The One with the Metamorphosis

It was a busy week. Great but busy.

I deserve a lazy Sunday and I’m getting just that.

It’s Sunday midday and I’m lying on my couch watching the India v/s Pakistan match.

Normally, I’m quite a snob about cricket. I wholeheartedly believe that all the matches are fixed in advance. I admit that I find the gentleman’s game extremely dull. And when any of my friends ask me if I’m going to watch the match, I respond with a ‘why in the world would I want to do that?’

But here I am, an Indian like most others, watching the IndPak match.

I’m cheering at the right places. A bit of my heart broke when Shikhar Dhawan got out. I am rooting for Virat Kohli’s century.

It’s strange that a sport is making me feel so Indian. So patriotic.

During the last world cup, my dad had gotten me an India jersey. I feel like wearing it.

I haven’t even had a bath yet because I don’t want to miss a good four or six shot.

What happened?

Maybe it’s that cricket as a sport brings the entire country together in way almost nothing else can. We’re all cheering in unison for the men in blue.

Maybe it’s just relaxing to become a couch potato and shut off half of my brain.

Maybe it’s just that I feel I belong.

Maybe cricket is something that is just a part of my Indian genes.

But, Kohli just completed his century and I’m whooping.



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