Mumbai Rains


That's the view from my window. Shabby, isn't it? I so hate the process of construction.

What is up with Mumbai rains?

Either they don’t rain at all.

Or they pour in a demented fashion.

The Perfectly Rainy Day

There are basically three seasons in India- winter, summer and monsoon.

Things I like to do in these three seasons –

Winter- Curl up in a blanket with a steaming cup of tea or coffee or a bowl of hot soup and a good book.

Summer- Lie down on my bed with the air conditioner on and a glass of juice or an ice cream and a good book.

Monsoon- Monsoon is a little more complicated because this season has two possibilities.

a) Go out and walk around in the rain with a closed umbrella in my hand.
b) Sit next to the window with a hot plate of onion bhajiyas and steaming tea and look out as the world is cleansed of the summer heat and/or read a good book.

It has begun to rain here, in Mumbai from the past few days. These are the premonsoon showers so it’s not raining that heavily. But, the respite it provides from the scorching summer is absolutely divine!

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I got drenched in the rain. If you saw a girl grinning like a lunatic while walking in the rain, an unopened umbrella in her hand, well that was me.

So today, I have caught a cold. I have literally been sneezing all over town. Literally because I had gone to Jai Hind and K.C. colleges to apply for admissions. These colleges are at Churchgate which is one of my favorite areas in Mumbai.

I came back home and had a cup of tea and some biscuits. (Check)

I have a really splendid book at hand. (A clash of kings) (Double check)

A plate of bhajiyas will be perfection. Unfortunately I’m a shitty cook when I’m hearty and healthy. Cold just makes me clumsier. So I have to do my bit to avert the disaster that is currently known as my mum’s kitchen.

Mayhaps I’ll treat myself to a Hugh Grant film or two. Talk about perfection 

It’ll almost be worth all the sneezing.


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