Johnson- I started the series last year and had been desperately waiting for the next book ever since. Cliff hangers,meh. Now, I’m waiting for the next book. Again.

3) Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return by Marjane Satrapi- I love graphic novels all because of this book (and it’s prequel). My next birthday, I’m going to demand all my friends to gift me graphic novels. I even have a list of all the books i want.

4) Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee- I still haven’t completed understood this book. God, there are so many layers to it. Pretty much brilliant.

5) Love and other foreign words by Erin McCahan- Love and other foreign words is just one of those books you end up recommending to all your friends on Goodreads. It was really cute and funny with really unique characters.

And there’s the whole Ed Sheeran concert that happened. That was pretty cool too (Read: SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT).

Also, I might just pass this semester. All my exams so far have been pretty okay. Not disastrous as I had expected them to be.

And the vacations are going to be awesome! I have so many projects and collaborations planned. I am going to start a Tumblr blog with my friend Dee who blogs at The Vocal Wallflower. I’ll put up a link here once it’s up.

I still haven’t made up reading list for April. I’ll do that once I’m done with exams.

Just come quickly, April. I want  vacations.

Ramble Schamble #2

It’s a Monday and I’ve been at home all day. Doing absolutely nothing.

Well, not nothing. I studied quite a bit of Psychology and hung out with my sister some. We saw song parodies by a guy called Bart Baker on YouTube. He’s hilarious!

But there’s only so much you can study before your head feels as if it’s going to burst. Especially if you are not used to studying (I’m not).

So now I am eating chocolates while trying to make sense of the random words that keep on popping up in my head and getting irritated because of the dudes who are yelling some kind of religious propaganda on loudspeakers.

Yes, I’m officially a Hindu. But I’m not religious and people creating a nuisance for others in the name of religion bug me.

If I start playing Green Day songs on loud speaker, I’m sure someone will complain within ten minutes.  And my mum will think that I’ve finally lost it.

No one should force their views, opinions and preferences on anyone. That’s all I’m saying. It’ll reduce conflicts on so many levels. Maybe even national and international.

Meanwhile, I do have a good book to read. I’m finally reading the last book of The Mortal Instruments series. Also, I’m halfway through a graphic novel I’m reading for my lit presentation.




These books are totally brilliant. I love the simple black and white art. And I love the protagonist who, since the books are autobiographical, is the author Mrjane Satrapi herself. She’s sassy, rebellious and painfully blunt.

I am yet to finish reading Persepolis 2. But so far, so awesome.

Hanging out with my sister was cool too. She’s 12 and I’m 18 so she needs my advice. Well, sometimes.

Today, we talked about popularity and its perks.

In school, I was never the popular kid. The smart kid? Yeah. The kid who always spoke in English? Yeah. The fat kid even. Yeah.

But never popular and that was okay. I just read a lot, scored good marks and started writing stuff. So I wouldn’t say that my existence was not worth anything.

But I have only a handful of friends from school. The ones I do have, I’m super close to. Quality of quantity? Mind over matter? Right?

I felt really bad when I realized my sister was a teeny bit obsessed with popularity. Facebook likes don’t matter. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether people like your photo or not as long as you love yourself.  I struggled with self-acceptance during my teens (my teens 😥 they’re almost over).  It had become so difficult to love myself. I don’t want my sister to go through that.

I want her to love herself but not so much that she ends up thinking of someone as beneath her.

I don’t want her to feel guilty while eating chips or chocolates. I used to. It’s a wonder that I didn’t develop an eating disorder. But I always liked my food to stay where it belongs…in my tummy. Thank God, I’ve pretty much gotten over all of that.

I need to get back to psychology now.



My Life post Deutsch

During the months of December and January, I had a really busy schedule. I was learning German then. So I used to attend college, then attend class and then return home.

I’m basically a very sedentary (ie lazy) person. I loved learning German but I hated my routine. It was too tiring.

I was actually a little bit relieved once I appeared for the A1 exam (and passed.. I scored 93/100). I expected life to go back to normal. Hey, maybe I could even nap in the afternoon!

But then I realized, I had really gotten used to the busy life. It felt good to have something to do; constantly. I felt worthy… of what? I don’t know.

So now that I actually have plenty of time at hand to read, blog, watch movies and sleep, I find myself wanting to go out. Make some plans. Have an adventure. This is when I super miss Sneha. She’s one of the most adventurous person I know. Adventurous but not reckless.

I must have done so many new things during those six weeks.

Now I feel empty. I need some kind of project. But the thing is, it’s not like I have nothing to do.

I have to appear for my semester 2 finals in six weeks and semester 1 retests by the end of Feb. There’s a lot of studying to be done. And reading Foucault and Jean-Paul Sartre is an adventure in itself.

I also tried Sushi recently. Mumbai doesn’t have many restaurants serving the Japanese cuisine. And whichever restaurants do serve sushi etc, well, they’re bloody expensive.

