The Fault in our Stars (movie)

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So after months and months of speculations, ‘The Fault in our Stars’ movie released in India. There had been rumors that it might not release at all but it did!


I feel like one of the luckiest people alive! The book meant a lot to me. It changed me. The written word of John Green does that to people.

Well, I loved the movie, I did. But they skipped plenty of scenes. I can understand that. The movies have loads of limitations like time , budget, etc. It has to be so damn difficult to adapt an adored book like ‘The Fault in our Stars’ into a movie. It must be quite a challenge to capture it’s essence. I know I should not compare it to the book but I can’t help it.


Except in two cases. I’ll talk about them later.

I already have low expectations with film adaptations. You can thank the debacle called the Percy Jackson movies for that. Those were disappointing.

TFIOS definitely wasn’t. Like definitely, definitely.

It started with a normal pre-Augustus day in Hazel’s life. I loved her haircut, her awkward vulnerability, her realistic- sarcastic attitude. Shailene was pretty convincing as Hazel Grace Lancaster.

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Then entered Ansel Elgort As Augustus Waters and I fell in love. After watching the promotional trailer with the metaphor scene, I already knew that Ansel made an amazing Augustus. But after the movie, OH MY GOD!

images (1)

I honestly think that no other actor could have been a better Gus. Ansel was perfect and so much more! Augustus Waters is a complex character to play. The number of read-between-the-lines emotions experienced by him is immense.
And his cocky attitude is unique.


But Ansel was perfection. Not once during the movie did I think of him as Ansel. He was Augustus through and through. Which, according to me, is good acting.

The fact that he looked absolutely gorgeous didn’t hurt either. Actually it did. Every time he smiled, my heart melted into a puddle of pink goo. He has one of those heart-breaking mischievous smiles. I am partial to such smiles anyway.

images (2)

And winks. I love winks. Augustus winked in some scene. I might have swooned a little. Or a lot.

Did anyone notice that Ansel’s lips are poutier than Shailene’s? Generally, female lips tend to have a natural pout as opposed to male lips. Ansel is clearly an exception. But WoW…

The casting was good. Hazel’s parents were so amazing! And Nat Wolff ❤

Some scenes were shot beautifully. Like the egging scene. Man, laughter rang throughout the movie theater. And Augustus's speech in it! XD I don't think it was in the book (was it?) ; cool improvisation. The book had loads of dark-type humor. The movie expressed it really well.

The other amazing scene was obviously the metaphor scene. But also, the pre-funeral eulogies.

The cover of the book reads- "Electric…Filled with staccato bursts of humor and tragedy"-Jodi Picoult.
I thought I got what she meant. I hadn't; not until yesterday. During the pre-funeral scene, I was crying but I was also trying not to because I had worn lenses (who does that? Crying is a requisite to TFIOS. So why? But then again, I had carried an umbrella. And the sun was shining fiercely. Sometimes, I don't get myself. Really.)

Anyway, so I was crying and worrying about my lenses flowing away with the tears. I was also laughing. That is how I got what Jodi Picoult meant in her quote.

Although, I must say, I missed some scenes.

Like the selling of the lonely, vaguely pedophilic swing set which seeked the butts of children. I wish it would have been included in the movie.

And there was no mention of Kaitlyn. None at all.

And, in the Indian version, the sex scene was cut. Which is just the kind of bullshit the censor board does. I didn't watch the movie for the sex scene, but the scene being delete made the progression of the movie a bit abrupt. Not to mention, it wasn't necessary. I felt violated because this part wasn't included.


That is one of the best love-letters I’ve ever read.

Overall, it was a GREAT movie. I laughed, I cried, I had a great time. The makers were successful in including the basic gist of the book.

If you love the book, don’t miss the movie.


Admissions, stress and books (and a bit of birthdays and cakes)

It’s been seven days since I last posted. The week has been kind of bipolar. Usually, it’s pretty easy for me to cheer myself up. I just watch an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The effects of it are foolproof and long lasting.

Or I read a book.

Or arrange my bookshelves.

Nothing seemed to be working this time.

Why was I depressed?

The lists for college admissions were out and I didn’t get in where I really wanted to. St Xavier’s.

St Xavier’s is pretty awesome for many reasons. I will list a few (yay! List time! )
1. The building is this old Victorian mansion type building. I can literally feel stories in its walls. Stories of students who had come and gone. I can hear echoes of friendships older than I am and love affairs which resulted in grandchildren. I can sense the vast sea of knowledge and learning the college has to offer.
2. It has a carved wooden staircase.
3. One of the profs there is called Hermione!
4. Getting into Xavier’s will be excellent for my career.

A dream that I had dreamt for long crashed right in front of my aching eyes.

So yes, I was pretty sad.

