The End of a Hiatus

Its ironic how I’m ending my hiatus right when I should be embarking on it. Exams start in two days and I have loads to study. And this is the period when I’m unusually creative and productive.

I really should be studying but anyhoo.

This semester is especially awesome. Subjectwise at least. We have Introduction to Creative Writing, Understanding cinema, Culture Studies, Advanced Computers and Introduction to Public Relations. Yeah, the portion is way too vast for a few of those but at the end of the day, it’s okay. If you need an education, you gotta work for it.

This post isn’t about me going on and on about my exams. I want to tell you what I’ve been upto since August, 9th.

  1. I quit my job. I loved it so much and I had to leave. University and assignments with work was getting a bit too much. I was exhausted all the time and I didn’t want my grades to suffer. So I left. I am so happy I worked though. Now, I realise that working at Crimson has somehow honed my analytical skills. More on that in a bit.
  2. I made a movie (along with my mates) for a class. Well, a short student film. But a film nevertheless. Guess whose story has been used? Yep, mine. That too none other than Self-crossedI feel so proud of my group. Please check it out 🙂

3.  I saw a whole lot of films for my Understanding Cinema class. It was good cinema and a step away from the romantic comedies I’m accustomed to watching. I will dedicate an entire post to them soon.

4. I reactivated my Facebook page. Go ahead and like it here. I share articles, poems, fandom stuff and tumblr posts here.

5. I have participated in a blogging competition called BloCo. So far, I have three posts up and one under review. My theme is “Thoughts on”. I express my thoughts on a variety of topics.

The links for the three posts-

You will be my favourite person in the whole wide world if you hit like and comment on my posts for BoCo. I especially want to know your views on wars. I have done a few posts on war before. But this one is more about wars and better written.

Now, it’s October and it’s as hot as May. I have to endure a week of exams until I am set free. Then, my vacations shall commence with a Doctor Who marathon.

I will reach Eleven's regeneration to Twelve in a few episodes. #SuperExcited

I will reach Eleven’s regeneration to Twelve in a few episodes. #SuperExcited

Am I a cinephile?

Cinephilia refers to a passion for cinema and cinephilic individuals  or cinema lovers are called cinephiles.

Supriya Ma’am who used to teach me French was the first person I consciously remember calling herself a cinephile (rather a cinéphile since she was talking in French). Ever since, I’ve become a bit obsessed about the term ‘cinephile’.

Rather, the question  “Am I a cinephile?” has plagued me.

I have always loved watching movies. I remember my summer holidays back in high school. I would either read a book or watch movies. I had a movie partner too. I used to check the movie listings on TV and invite over one of my friends Sailee. We would usually end up watching at least two movies.

I guess they were my first ‘movie marathons’.

I had done this thing with another friend of mine. We were watching the same film but she was at her place and I was chez moi. We were simultaneously discussing it on the phone. Boy, was my mum mad!

So yeah. I love watching movies.

Some six months ago, another friend Ravenclawsam had suggested that we make a list of all the English movies we’ve ever seen. Originally I had said no because c’mon what a tedious task! But later, I did.

How many movies did I have in my list?

One hundred and sixty.

I know it doesn’t sound like a lot. But this was a list I had made from memory. I must have skipped at least a couple of movies that I’ve watched.

Also, I didn’t include Bollywood or Marathi movies. Bollywood is a very large industry. We have at least three new hindi films coming out every week. So I guess, I must have seen at the same number of Bollywood movies.

Finally, that number 160 has definitely increased by 20 or so  movies.

So am I a cinephile?

I guess.

I just saw four movies and I am extremely tempted to start no.5. I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Watching at least two movies back to back. Last week, it was ‘Just Friends’ followed by ‘Night at the Museum 1’.

Today I saw –

1) Law abiding citizen ( I honestly don’t know whether to hate Gerard Butler or to love him in this one.)

2) Tanu weds Manu ( This one was a typical Bollywood masalawali love story.)

3) My big fat Greek wedding (I cried during Tula’s wedding. What is it about weddings? They make us so freaking sentimental!)

4) Despicable me 1 (All I have to saw is -Awwwwwwww! It was like cotton candy! So cute! )

So far that’s it. I might watch ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ once I post this. I’ve been meaning to watch this one for ages! I literally have Jim Carey sleeping on my TV screen!

Or maybe not…I have college tomorrow. And I need 7 hours of my beauty sleep! ( Or my dark circles might actually make me look punk or something. That wouldn’t be so bad. It would be awesome!)

Anyway. So this is me -Mia or theintrovertedschmuck who is a bookworm and a cinephile (apparently).

Maybe I will watch ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ after all.



It’s almost 4 a.m. in the morning and I’m still awake. Everyone in the house is asleep. I’m sure that the roaches have finished their pillaging for the night. The lights are off and I’m writing a blog post.

I really can’t sleep. There’s the fatigue, there’s a bit of swelling around my eyes and there’s the headache but no sleep.

It’s like the Green Day song ‘Brainstew’. Hence the title. Here’s the link for the song.

Except that when Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song, he was trying to get his son, Joey to sleep. But little Joey didn’t want to.

Confession: I used to have a ridiculous crush on Joey Armstrong.


Because I loved his dad and adored his mum. I figured that since the parents were so damn awesome, the son would be no less fantastic.

Fortunately, I’ve gotten over this silly crush. Joey Armstrong is a real person and deserves better than crazy chicks like me having a crush on him.

While we are on the topic of crushes, I’ve developed another new one.

Credit: POLYGRAM / Album

Yes, him! 

That clipped British accent is irresistible. Actually British accents overall are insanely hot.

british accent

I’ve been watching loads of movies last couple of weeks. I should have mentioned it here but really, I’m the laziest person I know.

List of movies I saw recently-

1. Did you hear about the Morgans?

2. Notting Hill.

3. Sleepless in Seattle

4. Four weddings and a funeral

5. When Harry met Sally

6. La vie en rose

…which reminds me …

download (1)

Edith Piaf is bloody amazing! Her voice resonates within you. It’s strong and bold but not once does it cease to be a pleasure to the ears.

Also –



I love it already and I’m not even halfway through.

Finally, Tyrion Lannister’s wit actually makes him more desirable than The Kingslayer.


Okay, so I’m going to try sleep again. Otherwise it’s a nuit blanche for me.


(It’s actually stupid to have a postal script in a blog post because it’s a blog post and not a letter. Anyway.)

I think my lack of sleep is due to me skipping brushing my teeth. I’m really obsessed with dental hygiene. Tonight I came to bed at 3.30 a.m. So I skipped. Maybe I’ll go and brush now.


(It it even correct?)

I fell asleep soon after so I’m uploading the post in the morning.


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