Mariana had been dreading her 21st birthday ball ever since it had been announced. She would be forced to be polite to all of the Dukes and Lords of her father’s court, who would then leer and paw at her under the pretence of wishing her. She just wished that people would ask before touching her.
She barely said a word when she was shoved into a too tight dress for the occasion and let her maids pull at her hair until it was in an acceptable state. After dismissing them, Mariana stared at herself in the mirror.
“I look terribly thin. If I eat a grape, will my corset pop?”
Giggling at the very un-ladylike joke, she left her room mentally preparing herself for the next few hours. Let the torture begin.

“Darling, who is that exquisite creature walking down the stairs?”
Edith sighed at her mistress. It was one thing to be indifferent about politics, but to not know the Crown Princess of the Kingdom was just insulting.
“Your Grace that is Her Royal Highness, Princess Mariana; whose birthday party you are currently attending.”
Katherine raised one delicate eyebrow at her lady’s maid, who apologised immediately for the sarcasm. Turning away, she narrowed her eyes at the Princess. Katherine was attracted to her immediately, she was absolutely gorgeous.
There had never been an instance where a man had interested her. She was different, she knew and so did her parents. Fortunately, they loved her enough not to force her into anything. But society gossiped and she was known as the Lockwood’s 24 year-old spinster.
Princess Mariana was tall for her age and carried herself with a silent grace. Her gossamer gown fit her perfectly up until her waist and then it flowed. She was smiling demurely as she tucked in a strand of hair back into her bun. Mariana was beautiful and looked every bit of the princess she was.
“I am going to go meet the Princess.”
Edith stared in horror. “But, Your Grace, you cannot. That is not how it is supposed to be. Her Highness is meant to meet all the important guests first.”
“Are you implying that I am not important enough?” asked Katherine coldly. “You are dismissed for the night Edith. Have a lovely one.”
She left without a second glance towards her maid. Infuriating meddler she might be, but she was efficient. Katherine wouldn’t replace her. Not yet, at least.
Walking across the ballroom purposefully with her head held high, Katherine drew a lot of curious looks. It was not every day that the daughter of Duke Lockwood actively participated in something. When she reached the Princess, she dropped into a curtsey.
“Your Royal Highness, it is a pleasure to meet you.”
Mariana took one look at the stately brunette with bright green eyes and flung herself at her. Surprised that the lady hadn’t pushed her off immediately, she tightened her grip on her neck.
“Please play along,” Mariana whispered. “I need to get away from these old coots.”
Katherine let out a laugh and pulled away. “I did not know you would be so happy to see me, Princess.”
Mariana quickly curtsied to the people that were surrounding her.
“I apologise my Lords and Ladies, but I have not had the chance to meet my friend in a long time. If you would excuse us, we will take our leave.”
The Princess smiled at the confused guests and led her ‘friend’ away. She smiled at everyone they passed, much to Katherine’s amusement.
“Where exactly are you taking me, Princess? Do you know how terrible it is for your reputation to be seen with me?”
Mariana didn’t answer and led her to an empty balcony. Once there she dropped Katherine’s wrist and curtsied.
“Forgive me for causing inconvenience. I had to get out of there before my corset or my temper snapped.”
The Princess startled as Katherine burst out laughing. “Is something funny?”
“My dear Princess, forgive me but I find the most inappropriate things hilarious,” Katherine smirked. “My name is Katherine, since you did not ask I thought I would tell you myself.”
Mariana blushed and offered her hand. “You may call me Mariana.”
Katherine raised the hand to her mouth and looked at the Princess.
“May I?” she asked and kissed the back of the hand when she was given permission. The Princess blushed and hastily took her hand back.
“I think we should head back inside. It was lovely meeting you; I hope to see you again.”
Katherine winked at her and laughed a little when the blush deepened.
“You will be seeing a lot more of me, Mariana. I hope you are ready for it.”
The Princess scurried off, eager to get away from the oddly charming lady. It was the start of a beautiful friendship and perhaps, a little more.

Another post for my Blog Birthday 😀

This is one is by my friend who goes by Evil_and_I_know_it. The word given to her was “gossamer”. She’s a hardcore Fangirl and writes great fan fiction. Especially Harry Potter ones. You can check out her work here.