Until one of my uncles gave me an excellent piece of advice. He said, “Say, you want to learn swimming. Whether you go to a simple community pool or a posh five star hotel pool, it’s swimming you’ll learn.”

That makes sense. So, I’ve decided not to be sad anymore.

I got into K.C. college and I’m going to be happy about that! It’s a good college too and the profs are really nice.

Happiness is a choice. So is sorrow. I’ve decided to be happy. And I’ve plenty of reasons to be.

I am finally done reading ‘A clash of Kings’. It’s nothing short of brilliant. Although I generally think of wars as absolutely futile. And every damn character is warring. And dying. I don’t like characters dying.

I’m definitely going to read book three though. I might lose my sanity if I don’t. Oh the intricacies of the plot and the cliffhangers! How they torture me!

Now, I’m reading ‘The Great Gatsby’. I’m little over halfway through. I love Fitzgerald’s language and formation of sentences. He is politely sarcastic which is my favorite form of sarcasm. I also love the way Jay Gatsby’s character is developed.

The goodreads blurb hinted at a sad ending. So the next book I’ve lined up is ‘I’ve got your number’ by Sophie Kinsella. I had already  read the ebook but then my aunt gifted me the book-book. So I’m going to reread it. I love rereading books. It’s like visiting old friends and spend an afternoon discussing the joyous days spent together over tea and cookies.

Meet my old friend!


Also, the same awesome aunt gifted me these –


Which makes my John Green collection almost complete.

I now own –
1. Looking for Alaska
2. An Abundance of Katherines.
3. Paper Towns
4. Will Grayson, Will Grayson
5. The Fault in our Stars

The only John Green book I now lack is Let it Snow. Well, it’s my birthday next month and one of besties has been dropping hints. Fingers crossed.

My birthday next month. My eighteenth birthday! God! Am I really turning 18? I don’t feel enlightened; nothing out of the ordinary. Although I do have my learner’s driving license test in September. That might help it sink in.

I must say, I AM SUPER EXCITED! My imagination is already knee deep in party plans though my dream party is somewhat extravagantly impossible.

Green Day Concert.

Man, that would rock. Although I’m pretty sure Billie Joe, Mike and Trés have better things to do.

So I have the next best thing which is even better in many ways. Rika is one my closest friends. She lives in Canada. This year, she is going to be here, in India for my birthday!!!!!!!!!

I am so looking forward to the moment when she smears cake on my face and I try to lick it off. C’mon! Why waste good cake?

I think I should make some kind of 18th birthday resolution. Any ideas?

So I read Looking for Alaska…

..And I loved it! Obviously! It’s written by John Green who is someone who can definitely write.

I mean, he’s brilliant!

I don’t know how all of these amazing authors do it. Really.

Once, when I was young, tender and extremely stupid, I tried my hand at writing a book. I was just thirteen and you don’t see many thirteen year olds with books of their own. And I did try. I worked hard. I kind of had a band of friends who were both-my first readers and fellow creators of the book (it is called ‘Chocolate’). It wasn’t bad for a chick who just became a teen and is so damn full of shit.

Surprisingly, I did reach an ending point and it isn’t half bad.

I sort of hate it.

Half bad is simply not good enough. I need it to be perfect. It definitely isn’t. I was thirteen! What else do you expect?

I have never even been in love. How am I supposed to write a love story? Yeah, it is possible but it won’t be good enough.

My plot, to sum it down, was about a girl who ends up at a haunted mansion and falls for a ghost.

So, my point here is, if I couldn’t do justice to such a simple, clichéd plot, how do these guys create such magnificence out of the depths of their mind?

How could J.K. Rowling create an entire world full of wizards and sheer brilliance?

How could Rick Riordan create an alternate reality set in New York for the Greek Gods?

How could Suzanne Collins create a completely different system of society?

How could John Green create characters as multi dimensional as Alaska, Margo, Gus and Hazel?

I seriously have so much of respect for all these guys. They are true wizards and witches of our time and beyond.

So…I read Looking for Alaska. I don’t dare to write a review because the book was that awesome.

The thing is, now, I’ve read three books by John Green and so far never has the guy ended up with the girl. Something always gets in the way. I’m not complaining and nor are the tissue companies. But I would really love to read a happy ending written by him.

Do Will Grayson, Will Grayson or An Abundance of Katherines or Let it Snow have happy endings?

I hope to read them in the coming six months. I have a thing where I don’t allow myself to read two really great books soon after each other. I am afraid that I’ll start taking their awesomeness for granted. It’s kind of like ying yang for books.

Also, I read Game of Thrones and I’m absolutely dying to read A Clash of Kings. But I don’t want to read the ebook and the book is kinda expensive. I hope my library has it or I’ll have to borrow from this awesome pal but that might take some time.

It’s such a dilemma. Should I buy or not?

Wish me luck. I hope I get to read it soon.


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