Every year there’s a Japanese cultural festival in Mumbai call Cool Japan Festival. Thanks to Adi, I ended up going this year (it happened last week). And we ended up trying sushi.

It had crab meat in it. I loved it. I wouldn’t call it tasty because my Indian tongues is used to about five varying tastes per meal. But sushi did have a certain flavour which appealed to me.

I also bought quite a few books in 2015 (so far).  Three of them for my lit class.
– The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
– Disgrace by Coetzee
– Foe by Coetzee






While ordering the Coetzees on Amazon, I ended up buying The Catcher in the Rye. It was just for 152 bucks. About 50% off. I couldn’t resist such a great deal.



Isn’t the cover very elegant?



Then, one random, I walked to the Churchgate station from college and I found a hardcover of Holes by Louis Sachar. After a mental struggle that lasted for about 20 minutes, I ended up buying it.


It's second-hand but second-hand books have their special appeal, don't they?

It’s second-hand but second-hand books have their special appeal, don’t they?


Earlier this month, I ended up going for yet another book exhibition. This time, I successfully restricted myself to two books.


Both the books have been on my TBR for a pretty long time now.

Both the books have been on my TBR for a pretty long time now.


Blogging-wise, Feb has been slow. I am absolutely uninspired. Or maybe there’s nothing to write about…but no, there’s always something to write about.  Maybe it’s just one of those months filled with the writer’s block.

Talking about the future, my friend Saiber got published and tomorrow is her book launch. I am so proud and happy for her. She is one writer who totally deserves it.  The launch is at a bookstore in Bandra called Title Waves at Bandra at 5 in the evening. Do drop by if you can 🙂



That’s Saiber with Stardust and Sheets



So yeah, my life is not boring. But then why am I so bored all the time? And just so sleepy! Maybe it’s because I miss my German class so freaking much. I love everything about learning a language (yes, even the grammar). Now, there’s a Deutsch-shaped hollow in my life.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  I better go to bed (See? Sleepy.)

Good Night, sleep tight and avoid making Horcruxes tonight 😉

The Book Blogging Challenge Thingie

Happy New Year!

And what good is a new year without challenges and resolutions?

A few days ago I was chatting with my friend Sam who blogs at A Blast of Random ( ). I have known her forever- forever translates into 4.5 years. She’s seen me through my awkward school years. And I have seen her through her notsoawkward school years. She is one those immensely likable people.

Sam’s the one who got me into the Young Adult genre, way back then when I had braces and a low self-esteem. It’s because of her that I read the Shopaholic series, a bit of Dan Brown and some Cecelia Ahern. Par consequence I started reading Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games and so on.

So basically, Sam has been greatly influential in shaping my book taste.

Last year, I read too much. It was all about the quantity. Now, I’m not saying that I didn’t read anything decent. Because I did. I read many splendid books. But I had to accelerate my reading speed. I couldn’t enjoy the books I read as much as I could have, had I cherished every word.

Another effect of my 2014 Goodreads goal of reading 200 books was that I hardly read any classic-y or intellectual books last year.

I didn’t even finish A Song of Ice and Fire series inspite of owning the books. Books made of paper with the addictive paper smell and Jon Snow. And I didn’t read them.

In 2015, I have decided that I will try as far as possible not read just for finishing some goal. I will read for the reason I actually used to read.

The joy of reading.

So while telling Sam all of this, both of us were struck with an idea. (We’re kind of psychic that way)

What if we made up reading lists for each other in 2015?

One book per month and the certainty that the book would be one we would love ‘coz our tastes in books are pretty similar. And what’s the point of doing something if we don’t blog about it? (Procrastinating, of course. Oh well…)

So lo behold!

The Book Blogging Challenge Thingie

*Cue drumroll*

This is how it goes-

Eins- Only the book chosen for the month from the list can be read.

Zwei- The Book for the Month should be announced on the first of the month and it should be the first book read that month.

Drei- A post about the book should be put up on the last day of the month. It can be a review or a random rambling.

That’s about it.

So Sam’s book for the month of January is Ice by Sarah Beth Durst.


I selected this book because it’s a fairy tale but the protagonist is not a damsel in distress. That always works for me. Also, I believe it to be loosely based on the myth of Psyche and Cupid. Cassie’s love interest is quite unusual too.

Have you read the book? Drop in a comment down below!

You can check out her post about the Book Blogging Challenge Thingie here

What does 2015 hold for you?

The Definition of Me

A few months I had a very interesting conversation with a friend. She said that Harry Potter created her and Nerdfighteria developed her.

(Or something along those lines…)

That made me think and wonder.

What is the thing that created me?

What is the thing that defines me?

What is, you know, my thing?

Is it Harry Potter like my friend? I think we basically bonded over Harry Potter when we first became friends. So is it my love for Harry Potter that defines me?

Nope. I am kind of over Harry Potter. I mean I still love those seven books and forever will. But I’m not as obsessed as I was before.

