Thought on Series 8 (of DW)


I binged series 8 of Doctor Who a few days ago and I feel a rant coming up. Because, yeah, while it wasn’t a root canal like series seven was, series 8 wasn’t all that good either.

Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor



Peter Capaldi is a brilliant Doctor. I love him. He is grumpy, funny, sarcastic yet the most vulnerable of all the Doctors I’ve seen so far. I mean, he actually cares what Clara thinks.

I like Peter Capaldi’s portrayal of the Doctor. No complaints there. What I do mind, is the way Twelve has been written. Why have the writers stressed so much on his age?

Yes. Peter Capaldi is older than David Tennant or Matt Smith. But that’s okay. He isn’t that old. I haven’t seen Classic Who but some of those Doctors seem older.

Also, stressing on his age basically highlighted the fact that Twelve isn’t as hot as Eleven or Ten. That’s what people say. Then the ratings fell and the rumours cropped up about BBC sacking Peter Capaldi. If BBC is actually doing that, then screw them. Honestly.

One of the things I love about this show is that, the saviour of the world this time isn’t some hunk who spends all the time, when he is not saving the world, in a gym. What I mean by this is that, the Doctor need not be someone absolutely hot or good looking or attractive or something. I didn’t find Tennant handsome when I first saw the Christmas Special. I still won’t comment on his looks. Because they don’t matter.

Yes, he has great hair. But I don’t think his popularity is based on that singular fact.

There is so much more to being the Doctor than mere looks. It’s the way the character is written, the mannerisms, the quirks that decide the awesome that is the Doctor.

Judging a Doctor just by his looks goes against what the show stands for.

Now, the writers have been making jokes about Twelve’s age right from episode 1 of series 8. That just pinpoints the age factor and takes away the attention from everything else Capaldi’s Doctor is. And he is a lot of wonderful things.

The Doctor isn’t a superhero who needs to be made up. He is a man trying to be a good one.

Clara Oswald: The Impossible Girl Companion


I did not like Clara Oswald with Matt Smith. I really did not. Eleven should be with the Ponds. No one else.

I could hardly get through the second half of series 7 thanks to the utter lack of chemistry between Clara and the Eleventh Doctor. They just didn’t make sense to me. It was all too pretend.

I agree that Clara replaced Amelia Pond who was as awesome as it gets and along with Rory and River- together the Ponds are unbeatable. Even so, there should have been something that I actually liked about the character.

I don’t blame Jenna-Louise Coleman. She is such a pretty person and I like the sassy element that she brings along.

In series 7, the episode about Clara being the impossible girl was too predictable.

She is better and worse in series 8. Better because Twelve and Clara are good together. They keep on firing shots at each other but only in the way best friends can.

Clara is more manipulative than the other companions. The arrival of Danny Pink just makes her worse. The part where she chucks all the Tardis keys? I agree she was grieving but I know for a fact that you can be a good person even while grieving.

I don’t hate Clara (maybe I do- a little) but I am already wondering about the next companion.

Danny Pink


When I read on Wikipedia about Clara getting a boyfriend, I actually whooped. It had worked so well with Rory and Amy. I absolutely adored them as a couple. I was looking forward to absolutely adoring Clara and Danny.

But no. Danny Pink turned out to be someone suspicious of the Doctor and he tried to dissuade Clara from travelling with the Doctor. Why stop someone you love from being a better version of themselves? Of saving humanity(and other life forms) multiple tomes in a row?

Also, he wasn’t even interested in one trip in the Tardis. What kind of a person says no to travelling in time and space?

So, you can say that Danny Pink was a big bummer.

I also got the feeling that the very essence of the show has changed somehow. Change is good. But why transform something that was already amazing? Why not build up on what made it amazing?

I just feel like rewatching series 1-6. I so hope that series 9 turns out to be better. Peter Capaldi deserves good stories and I hope he gets them.

Am I too obsessed?

Hello fellow Earthlings,

I wish I could say I was away travelling. Travelling across space and time with a madman in a blue box. I wish I could say that I had tea with Jane Austen and I visited the Indus Valley Civilization. I wish I could say that i encountered a Dalek or two. I wish I could say that I straightened the Doctor’s bow-tie and saved the earth by his side.

But that’s just in my head.

My sole consolation.

My sole consolation.

In reality, I ended up with a vitamin deficiency that rendered me unable to do any damn thing. I couldn’t even hold my toothbrush. i can’t begin to tell you how frustrating that is. One week in bed. I couldn’t read. I go two blood tests, had to wait in the doctor’s waiting room for hours.

What I ended up doing was-

a) Watch Doctor Who.

b) Discuss Doctor Who.

c) Think about Doctor Who.

d) Read Doctor Who fanfiction.

e) Listen to Doctor Who music.

f) Write Doctor Who fanfiction poetry.

g) Breathe Doctor Who.

h) Live Doctor Who.


My mum is exasperated with me. Apparently I am too obsessed.






images (1)

Am I?

I personally think, that no. Yeah, I basically can’t do anything but Doctor Who but I’m a fangirl. That is what we do.

Also, Doctor Who is the kind of show that basically will make me a better person. It makes me believe that I am important. That I am extraordinary. That guns suck. That the human race is worth it.

It makes me believe in the madman with the blue box when believing in anything is so damn hard.

A New Whovian



Dayum, Dr Who is quite possibly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Game of Thrones is still my favourite show followed by Friends. Then I have Dr Who and Sherlock in a tie.

Just one season of Dr Who and I’m hooked. I’m locked! I’m Wholocked!

(Couldn’t resist)

As a History freak, I used to daydream about travelling through time. I imagined what I would change and the people I would get to interact with. Maybe get an autograph of Jane Austen?

Rose could actually do that! She gets to meet Dickens! How awesome is that?

Yes, if I had a time machine, I would probably pay a visit to many of the literary icons of the last few centuries. Maybe even Shakespeare…

Never denied that I’m a nerd.

Now I have fodder for further daydreams about time travel. They will definitely feature the Doctor and Tardis.

What I liked about The Doctor as a character is that he saves the world. But not on the basis of some kind of a superior physical strength. No no. The Doctor always uses his brains. A polite smile and the enemy is sheesh kebab.

The nerd in me (well, er, all of me) rejoices and does a victory dance. About time that the world recognizes the awesomeness of Nerds.


Coming back to Dr Who, I can’t wait to start watching season 2. The Doctor has just regenerated. I can’t wait to see David Tennant as Dr Who. And then Matt Smith. He’s the youngest actor to play the Doctor. And finally, Peter Capaldi.

Last month, I had gone to the Comic Con (I never did get around to blogging about that!). I met a couple of Whovians there. They were absolutely mind-blowingly nuts about Dr Who.

Now I know why 😀


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