Happy Weekend!

Fat Girl Problems and Finito

I was the kind of snob who went around telling people that I’d rather spend my money buying books than clothes.

I prided myself for choosing to buy books. Given the choice, I would still prefer buying books over buying clothes. Well, first let me finish the 100 unread books I have. Then, I’m definitely buying more.

I don’t know if I can wait though.

Anyway, books over that cute dress. Novels over those kickass heels. Kindle over the fab clutch. I never claimed to be a girly girl.

I’m nerdy and proud.

The reason for this behaviour?

I’m a fat girl. There. I said it. I weigh more than I should and yes, I have finally come to terms with it. I could lose weight without much difficulty and I will. But not at the cost of missing out on all those gustatory pleasures.

Become skinny and not eat this?


And this?






That I cannot do. Never.

Au consequence? Shopping trips= nightmare.

No shop seemed to have stuff my size. Nothing seemed to ever fit me. I mean seriously? Are that many girls skinny? I don’t think so. And what’s wrong with love handles? I don’t get society’s need to define beautiful.

My version of beautiful is Emilia Clarke saying Drakaris. It wouldn’t matter even if she had 10 more kilos on her. She would still be gorgeous because of the blazing fury in her eyes.

I hated being disdainfully stared at by the shopgirls.

I hated trying on something and the damn zip not going all the way up.

I hate feeling awkward because my massive thighs are on display.

Fuck it.

Last Sunday, I had gone shopping. I normally avoid buying anything with a designer label but I decided to splurge. It’s not always that you turn nineteen.

So I asked two of my friends to come along, dragged another one (she didn’t get a choice). And we went shopping at a mall called Oberoi. I wanted a pretty dress for my birthday.

Oberoi is not by far the biggest mall in Mumbai. But it had all the necessary shops. So we chose Oberoi.

Reached there. Entered the Vero Moda store. Nothing. There were hardly any dresses on sale and the ones on sale sucked. Big time. Plus fat girl alert. Most dresses flatter me not. I need emphasis on my boobs and not that tummy. I need A-line. I need a lot of things.

Then the next store. Too expensive. I’m bourgeoisie and not nobility.

Next one was Forever 21. That store was magic. So many clothes. So many booooootiful clothes. It was wonderland. Forever 21 was a huge store with everything from pants to bras to dresses to socks. Socks!

My friends helped me. Grabbed dresses off racks. Geet convinced me to try a skirt. It was this frothy white thing that I could have eaten.

Trial time.

Almost nothing fit me. Whatever did fit me, made me look like a pumpkin. One of Hagrid’s pumpkins.

Next store obviously. I landed at the Lifestyle store. Okay, I did get a pretty maxi dress there that would have looked kickass with a denim jacket which I happen to own. I would have posted the picture had my bra straps not been on show and my mum likely to read this post.

I didn’t buy just yet. Next store. And.

Yes. It was literally called ‘And’. Whose idea was it again? Calling a brand ‘And’.

I did get some cute dresses there. There was this black maxi dress. Long. Black. Hid my hips. Emphasised my boobs but not in an indecent way. I almost bought it.

But then I didn’t. My friends counselled me to look a little more.

The next shop was once again wayyyyyyy too expensive.

Then we entered ‘109°F’. Picked up some dresses. There was a woman in one of the two dressing rooms with about 12 pieces of clothing. Who does that?

I so hate when that happens.

After waiting for about 20 mins, she came out. Just as I was about to enter, my friend Hemali thrust a white thing in my hand. I entered the room and stripped. Last one first so I put on the white dress that Hemali had given me.

Opened the door so that mes amies could look at me and express their priceless opinions.

I kid you not. They oooh’d. I looked gorgeous.

You can ooh when I post a picture on my birthday which in on the 17th of July.  Don’t forget to wish me 😛

I did try on other dresses but nothing even managed to come close to the white wonder.

Meanwhile awkward little me kept on making virginity jokes (white dress?), wedding jokes (hysteria. I’m so not ready for that). I wish I had thought of some wand x dress jokes. “The dress chooses the wearer…”

There was no doubt about it. White Wonder was the one. (Alliteration much?)

I bought it.

It looks pretty, okay? And shopping is fun 🙂

Also, fat girl problems? Finito.


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