Then Game of Thrones? I’m pretty obsessed about it currently. I can talk endlessly about it. I make it a point to go and talk to people who have read the books or watched the show. Even random strangers. I can’t forget the fact that I just spent a little over a thousand bucks on the books (Mom won’t let me forget). So it should be GoT? Right?

Nope. I think my creation happened a long time before I experienced the awesome that is Game of Thrones.

I think the credit for my creation basically goes to my parents. I don’t mean it in a gross way either. Yeah, the biological aspect and all that is certainly there. But, here, I’m talking about the upbringing part.

What if my mom never read me bedtime stories? She used to read to me every night. I had a pretty decent collection of children’s books even way back then (I was 5). Plus, she borrowed books from the library and read them out. For my afternoon naps, it was my grandmother who played the role of the storyteller.

What if my dad had never covered for me whenever I wanted to read late into the night? What if he had refused to buy me books?

I never would have developed a love for reading as I do now. And yeah, books define me.

If I happen to have time for leisure, I end up reading 9/10 times.

Even when I don’t have the time to read, I still make up time and read. I cannot function otherwise.

When anyone wants to get me a gift, their first choice is books. But then they get confused and change their minds because past experiences have shown that if they gift me a book, chances are that
a) I already own it.

b) I’ve already read it.

So now they don’t bother buying books for me. (Hint: Amazon vouchers. )

Bookstores are my definition of heaven. I’m at complete ease there. Random people come and ask me for recommendations and I love it. I just wish I could take their email addresses and discuss the book over email.

I trust people who read.

If I see someone reading a book, even a random stranger, I have a strong desire to strike up a conversation.

So yeah, reading is my thing. I don’t know what would I do if it weren’t for books.

That makes me a nerd?

Well, then I’m a proud nerd.

Although if you do ask me about the moment when I first experienced individuality, it will be the day I listened to Green Day.

Prior to that day, all I listened to was rap songs that my friends recommended. Now, I do like rap but it’s limited to Eminem and a bit of Nicki Minaj.

Then one day I was watching Vh1 and this guy wearing eye-liner started playing a song. I didn’t even pay attention to it. He wore eye-liner for God’s sake! The next day, I found myself humming a song I had no recollection of listening. Ever. Then I saw 21 Guns on VH1 again and I realized how much I loved that song.

That is when I started listening to Green Day. That is when I stopped conforming so much. Being a part of  a group is great. No one likes being the person in the corner. But personally, I feel that being a part of a group doesn’t mean that you can’t be your own person.

Now I like listening to bands my friends haven’t even heard about.

So what defines me finally?

I am defined by a collage of books, music, TV, writing, food and many other things that I haven’t discovered yet.

What defines you?

6 Books I wish I could unread

Have you ever read it book and hated it so much that you wished you could get back the time you spent reading it?

Or that, somehow, you could go back into time and make yourself stop reading it?

Or just forget that you ever read it?

Or maybe, unread it somehow?

All of us have those books we could never complete. Or if we did complete the book in question, it left us with a not so good feeling.

Here’s my list of 6 books I wish I could unread-


6) Revenge wears Prada: The Devil Returns : Why in the world did Lauren Weisberger have to write a sequel? Why? Why? Why? I loved Devil wears Prada. I loved the way it ended. I did not hate Miranda quite so much. I understood where she came from. In Revenge wears Prada, she is just plain evil. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a horcrux. My point is, there was no need for a sequel.


5) Things I know about Love by Kate le Vann : Till the fifth last page, it was a good read. Last five pages, the main protagonist dies. Like suddenly. No warning, no subtle signs. Nothing. What was that about?


4) Teach me by Amy Lynn Steele : Teach me is only the second teacher-student romance book I’ve read. The first one was When summer ends by Isabelle Rae and it was really good! Yeah, the end of was kinda sappy but it was okay. Teach me was too predictable and sappy throughout. I just didn’t like it.


3) Let’s meet on platform 8 by Carole Matthews : I honestly don’t know what to say about this one. I read it in one sitting just to see which characters end up together. By the time I finished, I possessed a strong desire to burn the book. And trust me when I say I love my books. I am really fiercely protective of them. I’m matured enough to understand that since it was a book about infidelity, chances were high that Jamie would go back to his wife. But it wasn’t executed well. And by the end of the book I expect the main protagonist to achieve something or to change for the better. Nothing like that happened. What was the whole point of the book?


2) Landline by Rainbow Rowell : Okay so Landline wasn’t all that bad. But Eleanor & Park, Fangirl and even Attachments were so good! I was disappointed.


1) Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling : When you begin reading a JKR book, you expect it to be mind-blowingly awesome. Especially when it’s the next book after the last Harry Potter. Then you start reading the book ie The Casual Vacancy and it’s not what you expected. You expect it to get better. You search for a silver lining when there’s none.
This is what happened to me 😥

I nominate Ravenclawsam and Dee to list some of the books they wished they could unread.

All of y’all are welcome to list the books you could unread. Just put the links in the comments section below.

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